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SUS304 stainless steel mirror polishing welding firm price

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 12250.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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About the price / delivery time / freight

Price: due to the fluctuation of market price of stainless steel plates and stainless steel is very large, steady flow tank use is full of 304 stainless steel plate, so the overall cost may fluctuate, sales price may have changed, the actual prices of goods and consult customer. Thank you for your understanding and support.Choice is trust, trust is with your trust, we go all out!

Product introduction

        The non negative pressure steady flow tank as steady flow tank, also known as the steady flow compensator, buffer tank etc.. The non negative pressure steady flow tank is the core of non negative pressure water supply equipment components. The non negative pressure steady flow tank to make non negative pressure water supply equipment to make full use of the municipal pipe network original pressure, at the same time does not appear when the municipal water supply was insufficient to produce a vacuum pump suction pipe and other municipal pipeline affect normal water supply. Composition of non negative pressure steady flow tank is relatively simple, mainly by the vacuum breaker (electronic and mechanical type two), a storage tank, a water inlet and outlet pipe, drain and liquid level probe. No matter how different style, its core role is still little water and eliminate potential vacuum.

Structure and function

Effect: non negative pressure steady flow tank is the role and the constant pressure water supply equipment combined to a small amount of water and avoid the potential existence of vacuum may.

Principle: no negative pressure can eliminate negative pressure is the core component of vacuum breaker. The tank is not filling water, vacuum breaker is open, this tank is a non closed state, when the tap water injection flow in the stable current tank, the air in the tank can be discharged from the vacuum breaker, when the water is filled, the sealing ring and the floating ball vacuum eliminator gradually coupled, vacuum breaker is closed end at this time, the tank and the outside world is completely isolated and sealed state. If the municipal water supply has been sufficient, vacuum breaker has been in a closed state, municipal pipeline pressure will be transferred to the pump pressure again, then the steady flow tank to make full use of the municipal pipe network pressure; if the water peak lead pump is slightly higher than the municipal water supply (simply is not enough to draw) under the condition of water level the tank will decrease, and the sealing ball vacuum eliminator will fall, the vacuum breaker is open, outside air enters the vacuum eliminator by adjusting tank, stop pumping due to water shortage caused by negative pressure generated. No negative pressure tank can achieve the purpose of eliminating negative pressure. When the municipal water completely, the non negative pressure tank liquid level detector built-in water will signal transmission equipment control box, can play the role of water protection.



 Functional characteristics

Mechanical vacuum eliminator, vacuum sealing and good inhibitory effect, stability and reliability are guaranteed.

Material flow components (standard SUS304 stainless steel plate thickness 3mm), the standard mirror polishing surface.

The use of a new generation of mechanical vacuum suppressor, vacuum sealing and inhibiting effect, ensure that the municipal water supply fluctuation does not splash.

The size of the full support of custom (import water flange specifications, base height, water to the ground height, length, diameter).

With water protection sensor, tap water supply to ensure the pump stop running from damage.

Performance parameters table


Diameter * length (mm)wall thickness
Water inlet and outlet flange
(can be customized)
Reference water storage
Reference price
Texture of material
Note: the price is for reference only, the stainless steel price fluctuations, the product will fluctuate with the market material fluctuation, please note!

    Parameter table / installation size



Type / sizewall thicknessEOφDLL1L2HH1H2H3BB1B2
Other specificationsAccording to the drawings marked and custom