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Japan Gen Daiso puff cleaner cotton special cleaning agent 80ml2 shipping bottle brush

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Japan's largest purchasing genuine puff cleaning agent from bacteria powder puff sponge cleaning agent 80ml

This bottle is bigger, the detergent capacity is 80ML, but the whole looks like 3/4, but the capacity is certainly enough! If you mind, please consider buying

Japan Dachuang puff sponge cleaning liquid, can be used for make-up sponge puff, daily cleaning brush out, cheap and easy to use, cost-effective! Ingredients: natural vegetable oil, emulsifier, surfactant, etc.. No fragrance, no pigment.

Usage method:

1. of the first wet puff

2. with the powder detergent or liquid soap wipe several puff

The 3. puff dipped in water, hand to squeeze out the bubble, repeated three to four times

4. water washing powder

5. put it on paper towels or towels and lock dry water until air dried

Puff puff maintenance: wet or wet and dry powder puff puff / brush / sponge cleaning sponge, should be washed once every two days; cotton velvet and surface layer of powder flutter, can be washed twice a month.

About capacity: this cleaning liquid is only 3/4 bottles, but the absolute 80ML is enough, the bottle is bigger, is more than 100ML bottles, this question can go to see after confirmation! The weight of the detergent and bottle is about 95g, as long as the weight is enough. This powder detergent smelling chemicals taste, if not love the taste of friends do not suggest to buy. Don't worry, a tank of 80ML will be too small, usually cleaned once a week, a bottle may be used for half a year!


Puff half did not washed raw bacteria is 2 times the toilet

Puff experts not washed in the use of the first half of the inspection found that covered with Escherichia coli, yeast and micro bacteria, the number of bacteria even more than on a rag, even the toilet is 2 times of bacteria.

The average woman to go out before, before work most will rub powder, but the rub, leaving beautiful makeup and 4, only 50 thousand of bacteria in the beauty of the face, so that makeup and beauty are bacterial makeup. General MM found that after her use of cosmetics, face redness itching or irritation, but her problem was hidden in a puff or sponge.

The experts found that puff up all the add powder box or bag, inside this moist warm is most suitable for a large number of bacteria breeding, so advise the beauty of women, often change the makeup of bacteria or puff, a face, a pro boyfriend, ah! Eat at least 10 thousand bacteria.

This is not a joke, in fact not half as long as the puff used, put two or three days, when we pick up the smell, it will smell an indistinct moisture taste (very disgusting ~_~), which represents the bacteria has been ready to, to be sure to regularly clean powder puff don't go "bacterial makeup" oh!

This powder detergent smelling chemicals taste, if not love the taste of friends do not suggest to buy.

Don't worry, a tank of 80ML will be too small, usually cleaned once a week, a tank can be used for half a year.


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