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Daikin room dedicated precision air conditioning cold and warm 5P 12.5KW FVY125DQV2CB three-phase power supply cabinet post

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price: USD$ 14350.00
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Parameter description of Daikin central air conditioning VRV system

Air conditioning power:5.Frequency conversion / fixed frequency:Inverter air conditioner
Heating / cooling:Both heating and refrigeration can be madeBactericidal type:Automatic sterilization
Energy efficiency standards:Class AControl mode:Microcomputer mode




"Daikin central air conditioning VRV system" detailed introduction

Beijing Daikin VRV central air conditioning system first level wholesale, undertake central air-conditioningBudget, design, construction,RepairMaintenance. Beijing central air conditioning series can be contacted with Daikin central air conditioning system at any time

Zhang Peng, Department of marketing, Lu Gong


Daikin central air conditioning is divided intoDomestic central air conditionerandCommercial central air conditioning. Daikin VRV central air conditioning system

In the home central air conditioning, we include the guest dining room packages LP, 3MX/4MX, PMX series, LMX series, home VRV system, N series, VRV III system. The commercial central air conditioning also includes VRV III system, SUPERVRV III system, water source heat pump VRV, VRV-CMS system, two stage compression VRV system, fresh air products, large space air conditioning, unmanned base station with air conditioning.

Intelligent energy saving Daikin VRV central air conditioning system

Daikin DC inverter compressor developed by ourselves can maintain high efficiency according to the different needs of the room, full load or partial load operation, with high COP, IPLV value is more than the national standard, saving electricity and energy saving. Daikin has excellent DC frequency conversion technology, unique magnetoresistive DC motor, using powerful neodymium magnet, higher than traditional AC and DC motor efficiency.

Free design

Daikin home central air conditioner outside the fuselage compact, internal machine form and capacity is rich, can be fully integrated with the built-in, high degree of freedom of design.
Daikin central air conditioning free design advantages:
(1) only 1 outdoor units can be connected to more than one indoor unit
(2) the indoor machine and packing design integration, improve the degree of freedom.
(3) the fuselage of outdoor unit is compact
(4) the super long refrigerant piping makes the design and installation free

Unique convenience

Daikin home central air conditioning has a variety of control systems, so that you operate easily. The design of the cleaning filter network makes the maintenance very convenient. Cable remote control, wireless remote control, unified switch and centralized remote control and other control systems make your life arbitrary.
Daikin central air-conditioning unique advantages of convenience:
(1) each room can be individually controlled, and the use is convenient.
(2) the system is simple and easy to maintain, just cleaning the filter regularly.

Innovation safety

Daikin household central air conditioning uses refrigerant piping, there is no hidden danger of water leakage, anti-corrosion outdoor machine reliable and durable, more secure operation.

Ideal comfort

Daikin home central air conditioning has advanced silent technology and stable temperature control technology, to bring you comfortable and quiet living space. Daikin household central air conditioner adopts DC frequency conversion technology, which starts quickly and precisely controls temperature, especially in heating system.
Daikin central air conditioning ideal comfort advantages:
(1) machine with high, medium and low three volume ultra-thin wind tube commonly used in the family, can be combined with the actual need to use free adjustment.
(2) Daikin home central air conditioner has advanced silence. The indoor machine minimum sound only 27DB (A) (CDXS25 mute operation). The outdoor machine operating sound through a variety of mute setting, his colleagues do not disturb the quiet environment to neighbors.
(3) Daikin home central air conditioning system has a wide range of operation, even in cold areas.
(4) the air outlet of the household central air conditioner has the size matched with the indoor machine, so that the direction and angle of the air supply can be adjusted conveniently, and the effect of the air conditioner is outstanding.