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The new Chinese simple hedgehog rosewood 1.8 meters double bed moon Zhongshan rosewood pear song Tan Chung furniture

There are 1.5, 1.8 meters double bed, consultation: 13232341081.

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 11060.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product description(product description)

Texture of material:pterocarpus erinaceusPlace of Origin:Gambia Different from other African countriesCountryRosewood. 
Scientific name:Hedgehog rosewood (mahogany) Latin name: pterocarpussp is mainly produced in tropical africa. Because of its good mechanical properties, good durability and good dimensional stability, it is an ideal material for fine joinery, furniture and cabinets. It is resistant to corrosion and corrosion, and the wood is hard and fragrant. After drying, it will hardly crack and deform. After multiple or hot wax lacquer processing, African rosewood can also like Hainan Vietnam yellow rosewood like elegant, extraordinary style, is also difficult to distinguish with the naked eye specialist par.

:Traditional environmental protectionOn the bottompaintWaxingWood craft, mortise and tenon structure.

Size: L*W*H (CM): 180*200 bedside table: routine

Here's 150*200's style

Buyers notice(member's rights)

All the product pictures are taken in kind. All furniture in our factory is handmade, so there are no exactly the same two pieces, there is inevitably a slight difference. We guarantee that the goods you receive are in line with the aesthetic effect of the picture, without ensuring that the colors, patterns and other details are in full agreement. In the normal range, the slight difference of color and pattern will not be the basis of evaluation, complaint and return. When you take the goods, you agree to the terms mentioned above. If you have any questions, please consult beforehand.


Buyers bear the freight.The above standard freight is the parameter value, only with the Taobao system freight revision, each place different freight also different.General door-to-door, in advance and the owner of the ditch good, we can only arrange delivery downstairs. And bulky goods are using logistics, rather than express. We cooperate logistics asTaoBaoOnline single freight discount (the new state logistics; logistics; world ARIMA Kakichi Express; Moriteru logistics.Freight is strongly recommended to pay (for transparency and rationality). We guarantee that the goods packed strictly will be delivered to your hands at the fastest speed!


Common maintenance of solid wood furniture

Chinese classical furniture are not connected by tenon with nails. At the same time, the material of classical furniture is different from the modern furniture with sawn wood, the wood with temperature and climate change and expansion and contraction.

Regular maintenance is indispensable, the following introduces some common methods:
1. avoid long-term exposure to sunlight in furniture, don't put furniture directly in the heating furnace, fireplace, and other high temperature places

It is easy to make the moisture inside the wood out of balance, damage the surface of the protective paint and wax, resulting in cracks.

2. dust is a kind of abrasive particles, to wipe the dust, to use a soft cotton cloth back and forth along the grain. Such as the use of dry cloth to clean the surface, will cause the phenomenon of grinding to lose luster paint.

3. if moving furniture, furniture should be lifted, not dragged, so as not to cause the overall structure of furniture loose.

4. avoid bump and scratch hard objects, especially to remind the children at home.
5. Once or twice a month, waxing, waxing, or walnut oil on the furniture can keep the surface smooth and moderately bright, two times a month. One should not be too dense, otherwise it will clog the wood capillary