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Outdoor advertising materials for aluminum plate punching golden fluorocarbon coating Aluminum Alloy aluminum ceiling curtain wall wall board

Guangzhou Futeng building materials factory employees have 30 years of experience, we have a few plants, rapid productivity. Can be arbitrarily made of all kinds of thickness of pure aluminum alloy square curtain wall aluminum plate ceiling, arbitrary specifications and colors can be free to make. The variety is complete and the quality is guaranteed. Order hotline: 139-2893-0778

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1, because our product is divided into conventional products and engineering design customized products, please be sure to contact customer service before deciding on product specifications, size, color, thickness, surface treatment and other requirements.

2. The price, specifications and color of the shop products are for reference only. Please contact the business manager for specific details.

3, our products offer no tax without freight, if required, please contact the business manager.

4, the payment process: from our products for engineering customized products, in order to ensure the quality of the transaction, we don't accept Alipay and three party payment. The conventional products are ready to be produced in advance of 30% deposit. The custom products can be produced in advance of more than 40% deposit. After the production is completed, the surplus payment can be paid.

5, because our products are affected by the price of aluminum in the market, the price is valid for one week, and the specific transaction price is based on the aluminum material on the date of signing the contract.RemarksBecause the customized product is tailored to the customer's needs, so the non - quality problemNo return, exchangeAlso ask your parents to understand. 


The application effect of the later project case

1. Aluminum sheet

It is made of aluminum alloy but pure aluminum sheet. It is made by some technical finalizing and surface spraying decorative paint.

The conventional thickness of the aluminum sheet is: 1.5mm, 2.0mm2.5mm3.0mm. The aluminum veneer curtain wall is suitable for all kinds of interior and exterior walls, lobby facades, pillar ornaments, elevated corridors, footbridges, elevator covers, balcony packaging, advertising signs, indoor special-shaped ceiling and so on.

Two. Characteristics:

1The coating is uniform and the color is varied. The advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum plate attach evenly and uniformly, and the color is varied, and the choice of space is big.

2It is not easily tarnished and easy to clean and maintain. The non stickiness of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult to attach the surface to the contaminants, and it is better to be clean.

3Light weight, good steel and high strength3.0mmWeight per square back weight of thick aluminum plate8kgTensile strength100-280n/mm2

4Good weatherability and corrosion resistance. Usekynar-500hylur500BasepvdfFluorocarbon paint25There is no color in the year.

5The aluminum sheet has good technological properties. With the first finishing process, the aluminum plate can be machined into a variety of complex geometric shapes, such as plane, arc and spherical surface.

6It can be recycled and reused, and it is favorable for environmental protection. Aluminium plate100% recovery.

7. The installation and construction are convenient and quick. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory. The construction site does not need to be cut, and it can be fixed on the skeleton. The use of aluminum veneers, building curtain wall, column and beam, balcony, clapboard decoration, outdoor decoration, advertising signs, vehicles, furniture, booth, instrument shell, subway transport tools.

Futeng Le NewcastleAluminum alloy curtain wall board because of its good processing performance Good, shape and appearance, color changing is not easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance and other advantages, not only can be used in outdoor decoration can also be applied to interior walls, ceiling, wall, column, beam, package bag, balcony door, window The platform, the counter, the billboard, even the screen and the arts and crafts.   
fortumLe NewcastleAluminum alloy curtain wall board adopts high quality110030035005The single layer aluminum alloy plate is the base material. Surface coating is divided into fluorine Carbon spraying, powder spraying, polyester paint spraying, fluorocarbon pre roll coating. The surface coating of fluorocarbon spray is divided into two bakes, three coating and three coating and three coating two, and the powder spraying surface coating is one coating and one baking. Coating property of aluminum plate surface The quality is strictly according to the customer's request, the color can be provided by the company to provide the standard color card for the customer to choose. The company wide paint supplier for the United StatesPPGThe company, South KoreaKCCThe company, such as the company, has all the properties of the coating.AAMA(American Building Industry Association) AAMA2605standardThe formed aluminum sheet is larger than the size of the sheet.1500x4000mm。 
   The structure of single layer aluminum alloy curtain wall is mainly composed of panel, reinforcing bar, ear and other parts. Processed fluorocarbon coated sheet01structure From top to bottom as follows: protective coating, fluorocarbon resinPVDFThe system (three TU comprises lacquer, paint, primer), pretreatment layer, aluminum layer, pretreatment layer, back coating (double spray). According to the guest The user request, the back can add aluminum mineral wool, rock wool insulation, reinforced insulation and soundproof effect.   
   The excellent properties of fluorocarbon coating:   
   lExcellent weatherability and anti UV properties, the color is very stable, can keep less ten years or even twenty years do not change color;   
   2, excellent acid, alkali, can withstand the harsh environment of the exposed to the weather;   
   3It has good adhesion, high toughness, strong impact resistance, bright and clean coating, strong pollution resistance and easy cleaning.   
   4It has a wide range of color, bright and beautiful and good quality. There are monochrome and metal lacquers, which can meet the requirements of the customers.  
fortumLe NewcastleThe excellent performance of aluminum alloy curtain wall panel:   
   lIt is light in weight, good in rigidity, high in strength and reasonable in structure. Resistance to wind pressure deformation performance, rainwater leakage and air leakage, the seismic performance can meet the requirements of the structure design.   
   2It has good processing performance. It can be machined into a variety of complex shapes, such as plane, arc and spherical surface, and fully meet the requirements of various design.   
   3With a wide range of color selection and good decoration effect, it is very easy to meet the designer's color requirements.   
    4The weatherability of the surface coating is strong and the color is constant.   
   5It has good fire resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.   


Guangzhou Futeng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 80s, is one of the pioneer China smallpox is headquartered in Guangzhou City, Panyu District, covers an area of more than 10000 square meters. Adhering to the consistent concept of innovation, the company has aluminum plant, continuous casting and rolling mill, mould factory, metal curtain wall aluminum factory, pearlescent film rolling coating plant, fluorocarbon paint spraying plant and so on. The fixed assets have reached hundreds of millions of yuan.


The enterprises engaged in production and sales of domestic and foreign well-known "Le Newcastle" brand metal ceiling, aluminum curtain wall decoration products. The products are sold at home and abroad. Outstanding quality "Le Newcastle" brand metal ceiling set internationally renowned aesthetic design, Aluminum Alloy aluminum aluminum molding application of high quality, high pressure electrostatic powder coating and fluorocarbon roll forming a number of advanced technology and precision manufacturing. Has more than two hundred kinds of smallpox products, including square plate, strip buckle, hanging plate, side pass, grille and other non-standard ceiling, the products have a sophisticated structure and hoisting system, and can be curved, trapezoidal, or grade and many other kinds of decorative effect according to its innovative design and processing, become an independent school in similar products surface treatment, there are more than 100 colors to choose from, even if the style, changing the building design, the decoration products can still Le satisfy your design requirements, the design effect you played most incisive, so for many years, has been the champion of Armaflex metal ceiling and praise of customers at home and abroad.

[company advantage]

Guangzhou Futeng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou city of Panyu District Shi Lou Guan Qiao Cun Miao Zi Kou Industrial Zone three. It covers an area of more than 10 thousand square meters, and the fixed assets are hundreds of millions of yuan. Under the metal aluminum day greenhouse, aluminum curtain wall powder coating factory, factory (Germany, the introduction of large polymer electrostatic spraying automatic production line). Mainly engaged in production and sales of "Le Newcastle" brand aluminum ceiling, aluminum Fangtong, wood aluminum square tube, aluminum plate, curtain wall decoration materials products and aluminum products.





At the same time, the enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality certification. Production strength: the annual productivity of the 10 million Party
The company has a group of experienced industry experts team
Imported and imported ultra long spray automatic production line
Customized products can be delivered in 7-9 days to ensure your project cycle. Expert on-site technical guidance
Own logistics team, free delivery in the city on the same day.
If there is a construction problem, the expert team will guide you free of charge within 24 hours.
The company in Guangzhou as the center, the radiation surrounding each city, let you worry free construction.

[packing description]

Guangzhou Futeng building materials science and technology limited company pays special attention to the packaging of the products, the product line immediately for packaging, packaging manufacturers to choose brand film, bubble gum, sponge, paper carton, wooden box, etc., and make the product can not be damaged, because we clearly know packaging enterprises, do well, not only our enterprises to bring losses, but also bring you loss to the customer. Our employees packed every corner of the product with a serious and responsible attitude.


We will choose in the delivery of professional materials aluminum ceiling logistics company, ensure product delivery in good condition. After the loading of the product, the product will be insured by the insurance company immediately. During the whole course of delivery, the risk is borne by the logistics company and the insurance company. Strive to not allow customers to undertake logistics risk.


[after-sale service]

We will choose the fast and safe logistics company to ensure that the product is safe, fast and undamaged to your destination! If you meet the problem of the quality of the product or the serious damage to the product during the transportation, please call us by the manager of Su.13928930778We will be more sincere, more enthusiastic, more responsible service attitude and you to solve the problem together! Futeng building materials science and technology limited company always execute "customer first" principle of service!