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R134A automotive air conditioning refrigerant refrigerant and refrigerant control tool of fluorine filling pipe M14AL801G70

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Authentic R134A American Wei Chang agent, fake a lose ten, can be matched with the supplementary tube.


The product of the bottle opener interface thread M14 thread, used for domestic refrigerant bottle, if you have the additional inspection tools, please confirm the thread opener tool interface and the refrigerant bottle is consistent, if he is not clear please contact the owner. Please confirm when buying thread opener.

Note: domestic refrigerant bottle screw M14, do not need to ask the sales staff directly, take it, and now the domestic market fake refrigerant too much, refrigerant bottle thread standards are not the same, the refrigerant bottle screw is not standard, the standard M14 bottle oponer may be threaded or not too tight. Please select the majority of owners of domestic production of the giant refrigerant or South Korea imported refrigerant, their mouth connecting thread is relatively standard, if the choice of refrigerant bottle small factory production to see Italy owners to use the universal detection tube opener. The product link below:

The extension tube

Standard tube

This product left opener thread is M14, the length 12CM and the middle high precision special Y70 refrigeration pressure gauge, the right length 15CM, right end can be directly connected with the automobile air conditioning low end interface 13MM.

Use of the goods:

Automotive air conditioning refrigerant, and tire gas as convenient and safe.
Automotive air conditioning in general will each year about 10% of the loss of normal refrigerant, which is due to automobile air conditioning compressor sealing mode decision (automotive air conditioning compressor is half sealed). As long as we regularly to automotive air conditioning refrigerant can be added to detect. Don't need to worry about the use of methods, I tell you you friends DIY automotive air conditioning detection method. Friends can try it yourself with refrigerant.
The method is as follows:
1. need to prepare a car air conditioning DIY detection tube.
2. a bottle with R134A refrigerant (car)
3. now to the car testing pressure: first DIY tube opener end of the thimble anti clockwise rotation to the top of the bottle opener, the refrigerant is screwed into the screw.
4. identify the low voltage interface in general under the hood of the left side has a blue or black hat, hat there is a L word, the small cap is screwed down.
5. will the car engine starting and open air blower AC switch, open to the maximum, run and wait for three minutes. The DIY pipe interface to access low end car air conditioning.
6.DIY interface connected to the low pressure pipe, DIY pipe pressure gauge will instantly have dial indicator. Then the DIY tube on the pressure gauge is consistent with the pressure of air conditioning system, see the pressure on the pressure gauge calibration system, know the pressure. The need to add refrigerant in how much pressure? Then there is a description of knowledge! Automotive air conditioning system pressure varies according to changes in the external environment temperature. As shown below, the Fahrenheit temperature and air conditioning system pressure control and verification system in high pressure and low pressure system, high explained more than the normal value of the refrigerant system, it should add refrigerant. Such as the outside temperature of 30 degrees, the pressure in the air conditioning system should be around 40PSI, less than 40PSI should add refrigerant. (Fahrenheit is the commonly used temperature unit, thank you!)
The ambient temperature (Fahrenheit) low pressure gauge pressure, numerical table below pressure is constant temperature value theory. The majority of owners in the process of using the general press temperature value, smaller values to smaller values minus 5PSI calculation!

18.33 degrees Fahrenheit 65 corresponding to the system pressure is 25-35PSI
21.11 degrees Fahrenheit 70 corresponding to the system pressure is 35-40PSI
23.89 degrees Fahrenheit 75 corresponding to the system pressure is 35-40PSI
26.67 degrees Fahrenheit 80 corresponding to the system pressure is 40-50PSI
29.44 degrees Fahrenheit 85 corresponding to the system pressure is 45-55PSI
32.22 degrees Fahrenheit 90 corresponding to the system pressure is 45-55PSI
35 degrees Fahrenheit 95 corresponding to the system pressure is 50-55PSI
37.78 degrees Fahrenheit 100 corresponding to the system pressure is 50-55PSI
40.56 degrees Fahrenheit 105 corresponding to the system pressure is 50-55PSI
43.33 degrees Fahrenheit 110 corresponding to the system pressure is 50-55PSI
7. low pressure air conditioning system, the need to add refrigerant, the bottle opener in the thimble clockwise, pierce the refrigerant bottle, bottle opener in the thimble immediately counter clockwise to the top, (Note: this time scale pressure gauge will show up to 100PSI to 110PSI, the scale pressure gauge 2 seconds after the time will slowly drop down. Dial back to its original display, this is normal, because the bottle is punctured, the pressure, a few seconds it shows the R134A bottle of the pressure in the bottle pressure by the compressor after absorption is shown as the pressure in the system!) Shake the refrigerant bottle, the refrigerant gas will flow into the system at the same time, see the pressure gauge, and the temperature and pressure of PSI units can be one to note: do not inverted refrigerant bottle!!! (except oil mixture)

Note: in the absence of pierce the refrigerant bottle, DIY tube has a little air, if the owner to need to drain a little air in the pipe, please according to the following method, in the absence of refrigerant bottles will pierce the heart valve valve opener on one end of the pressing and loosening, the DIY tube the air will be rushed to refrigerants in air conditioning systems!!!
8. observed that the pressure gauge is normal, please immediately opener in a clockwise rotation to the lower end of the thimble and screw, remove the air conditioning system of low port connection. Like a bottle after adding enough, please add second bottles of refrigerant on the narrative method, until the outside temperature and system pressure to date.
9. the car of refrigerant air conditioning system to complete, please L small cap screw.
Note: the above pressure scale and filling method is filling in refrigerant Sales USA ID and EF, completed a successful filling of my own, and will feel tire gas as convenient!