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Spot 3M5915 foam double-sided tape / furniture desktop edge / car upholstery double side tape super thin and Super Sticky

3MVHB5915 closed cell acrylic foam tape, short term temperature resistance 93 (temperature), long-term temperature resistance of 71 (c), can be used for air conditioners, office furniture, home appliances production, car beauty, communication equipment reinforcement, vehicle assembly, building signs.

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Type: VHB foam cotton  Base material: VHB acrylic foam

The price for size: 8mm* long 33m* wide 0.4mm thick width was cut, please contact customer service quotation!

Short term temperature resistance 93 (c)

Long term temperature resistance 71 (c)

All acrylic structure of 3MVHB super strong sticky double sided tape, which can replace rivets and screwsAndHe is mechanically fixed, not only to seal off the moisture and most of the solvent, but also to resist purple for a long time.Outside linesAnd the cold and hot cycle, the unique foam can be used as a good buffer material. Different from mechanical solidSetAt the point of force, the VHB tape can be evenly distributed, and the user is able to use a lighter weight.Material ScienceAnd there is no material deformation, metal fatigue and other problems. 3MVHB high wear adhesive tape is also moreManyCharacteristics: yourhigh, excellent sealing effect, unique gum is also suitable for different tablesAndLow temperature construction.It can be used in air conditioners, office furniture, household appliance production, automobile beauty and communication equipmentTendons, vehicle assembly, building signs.




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Sales of our company3MVHBDouble faced adhesive tape,Foam rubber,Double-sided adhesive film, single side adhesive, electrical tape,ScotchTape, cloth tape,Adhesive tape,Mushroom clasp, mats, glue/Rubber gun) and other products,Valet die-cutting, slitting, slicing, punching, gum and other processing business! Rich stock products, quality assurance original, superior price, welcome to negotiate: 

3M tape

1.3MVHB tape: 4905491049144920493049364941494549494956591559255952 and so on

2.3M foam tape: 1600T400440084026403240524056446244664965,3M421242154229P, 4218P and so on

3.3M double-sided adhesive film: 9075908094489672LE, 9495LE, 9495MP, 9690B, 552565525755258 and so on

4.3MATT has no substrate; 467MP468MP945894609671LSE9671LE94719482907994859469PC9672LE9472

4.3M electrical tape: 3M13501318,74, #23, super33+, 1500160039396969 and so on

5.3MSoctch tape: 3M600610665810,811.

 3M glue

1. dry glue: 3MCA40, CA40H;

2. structure glue: DP100, DP110, DP125, DP190, DP420, DP460, DP810, DP810NS, DP8005, matching glue gun, nozzle.

3. usage: 3M77,75,67, etc.

4. hot melt adhesive: 3M376437483779615580 and so on

5. other glue: 3M7533,94479944751099 and so on.

 3M mats and magic stickers

Mats: SJ5302SJ5303SJ5306SJ5012SJ5312SJ5514SJ5023SJ5808SJ5816SJ5832

Magic paste: SJ3526SJ3527SJ3571SJ3572SJ3540SJ3541SJ3542SJ3550SJ3551SJ3552


4905 0.50 Acrylic foam (white film) transparent
4905 0.50 Acrylic foam (red film) transparent
4910 1.00 Acrylic foam (red film) transparent
4910 1.00 Acrylic foam (white film) transparent
4914 0.15 Acrylic foam white
4914 0.20 Acrylic foam white
4914 0.25 Acrylic foam white
4920 0.40 Acrylic foam white
4930 0.64 Acrylic foam white
4930 0.64 Acrylic foam white
4932 0.64 synthetic rubber white
4945 1.10 Acrylic foam white
4950 1.10 synthetic rubber white
4926 0.40 Acrylic foam gray
4936 0.64 Acrylic foam gray
4941 1.10 Acrylic foam gray
4956 1.60 Acrylic foam gray
4991 2.30 Acrylic foam gray
4991 2.30 Acrylic foam gray
4949 1.10 Acrylic foam black
5915 0.40 Acrylic foam gray
5915 0.40 Acrylic foam gray
5925 0.64 Acrylic foam black
5952 1.10 Acrylic foam gray

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