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Factory direct white environmental protection No. 3 machine with hot melt PP packing belt machine with long 3000 meters

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 80.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Our company has many years of industry experience, strong technical team, professional students

Production, custom:Packing machine, winding machine, sealing machine, packing machine, sealing and cutting

Shrink machine, automatic packaging line...... The production of various types of ancillary packaging supplies.

With the contraction of..POFPVCFilm,Strength verification.


The packaging requirements, your problem tells us that we can recommend for you

mostSave, the most efficient packaging solutions!

 This kind of packing belt width 12MM thickness 0.7MM specifications, long-term cash supply, and the color is

The goods are white. Yellow colors of various specifications can be customized... Please consult the guest




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All the bags can be printed

3,4, with 8 yuan, up 100 india.

A white transparent green strap.

Product introduction:

Primitive material completely using the new pure polypropylene material. The mechanical and physical properties of products more stable, uniform weight per Mick, band width and thickness of tape products stable, skewness is not more than 15mm/m; a substantial increase in the overall performance.

Product advantages:

1.) tiny error, width error is less than 0.3mm, the thickness error is less than 0.05mm

2.) good adhesive effect due to the use of pure material, said to make it easier to heat
3.) packaged with the appearance of bright, transparent, good to hear or see. Improve the packaging quality

All kinds of packing with rich inventory, printing packing belt

Can customize all kinds of specifications, packing materials

All packing tape after the tensile test and then pass the factory supply customers


Two. The machine damage

Environmental protection zone of machine damage



Three. Real map owned plant:

The company is packaged with production by its own plant, each roll packing belt factory have to undergo a rigorous test, meet the criteria.



Four. Effect of packing quality belts on packaging quality

Packaged with uneven thickness, uneven width, straightness is not good. So in the process of packaging to send with, not tight belt, tape and other phenomena. A direct impact on the production schedule and packing downtime.

The above general approach is, first check the equipment or packaged with reason, check the tape is the reason, such as uneven thickness, uneven width, straightness is not good, is packed with quality problems, manufacturers can seek treatment.

Packaged with unstable quality will also affect the belt welding strength, broken belt phenomenon.

The use of pure material environmental protection packing belt, which not only can effectively reduce the cost of packing materials, ensure the goods firm (above pull up to 1200N), improve the appearance of the packaging.



Five. Use and maintenance of packing machine

1, the boot must be checked before packing machine parts are in good condition. All parts of screw, nut is loose, should be timely tightening. If the missing nail cap less phenomenon, must notify the maintenance personnel in a timely manner.
2, check the conveyor rail is clogged, if must be removed with compressed air blowing dust in the derailment.
3, check the knife group and the slider part is short of oil, if the lack of drip method must be used in gas, with a small stick dipped in oil, slowly drop in the above, it cannot be used to send the flow with rail, packing slip.
4, the boot process if found to have abnormal phenomena, such as sound, vibration, such as smell, if they can not be found, should stop notice repair personnel to deal with, so as to avoid damage to parts.



Six. Customized service pack

Our company has its own production line, can be packaged with the cheapest and most suitable according to customer demand.

"Save you more" is our service tenet!

Build the highest price of the pack.