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Outdoor UPS uninterruptible power supply, EAST UPS power EASTEA1K-HW1KVA base station UPS

Smart online outdoor UPS is designed for users of outdoor communication, designed for use in a corner of the city, rural areas, and other outdoor communication network equipment, using a series of measures for design of high temperature resistance, anti cold, anti salt spray, anti corrosion, anti dust, waterproof, lightning protection etc., with the input voltage range, input frequency a wide range of output waveform of pure, stable and reliable etc..

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Product introduction:

Smart online outdoor UPS is designed to provide pure uninterruptible AC power supply for outdoor communication network equipment, user equipment, mainly for use in the corner of the city, rural areas, such as outdoor communication network equipment design, using a series of measures for design of high temperature resistance, anti cold, anti salt spray, anti corrosion, anti dust, waterproof and lightning, with a wide range of input voltage, input frequency range, the output waveform of the pure, stable and reliable power supply, etc., to solve the interference environment of network communication equipment power supply interruption phenomenon, so it is widely used in the outdoor communication base station communication, broadcasting, aviation and other fields.

Application domain:

Application areas: outdoor communication base stations in the fields of communication, broadcasting, aviation and so on

Main components: outdoor dedicated UPS, battery group, outdoor integrated cabinet with power distribution

Performance characteristics:

Strong environmental adaptability

Outdoor integrated cabinet adopts IP55 protection grade, with dustproof, waterproof and other functions, to meet the harsh outdoor environment.

High and low temperature resistance design, the cabinet adopts sunshade, heat insulation, temperature compensation design measures to maintain the temperature inside the cabinet, ensure the normal work of the host, the battery, the maximum can adapt in the normal operation of the 20 - to 45 DEG C environment.

With lightning protection and other surge protection, the system is equipped with not less than 1.2KV/10KA pluggable lightning protection device, effectively prevent lightning damage equipment.

Strong adaptability of power grid

The ultra wide input voltage range and frequency range, the maximum input range of the power supply can reach 110Vac to 300Vac, the frequency is 40-60Hz, fully adapted to the harsh grid environment.

The input is equipped with high voltage protection circuit, which can withstand the high voltage beyond the input voltage for a long time without damage.

On line double conversion structure, interference of peak, noise and harmonic to communication equipment.


A variety of options, according to the needs ZengPei

Provide a variety of optional installation parts, to meet the holding rod, wall hanging, landing and other installation needs.

Two times under the optional function, when the battery power supply, according to the need to disconnect the load according to the preset secondary power supply, to ensure that the reserve power supply time of the main load, and can provide two times under the dry contact signal.

SNMP card can be installed to realize remote network monitoring and management, and provide real-time UPS data and information.


Technology, powerful

Digital microprocessor control technology is used to simplify the control circuit and improve the system stability and reliability.

The power factor correction technology, high input power factor, reduce the UPS of other equipment on the power grid harmonic pollution and enhance the utilization rate of UPS, reduce the operation cost, is green power high performance.

The efficiency of the whole machine is more than 90%, which reduces the loss of UPS itself and reduces the temperature inside the cabinet.

Double conversion structure on line mode, power supply and battery power conversion zero interrupt, to ensure that the load is not power off.

After the battery is discharged and protected, the UPS will automatically start and load the power supply when the power supply is restored and normal.

The system has the function of fault diagnosis, which can quickly judge the cause of UPS fault and locate the UPS fault position by LED display combination, so that UPS maintenance is convenient and quick.

With cold start function and no power supply, UPS can be directly started with battery pack to meet the emergency power supply requirements of users.

The system has RS232 and dry contact communication interface, convenient access to transmission system monitoring and other equipment to achieve a unified monitoring management.