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Attentive service, first-class quality, our factory adopts the non-contact printing technology, a successful, any printed multicolor pattern procedure is simple, without plate, color and complex plate drying procedures, will not cause damage to the material, is a technology innovation manual painting, screen printing, printed pattern of bright color, has the advantages of waterproof, sunscreen, wear and color.

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UVFlatbed printers, also known as universal flatbed printers or flatbed printers, broke through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, realized a true sense of a printing, no seihan, full-color images completed once, is the traditional printing machine replacement products. The original design and manufacturing purpose is to spray hard materials inkjet equipment, which broke the ink jet technology can only be printed on the soft material restrictions, is an important turning point in the history of inkjet technology, marking the emergence of inkjet technology into several fields of the times.

UV flatbed printer is about to replace traditional printing

UV flatbed printer can be applied to any material plane and cambered surface or cylindrical objects with full-color printing, screen printing, printing, incomparable advantages of traditional heat transfer printing, digital printing to the concept of disruptive to the printing industry brought a new atmosphere, and the volume of the whole industry is a trend which cannot be halted, as customers greatly reduced the production cost, improve production efficiency and create good conditions.

Application range:

1.: the decoration industry an example of printing such as tiles, floor tiles, doors and windows, furniture, home decor personalized design (bathroom tile wall paintings), the characteristics of water proof, the effect is very good! They want to do what the pattern can be, low cost is imagined into reality!

2 wedding photography: the industry application of universal printer is very hot, the reason is very simple, now people life substance increased, the wedding itself does not want to just realized in the paper, with the help of universal printer, can print any materials, for instance a couple of sets, pillow, glass, acrylic, wood paintings. Cost recovery fast, a few single fix!

3 Hardware plastic: application range includes card U disk, U disk, mobile phone shell, notebook shell, MP3/MP4/MP5 shell, silica gel sleeve! According to incomplete statistics, now more than 95% of the color patterns of digital products in the industry have universal printers, several domestic brands of notebook computers have adopted this technology, the mobile phone industry is also true (mainly reflected in cottage phones).

4 individual stores: suitable for business. There is a store and a universal printer, personalized store on OK, can imagine can be realized, for instance clothes to print photos of yourself / signature / the mobile phone shell couple photo / wall decorative painting cup. What are you waiting for? Now universal printing industry has done better support for entrepreneurship, the machine is basically sold at cost!

5 oil industry: oil industry said you might think the unthinkable, but indeed, because of our factory are connected to some of this single, then the customers buy the machine back to itself, making simple, such as wood or leather coating in the above image from the photo shoot, after printing the bottom material support, contrast and painting simply so that the love of painting as like as two peas, carefully identified at the time of purchase cheap Oh, and I close the cheap can come to me for help to identify.

6 clothing industry: the existing clothing pattern is screen printing / offset printing and transfer, its characteristics are airtight, like a sticky layer of things, affect the texture! UV printer solves this problem, the color is vivid, the air permeability is good, hand feels like itself on the top, there is no sense of bulge! Especially washable!

Traditional screen printing is unable to do a printing, can not immediately do a good job of products, must be a film, plate, color and so on a series of processes. UV flatbed printers not only save these processes, but also save workers' fees. At the same time, a worker can operate two UV flatbed printers, creating the greatest value for the enterprise.

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