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SIEMENS inverter accessories, inverter power board 6SE7038-6GL84-1JA1

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
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High power use of SIEMENS inverter 70 series. Power Supply Board



SIEMENS CUVC 6SE7090-0XX84-0AB0 SIEMENS CUD1 C98043-A7001-L2 SIEMENS motherboard CUD2 board C98043-A7006-L1CBP2 communication board 6SX7010-0FF05 reversible power board C98043-A7002-L4 irreversible power board C98043-A7002-L1CUR control board 6SE7090-0XX85-1DA0 (C98043-A1680-L1) CUMC motherboard 6SE7090-0XX84-0AD1PSU2 power board 6SE7038-6GL84-1JA16SE7031-5EF84-1JC16SE7031-8EF84-1JC16SE7038-6GL84-1BG06SE7038-6GL84-1JB06SE7038-6EK84-1GG06SE7038-6GK84-1GF06SE7038-6GL84-1BG26SE7038-6GL84-1JA1

Our company specializes in providing various brands of inverter parts: most of Europe and the United States brands, I personally began to contact the inverter industry in 1999, in 2004 I came out of their own company, but also professional repair inverter. Then the feeling of money owed too much, and I ineloquent crooked ways is not. Feeling low efficiency, physical and mental exhaustion. In recent years also accumulated a bit of network resources, relying on the advantages of Beijing electronic accessories compared to the whole, as well as a few years with me a few good master. Slowly changed to start a variety of brand inverter parts. Frequently used recycling of imported brands of second-hand inverter, sorting back. What accessories do customers need?. It's incomplete. You'd better not do the experiment. He was decomposed. Because of the good appearance of the module. Basically, they sell all of those specialized modules in Zhongguancun. More worry. I don't have enough time to scrub. My focus is on boards. Now, every day Taobao pick up the list, and then arranged with the motor test to dismantle the machine. There's a special package. They're all made of new boxes of all sizes. Packing more assured. In recent years, the ordinary rhyme, Shen Tong, Zhong Tong express is also a lot, there are very few problems in transportation. The new package is basically no problem. And not over packaging. I always buy things. I'm scared. Especially in the case of excessive packaging, the inside is not good. Bulky to death. Some of the fast fare and buy things have a spell. The profits cut off. As for the appearance of the customer requirements, this is based on the actual situation. Now QQ has the function of uploading pictures more convenient. I'm not a familiar customer now. I basically have time. I make a real picture. It's also good to avoid personal eye differences. There are pictures and truth. So avoid the contradiction. And now, I think it's like buying little girls who don't know how to do it. If you're interested in my board. Or give technical contact. Ask the cause of the failure in the beat. Or when I'm in a bad mood. If I ask you, you don't know anything. I'm not in the mood. I probably don't sell it. I generally ask about the situation. I just sold it. But this is based on the brand, some brands is really fragile. Especially the SIEMENS 440-430 series is particularly easy to bad. Drive board and motherboard have procedures to identify, if you don't understand, can make a dead person. Japanese brand thing is rugged. Some of the faults are not clear, I sometimes recommend customers, inside the board to buy the past. Then go back to the experiment. Use that one, that one. Don't return it. This is a Japanese brand more rugged and very strong on the basis of general did that based on the. So all of us are fine.. Thank you very much for years of support of my old customers