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Nandu battery 2V500AH, Nandu GFM-500E DC screen, UPS power supply, special battery for ship's computer room

Nandu battery 2V500AH, Nandu GFM-500E DC screen, UPS power supply, special battery for ship's computer room

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Characteristics of Nandu battery

The design life of 7 years (25 C): (>26Ah); 5 years (26Ah)
The flame retardant one-way vent valve makes the battery safe and has a long life
The adsorption type glass fiber cotton technology makes the gas compound efficiency up to 99%, so that the electrolyte has no maintenance function
The low calcium alloy grid designed by computer can reduce the amount of gas and can be reused conveniently
The design of multi cell battery battery installation and maintenance more economical
UL certified components
Can be in any vertical, lateral, or side orientation
A67, which is in accordance with IATA / IATA/ICAO, can be put into operation
Ground transportation can be carried out with non hazardous goods (DOT-CFR49 171-189 part)
Water transportation can be carried out with non hazardous goods (according to IMDG amendment 27)
NanduBattery characteristics: standard modular design and convenient installation (earthquake resilience to EP2, 4; IBC 300%; adaptability to) space saving design in a small space can save the maximum power; tinned copper interconnect resistance to reach the minimum; a variety of options and accessories for the user flexible choice; design life in 25 degrees Celsius. Under the condition of up to 20 years, the most suitable for high temperature environment; warranty period (7 years warranty) is the longest battery industry. Floating current lowest (only other VRLA batteries 1/6) the battery service life to reach the maximum; minimum resistance, high discharge rate for uninterruptible power supply and switching equipment; continuous discharge characteristics of the best, most suitable for telecommunications equipment; charging normal application without the same
NanduBattery market prospect is better.
"NanduBattery isNanduThe company with over more than 80 years of production experience, coupled with constant research, with the market trend and the production of the battery has high performance, economic and maintenance labor saving, meet customer requirements. With the rapid development of electronic technology, a series of name maintenance valve regulated lead-acid batteries have been widely used, and have been praised by the majority of users.
NanduBattery features:
1Simple maintenance
During charging, the gas generated in the battery is absorbed and reduced to electrolyte, and there is no electrolyte reduction.
2The liquid holding high electrolyte is absorbed in the special clapboard and keeps no flowing state, so it can be used even if it falls down. (falling over)90Not used above
3Excellent safety performance
Due to extreme overcharge operation error, excessive gas can be released to prevent battery rupture.
4The self discharge electrode is small
The special lead calcium alloy is used to produce the grid, and the self discharge is controlled to the minimum.
5Long life and good economy
The grid cell with special lead calcium alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, while using a special partition can keep the electrolyte, and also with strong compression positive plate active material, prevent the loss, it is a kind of long service life, the battery.
6The internal resistance is small
Because of the small internal resistance, the discharge performance of the large battery is good.
7After deep discharge, it has good recovery ability