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The United States Kirkland Cochran Kirk LAN calcium citrate and calcium magnesium zinc +D+K 500mg500 particle

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[name]:The United States Kirkland Cochran Kirk LAN calcium citrate and calcium magnesium zinc +D+K 500mg500 particle


[specification]:500 grains / bottle

[applicable]:Calcium supplementation in adults

[storage mode]:Keep the bottle cap sealed and avoid light

[methods of taking]:Take 2 pills 1 times a day, and take them with meals

Each grain contains:

Calcium 500mg

Vitamin D800I.U.

Vitamin B6-10mg

Zinc -10mg

Magnesium -80mg

Copper -1mg

Manganese -1mg

Boron -1mg

Product function:

Promote the health of bones and teeth, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and help muscle contraction

Calcium is very important to the strength of human bones, vitamin D3 can help the body to absorb calcium, magnesium and zinc are directly involved in the formation of bone tissue

1. special addition of vitamin D and B6, zinc, copper, magnesium and boron. For daily calcium, physical fitness

2.The main effect of calcium citrate: because this calcium is the same as the metabolism structure of human body, and ionized soluble structure, the absorption rate is higher. It can promote the health of bones and teeth, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and help muscle contraction

3. special addition of magnesium:

Magnesium plays an important role in the metabolism of human body. It is an important substance in the growth process of human body, such as bone, cell, ribonucleic acid, deoxyribonucleic acid, heart and various biological membranes. There are hundreds of different enzymes in the body that require magnesium. Magnesium and calcium supplement each other, effectively prevent and improve osteoporosis, consolidate bones and teeth, no magnesium involved in calcium, the effect is not good.

Magnesium can help blood circulation and relieve nerves, maintain normal muscles (including myocardium) and nerve activity. Magnesium can also prevent the formation of stones in the liver, gallbladder and kidney, and reduce the chance of calcification of soft tissue.

Magnesium is the control switch of calcium in the bone into the blood during the crisis; magnesium can relax the blood vessel system and is an important ion to maintain the contraction of the heart.

Magnesium can relax the gallbladder expansion muscle, increase bile, make the gallbladder easy emptying, and ensure the bile fully emulsified dietary fat, so that fat and fat soluble vitamins for human absorption. Magnesium absorbs slowly in the gut, promoting intestinal retention of water, increasing fecal volume, and improving constipation. The synthesis of human protein can not be separated from magnesium, and the transcription and translation of DNA are inseparable from magnesium. It can activate a variety of enzymes and participate in the metabolism of three nutrients

4. special addition of zinc:

Zinc is a trace element in the human body, the content and daily intake requirements are minimal, but the development and generation function, germ cells can play a pivotal role in the body, so a "spark of life" and "harmonious marriage" of the normal human zinc content for 2-3 G. In most tissues, there is a very small amount of zinc, with high levels in liver, muscle and bone.

Zinc is the main component of dozens of enzymes in the body. Zinc is also associated with brain development and intelligence.

Zinc also plays a role in promoting lymphocyte proliferation and activity

5.The main effect of vitamin D

- to improve the body's absorption of calcium: to saturate the plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus levels;

Skeletal calcification: promotes growth and bone calcification, and promotes dental integrity;

Maintain normal levels of citrate in the blood;

- prevent amino acids from kidney loss;