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Three yuan two yuan sows Sutai piglets in Taihu black pig breeding Landrace York quality in piglet

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We promise to you by my side in piglets after loading for home or on the road! Such as home, found that pigs have casualties, according to the original price return pig money. Service tenet: customer interest is higher than everything, a business, lifelong friend! "Taihu pig is born more, enjoy national treasure" reputation, Wuxi area is the key producing area of Taihu pig. Taihu pig is a river and sea type pig, which is produced in the Taihu River Basin of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. It is a famous local breed with strong reproductive capacity and large number of farrowing in china. Taihu pigs are of medium size, sparsely distributed, black or greenish gray, with white limbs and nose, purplish red abdomen, large head width, deep and thick wrinkles, large ears and drooping shape, such as roasted tobacco leaves. Limbs thick, abdominal ptosis, buttocks slightly high, nipple pairs of 8~9 pairs, up to 12.5 pairs. According to the different origin of two, Meishan, Jiaxing Hualian Fengjing, black and other types of Heng Jing Su Su is to sow sow too too small in Meishan, Meishan, two Erhualian and thought as female and male parent, bred by the Sutai sows. Jiangsu sows breeding center. The growth characteristics of Su Tai sows are characterized by large litter size, fast growth rate, high tolerance, coarse feeding and delicious meat, which can be used as the female parent for three yuan production. Sutai sow body hair black, medium ear earlobe move the bottom of a clear head, wrinkles, mouth long and straight, stout limbs, waist straight, abdomen small, plump hindquarters, has obvious characteristics of lean type pig. Su Tai sow 9 month old weight 116.31 kg, boar 10 month old weight 126.56 kg; fattening pig weight 25-90 kg stage, daily gain 623.12 grams, feed utilization rate 3.18, up to 90 kg body weight, age 178.90 days. The body weight was 90 kg, the slaughter rate was 72.88%, the average was 2.33 cm, the area of eye muscle was 29.03 cm2, and the carcass was 55.98%. Sutai pig sows average more than 7 pairs of nipples, fit the age of 6~7 months, the boar is 7~8 months; the average litter size of 11.68 primiparous sows, 35 weaned bred 10.06 head, 60 day old piglet weight 184.31 kg, the average litter size of sows 14.45, 35 day old weaned piglets bred 11.80 first, the 60 day old piglet weight 216.25 kg. The results showed that the weight of the offspring could reach 90 kg and the carcass could reach more than 60% at 164.43 days old, and the average yield of lean meat reached 487.08%. So too can sow feeding in most areas of our country, the appropriate scale of pig farms, breeding specialized households, farmers. A new generation (grow or grow) produced by cross breeding between two sows, Landrace boars and large white sows or large white boars and Landrace sows. The parents are different exotic breed, breed two yuan sow called outside two yuan sow". Two yuan sows refers to the production of hybrid gilts between the pig breeds from two foreign countries, such as the most common Yorkshire * Landrace, Yorkshire * *, Scott, Duroc * Landrace. The two sows has large size, lean meat rate, litter size has the advantages of high moderate, plump, limbs a strong, straight backs, foot shoes do not drag belly, with better feeding conditions, production performance and market price is high, the majority of farms, farmers love breeding basic sow group.