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Forged steel jacket heat insulation plug valve forged steel jacket insulation plug valve

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The heat preservation valve is a layer of metal jacket which is welded on the valve body. The steam is injected through the metal jacket port, heat conducting oil, cooling water, cold air and other media. To make the valve body in the room temperature, heating, cooling and other conditions to achieve the required temperature. Play a role in keeping cool. The insulation valve has good insulation and cooling characteristics, and the diameter of the valve is consistent with the pipe diameter, and it can effectively reduce the heat loss of the medium in the pipeline.
Plug valves are closed or plunger shaped rotary valve, through the rotation of 90 degrees to the valve plug on the mouth of the channel and the valve on the mouth of the mouth of the same or separated, to achieve a valve opening or closing. The plug of the plug valve can be cylindrical or conical in shape. In the cylindrical valve plug, the channel is generally rectangular; and in the tapered valve plug, the channel is trapezoidal. These shapes make the structure of the stopcock lighter, but at the same time produce losses. Plug valves are most suitable for cutting and closing media and for shunting applications, but according to the applicable nature and erosion resistance of the sealing surface, sometimes can also be used for throttling. Because of the wiping action between the sealing surface of the plug valve, it can prevent the contact with the flow medium when it is fully open, so it can also be used in the medium with suspended particles. Another important feature of the plug valve is that it is easy to adapt to the multi-channel structure, so that a valve can get two, three, or even four different flow channels. This simplifies the design of the piping system, reduces the amount of valves used and some of the fittings required for the equipment.
Plug valve application:
Jacketed insulation plug valve is widely used in oil field mining, transportation and refining equipment, but also widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC industry and general industry. The main advantages of the rotary jacket heat preservation plug valve:
Jacket insulation plug valve is suitable for regular operation, quick and easy to open and close, low fluid resistance.
Jacket insulation plug valve structure is simple, relatively small size, light weight, easy maintenance. The sealing performance is not limited by the installation direction, and the flow direction of the medium can be arbitrary. No vibration, little noise.
Precautions for installation and maintenance of jacketed insulation plug valves:
The position of the valve handle should be rotated, and it can not be used as throttling. The plug valve with belt drive mechanism should be installed upright.
Soft sealing plug valve is often used in corrosive, highly toxic and highly hazardous media harsh environment, strictly prohibited leakage occasions, and the valve material will not form pollution to the media occasions. The valve body can be made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel according to the working medium.
1., according to the use of temperature and working medium using F4, F46, PVDF, PP, PO, PE and other self-lubricating materials bushing, lubrication, in the whole work process, the friction coefficient of the sealing pair is small, plug body flexible operation, long service life.
2. valve import and export side window design and the double seal ring groove, plug in the spinning process, the sealing pressure in the gradual change over the side, until it reaches the fully open or fully closed position, produce enough sealing pressure to achieve zero leakage sealing.
3. double seal ring grooves can make the bushing secured to the valve body does not produce displacement, but also can absorb micro deformation caused by temperature variation produced by the powerful bushing, friction and between the Bush and the cock, has the function of automatic cleaning, improve the service life of the sealing face.
4. plunger top unique reverse lip seal design, using a soft sealing material diaphragm and metal diaphragm and adjustment gasket combination, can adjust the sealing surface between the specific pressure, make the plug rotation flexible, and can ensure the inlet, outlet and middle flange connection seal.