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Germany sunshine gel battery A412/65A maintenance free 12V battery UPS room industrial special package

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 896.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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Germany sunshine battery A400 series valve control the introduction of Germany advanced production technology, using the colloid battery of key raw materials imported from Europe sealed colloid storage battery, use of European imports of key production equipment for production. Fooded design, thick plate technique and unique colloid electrolyte preparation process was to ensure the service life of the battery; with long service life and high reliability, can be used in high temperature environment, poor power under harsh conditions. The product is widely used in communications, power, energy storage, UPS/EPS and other fields. Product characteristics, capacity range (C10): 5.5Ah - 200Ah - voltage: 12V; design Floating Life: at 25 - 5 Deg. C environment, 12V series for 15 years; and the cycle life: in the standard conditions of use A400-12V series 25%DOD 2950 cycles; and the self discharge rate of less than 2%/ / month; charging accept ability is high, time saving and energy saving; and wide working temperature range: -20 to 55 DEG C, shelf life: after charging, 25 degrees in the static environment for 2 years, the remaining battery capacity is still above 50%, after charging, the battery capacity can be restored to 100% of the rated capacity. Anti deep discharge performance is good: after 100% discharge can continue to connect to the load, four weeks after recharging can restore the original capacity. The structure features: a gel electrolyte, the electrolyte without delamination and cycle performance of battery; electrolyte density low, slow down on grid corrosion, long life battery float; and fumed silica: imported from Germany, good dispersion, stable performance; - plate: radial rib design, coating active material, good performance of high current discharge; and partition: the European Amersil production of PVC-SiO2 colloid battery separator, small resistance, high hole rate, long service life; and Design: excessive electrolyte electrolyte loading is high, full of plate, baffle and shell cavity, battery, good heat dissipation, less prone to thermal runaway, tightly coated colloid; the group is: to prevent the falling of the active material; and patent colloid battery safety valve, high sensitivity, safe and reliable; and the battery shell: thickening tank, cover design, the impact resistance, The vibrations of the ABS material, transportation, use no leakage, drum shell and other dangerous, safe and reliable; Germany sunshine battery technology parameters of voltage (V) capacity AH length mm width mm high mm total height mm terminal type single (about Kg) A412/5.5SR125.51516494100F-012.5A412/ 8.5SR128.51519894100F-013.6A412/12SR121218176166167F-025.6A412/20G51220167176126126G-M59A412/20F101220167176126126F-109A412/32G61232210175175175G-M613.6A412/32F101232198166173173F-1014A412/50G61250278175190190G-M618.5A412/50A1250278175190190A18.5A412/ 50F101250229138208228F-1018.5A412/65G61265353175190190G-M623A412/65F101265353166175175F-1030A412/85F101285260169208228F-1026A412/90A1290284267208230A34A412/90F101290307169208228F-1028A412/100A12100513189195223A35.5A412/100F1012100333172216223F-1031A412/ 120A1212051318919 5223A36.5A412/120F1012120408175233238F-1035A412/150F12150484170240240F-1044.5A412/180F1012180522240220245F-1058.5A412/180A12180518274216238A60A412/200F1012200522240220224F-1061.5A412/230F1012230522240220224F-1065.5A412/250F1012250522270220224F-1068