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EAST battery NP38-1212V38AH valve regulated lead acid free maintenance UPS battery

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The products sold by the company are all 100% new original formal products, and never sell second-hand or refurbished products!

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Brand new Original Quality goods SufficientBattery

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Each store sells the brand battery quality guarantee for three years, uses in the solar energy system to guarantee for one year, uses in the UPS power supply system to protect three years.

Remarks: inhuman circumstances.


Application range:
Alternate power supply for telecommunication, mobile, network, railway, airport and other communication and signal systems;
Standby power supply for power system and nuclear power station;
Solar energy, wind energy, hydro power generation, energy storage, wind and solar complementary engineering;;
Standby power supply for ships and maritime affairs;
Standby power supply for petrochemical system;
Marine signals and AIDS to navigation;
Information industry;
UPS, medical equipment, emergency lighting and other standby power supply;
Environment protection and high energy saving occasions.

NP series of VRLA batteries are mainly used in alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, electronic instruments, posts and telecommunications, power systems, large UPS and computer standby power supply, fire standby power supply. The nominal voltage of 6V, 12V, the rated capacity of 1.2AH to 250AH, the design of Floating Life: 7-10 (25 C)


Battery typeRated voltageRated currentsizeReference weight
longwidehighTotal height


Good safety performance

The liquid electrolyte in the battery is absorbed by the polar plate and superfine glass fiber separator, and there is no free flowing electrolyte in the battery. Under normal use, there is no electrolyte leakage, and the 90 degree installation can also be used normally.
   Valve controlled sealed structure, when the gas pressure in the battery is occasionally high, can automatically open through the safety valve, release pressure, to ensure safety, the internal combustion of flammable gas accumulation is less, can not reach the explosion concentration, excellent explosion proof performance.

Maintenance free performance
With the principle of free maintenance of the cathode absorption type seal, the compound efficiency of the gas seal is more than 95%, the water loss is very little in normal use, and the battery does not need regular fluid maintenance.

Green environmental protection
No mist under normal charging, no pollution, no corrosion of equipment room environment.

Battery charging voltage range (25)
Constant voltage charging voltage: 2.30~2.35V/Cell;
Average charging voltage: 2.30~2.35V/Cell;
Average charging voltage: 2.2~2.27V/Cell;
Charging current: less than 0.25C10;

Self discharge small
The Pb-Ca-Sn alloy with high gassing potential is placed in the dry environment at 20 degrees for half a year, and it can be put into normal use without power supply.

Applicable environment temperature is wide
- 10 ~ 45 degrees can run smoothly, can be applied to the city electricity harsh environment, according to the industry standard YD/T799-2010 "communication valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery", NP series of batteries, the number of cycles can reach more than 350 times.

High resistance to high current performance
The tight assembly process, the resistance is small, the discharge current discharge can be 3 times the volume of 3 minutes (7 minutes or more than 24Ah to allow continuous discharge to discharge current and discharge termination voltage) or 6 times the capacity of the battery for 5 seconds, without exception.

Long service life
Due to the high purity of raw materials and long life formula, battery consistency control technology, NP series battery positive plate reached 3.5mm, NP series battery normal float design life of up to 10 years.

Good consistency of battery pack
Regardless of the cost of the battery group in each cell has the characteristics of relatively consistent, that is put into use after long-term discharge consistency and float consistency, not the individual behind the battery and the battery down.
(1) control the weight and thickness of the grid and the paste quantity from the source;
The general assembly before the plates by weighing and grading (= 38Ah battery), to ensure the consistency of active substances in each monomer amount;
(3) quantitative accurate acid injection, four charging and three discharging system, equalization of battery performance;
Before discharging, the battery is discharged, and the capacity and open circuit voltage are matched once;
The static phase detection over 38Ah battery before departure, after 7 to 15 days of the "test of time", the library again seized 100%, very few can effectively detect line to doubt battery detection;
The library is based on open circuit voltage and internal resistance of battery was two times with the group.


Use and maintenance:
Monthly maintenance
Measure and record the environmental temperature, the shell temperature and the pole temperature of the battery room. Check the cleanliness of the battery, the damage marks and the temperature of the terminal, the damage and temperature of the shell and cover. The total voltage, measure and record the float voltage of the battery system.
Quarterly maintenance
Repeat monthly inspection. Measure and record the online battery float voltage.
Annual maintenance
Repeat quarterly maintenance, inspection, check the connection parts every year whether it is loose or not. Every year, the battery pack carries out a check discharge test with actual load, and releases 30% ~ 40% of the rated capacity.
Three years maintenance


A capacity test (10h rate) was performed every three years, once a year after six years. If the actual discharge capacity of the battery is less than 60% of the rated capacity, the battery life will be terminated.
For battery use and maintenance, please use insulation tools. The battery can not be placed above the metal tools; do not use any organic solvent cleaning battery; must not remove the safety valve sealing the battery or add any substance in the battery in the battery near; do not smoke or use fire; when the battery, should be within 24h of the battery is fully charged, so as not to affect the battery capacity; storage battery the performance will be degraded, should be used as early as possible; all maintenance work must be carried out by professional staff.