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Authentic Sichuan / US / thread volume production machine tap tap 10-24/10-28/10-32UNC/UNF/S

The amount of direct specifications quantity and tenacity, authentic, perfect quantity! Absolutely genuine, specifications complete, please rest assured to buy! many illegal businesses, followed by good, genuine, profiteering! Our commitment: our sales product is Chengdu Chengliang Co., the original production, no fake products! The amount of us made machine taps after cutting a large number of experimental verification, has good applicability, stability, processing efficiency and service life!

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 7.14
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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This store supports the opening of Zhejiang national tax invoice, can be reimbursed, please contact customer service

Home needs reading1. as the product range of flow volume, occasionally out of stock, so before deciding to buy this baby, please you get in contact with the owner, to see if the spot. The general situation is not out of stock, such as out of stock I will inform you choose a refund or other goods, it does clearly better, have free thank you for your urgent need.

2. welcome your questions on the premise of the offer, let us agree on the product itself or other matters, have caused unnecessary trouble
All products are 3. shop support for Alipay, one price for the final price, the purchase of single items does not accept the bargain,

Buyers must read

1.As the product range of flow volume, occasionally out of stock, so before actually buy this baby, please you get in contact with the owner, to see if the spot, the general situation is not out of stock, such as out of stock I will inform you choose a refund or other goods, or ask for better, have to avoid delays your urgent need.

2.Welcome your questions before bidding, let the product itself or other agreement, has to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3.All our products are supported by Alipay, a quality of a price, a price for the final price, the purchase price for items does not accept the price.

Buyers attention:

1.Buyers before taking goods, please consider clearly, respect your choice, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble

2Please send the goods as soon as possible and take the initiative to contact me.

3Please buyers get the goods, acceptance of goods without confirmation of receipt within 1-2 days as soon as possible, if there are problems in a timely manner and inform the courier company or say? 1-2 days did not confirm nor contact the owner, will be regarded as the buyer received the goods as qualified. After asking the owner to replace parts or goods, there is a problem, the shop is not responsible, please buyers know.

4All the products in our shop have been inspected strictly before sending out, and when they receive the goods, pleaseSee if the product is in good condition and the quantity is correct,Sign again. If you sign and check again, please see if the outer packing is broken. If so, please take photos as a case"Damage proof", and then return the goods through the freight company, our store is responsible for replacement. If the goods are damaged after signing for the reason of replacing the return, this shop is not exchangeable, thank you for your cooperation

8Recommended to use Taobao want to contact me, you can call me directly


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9Recommend the use of "Alipay" payment can also play money to my account, please contact me before payment, I will ship within 24 hours.

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Logistics must read1.: all the goods in this shop are express, and shipped at 5 p.m. every day. 2. Zhejiang Luzhou express fee of 6 yuan, the next day to day delivery. 3. in addition to Jiangsu and Zhejiang Lu outside express 10, take 2-3 working days to arrive, in remote areas 15 yuan, 3-5 days to arrive. 4., the store default express or express express, such as urgent need to choose express, we will send you with the wind express. No, where? EMS went to the post office, the first heavy 20 yuan, continued weighing another plan.

★≡Customer instructions≡★

First, in order to ensure the baby no quality problem, we will open the package before delivery, quality inspection, such as the receipt of the product packaging is opened, please do not think that is not a good product received.
Two, please be in receipt of parcels, must be in front of courier personnelUnpacking inspection(the package is intact, does not mean that the product is intact), to see whether the product is in good condition, the number is correct,

Sign again. As the first sign and then check please look at the packaging is damaged, if yes, please take pictures, as "damaged goods proof" (courier to sign and then refused) by courier to deliver the goods back to the store, is responsible for return. Otherwise, because of the damage caused by transportation, after the receipt, then ask the owner to replace parts or say the amount of goods errors, the shop is not responsible! Thank You for Your Cooperation!!!


★≡Friendly Reminder≡★

A,All our baby, one price for the final price, please do not simply to others and the price of the store is. Even the same brand of baby, there are true and false points. The same quality, but there are differences in quality! The purchase of a single piece of goods does not accept the bargaining, the amount of large favorably, thank you for your cooperation!