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For Jin S6M5M6M6plus assembly GN9010GN8003/8002S mobile phone display screen

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 364.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Shopping instructions:
Dear customer, it is our pleasure to buy your products at the store. In order to make you enjoy the shopping better, please read the following carefully before you buy:

First, electronic productsVoluntarilyInstallation risk,Non repair and installation professionals are required to buy carefully!

Two, please sincere trader photographed,If there are any problems in the transaction, please do not rush to give the middle or poor assessment, please timely andOur staffObtainConnection,WeI'll try my best to solve your problem,UntilTo your satisfaction!

Three, when photographed products, please be sure to tick the freight insurance and then pay, due to quality problems arising from the exchange, the seller and the buyer bear the cost of sending. If you buy freight insurance, the cost of your refund will be paid by the insurance company (the amount of the payment will be shown when the freight is checked.).

Four, accessories quality is good or bad with the mobile phone motherboard current stability and personal installation technology has a direct or indirect impact, if there is a problem, we bear the product when the shipping costs,Please believe that we absolutely do not want to have problems made products to you!If you do not buy freight insurance, when you need to return, the returned freight will be borne by you, I hope you can understand, to avoid future disputes!The valid date of return is within seven days after receipt.

Five,Our products are in kind, because of the light angle, each display color is different, you see the color and object may exist a little color difference,This shop promises to introduce the quality of the goods for you, and carefully checks before sending out to ensure that the goods are in good condition and carefully packed to prevent the damage in the process of mailing.The original products marked in this shop can be identified by the original factory, so please don't be allowed to return the goods with some little reason.

Six, sometimes customersExpress service is not very satisfactory, small shopto this endSorry, we will be able to timely track logistics information, timelyandCourier Services CompanyConductCommunicate,But after allCourier companies around the quality of staff is not the same, we have nothing to do, in this hopeDear customersDon't give us a bad review because of the express problem! Thank you for your strong support, your support is the biggest driving force for us to move forward!

Notes to be returned:
First, the appearance damage and accessories quantity: because the touch screen belongs to the glass fragile fragile product, in the process of installation will not pay attention to damage and loss of products.In order to protect the rights and interests of both sides, you must be in the express delivery service, in the face of the courier to check clearly, remember that after the completion of packaging, does not mean that the internal goods are also intact. If there is a product damage, a few pieces, goods wrong, connection wire breakage and other phenomena, please contact us promptly and refused, when refused to sign remarks details, and require express personnel signature confirmation.If the buyer has signed the goods, that is equal to confirm that our goods have been handed over to the buyer in good condition. If you can not personally sign please inform us on behalf of the signatory with regard to inspection, delivery receipt buyer I sign, as a result of buyers negligence, random sign problem, we will not be able to handle matters can not be returned, express responsibility caused by the loss of will I bear by you.In order to avoid losses, please check carefully in face to face!
Two, on the quality: touch screen front and rear sides are affixed with protective film (usually in front and rear of a protective film, but also in front of one, the back of the two protective film), the touch screen back printed with the relevant seal or affixed with quality labels.Please do not tear off the protective film (protective film does not affect the test), do not erase the seal or tear out the quality tag, must first test again installed machine!Please connect the touch screen cable to the corresponding position of the motherboard, install the battery, and then start the test. If you need to install the shell, then test, please do not tear off the protective film, not viscose, directly installed shell, and other aspects of the test well, and then tear off the protective film, glue affixed to the shell. If there is a problem, please contact with our staff in time to deal with the relevant exchange.

Three, touch screen does not belong to the scope of the country's three package products, but considering the particularity of online transactions and the interests of buyers, our company in the following circumstances, can be returned goods:

1. the touch screen is not installed, the wiring is not welded, and the back of the touch screen is not self adhesive;

2. touch screen surface without fragmentation, scratches and scratches;

3. touch screen wiring without bending, breakage and other damage;

4. touch screen comes with protective film, adhesive, sponge without tearing;

5. when the seller sells the label, the quality label is not torn off, and the stamped seal is not wiped.

Remember once tore off the protective film and sponge gum label, wipe and warranty seal or viscose machine, we will not be able to handle the exchange matters.(accessories can be returned when there is a problem, no warranty!)

The owner of every touch screen is considered a treasure. Please be hereWhen the goods are returned, ensure the safety of packing and keep the product intact.Thank you very much!


Four, non quality problems, that is, due to the buyer's personal reasons for the return, freight back and forth will be borne by the buyer!

In order to avoid unnecessary disputes afterwards, please make sure that the customers read the above terms carefully before purchasing, and once we buy, we will accept the above terms.