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New semiconductor refrigeration chip TEC1270540*40mm

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TEC1-12705Technical specification for thermoelectric cooling modules

Outline dimensions

  • Basic electrical performance index


term order


strip  piece

Maximum temperature difference current




Maximum temperature difference voltage




Maximum temperature difference



Qc=0, Th=30

Maximum cooling power



ΔT=0, Th=30

Temperature range



Power lead

20AWG UL1569 105Standard tinned conductor at normal temperature,PVCInsulating skin, peeling at the end of the line7±1mmThe lead wire is welded at one end of the hot surface, the length of the lead wire is in accordance with the actual assembly length of the workshop, and also can be customized according to the special requirements of the customer

Withstand assembly pressure


Surrounding moisture treatment

All around704Silicone rubber seal

Storage conditions

ambient temperature-10℃~40The relative humidity is not greater than the temperature80%Storage environment of ventilated and non corrosive gas

The correct installation and assembly methods are as follows:
1.A cooling plate is installed on one side, and a cooling system installation table is installed on one side
The surface flatness is not too good0.03mmTo remove the card, dirt.
2.The cooling piece contacts well with the radiator and the guide block, and the contact surface must be painted
A thin layer of thermal grease.
3.In the fixed cooling film, the cooling plate must be stressed evenly and carefully cut
Don't over. In order to prevent ceramic fracturing.

The correct conditions for use are as follows:
1.The DC power supply voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage, the power ripple system
Less than10%。
2.The current shall not exceed the rated current of the component.
3.When the cooling sheet is working, the reverse voltage must not be reversed instantaneously5branch
After the bell).
4.No water in the cooling film.
5.The humidity should not exceed that of the cooling plate80%。




Imax (A)

Umax (V)


T =0

Tmax ()












No moving parts, no noise, and solid-state

Compact structure, small in size, light in weight

Environmental friendly

RoHS compliant

Precise temperature control

Exceptionally reliable in quality, high performance


Food and beverage service refrigerator

Portable cooler box for cars

Liquid cooling

Temperature stabilizer

CPU cooler and scientific instrument

Photonic and medical systems

Device type naming methods, examples and contour diagrams
Representation method
Thermoelectric cooling device
English abbreviation (Thermo-Electric)
Structure class:
Ceramic structure
(N/P element cross-sectional area greater than 1 mm 2 letter C)
(N/P element cross-sectional area of less than 1 mm 2 letter S)
One digit
Use a Arabia figure
Three digit number
Total logarithm of electric dipole
Use three digit Arabia numbers
Two digit number
Nominal current value A
Use two digit Arabia numbers
No sign
Outer surface: non metallization
Non representation

TEC112706Examples of naming methods
Shape representation of a refrigeration device

TEThermoelectric cooler assembly
C------ ceramic component element cross section is greater than 1mm2
Represented by C, less than 1mm2, represented by S
1------ series (Level 1)
The total logarithm of 127---- electric dipole (127 pairs)
06----- operating current value (6A)

Other names used in the world

Example: CP1.4-127-06L

Example: CP1.4-127-06L

CPCeramic plate thermoelectric cooler
The cross section of 1.4---- component is 1.4mm2
The total logarithm of 127---- electric dipole (127 pairs)
06----- operating current value (6A)
Plane grinding of hot and cold surfaces of L------ cooler

Calculation method of maximum cooling power


A.1 in the hot end temperature of Th is 27 - 1 Deg. C, temperature difference for T=0, I=Imax,

The maximum cooling power Qcmax (W) is calculated according to formula (1):

   Qcmax=0.07NI ……………………………………………………………(1)

Type: the logarithm of the N-- device and the maximum temperature difference current (A) of the I-- device.

A.2 if the hot surface temperature is 3~40 degrees centigrade, the maximum cooling power Qcmax (W) should be corrected by formula (2).

   Qcmax|Th= Qcmax[1+0.0042(Th-27)] …………………………………(2)

The maximum cooling power (W) of Qcmax-- hot surface temperature at Th=27 + 1 oc;

Maximum cooling power (W) at measured temperature at Qcmax|Th-- hot surface temperature Th=3 to 40 degrees C.

Usage method

1, do not know when the hot and cold surface cooler when using this method, the red line is connected to the power line is connected to the anode, cathode, and without cooling conditions, the instantaneous power of the test, which touch the two end of the refrigerator, you will feel a fever, a little have a fever cold, heat, cold side cold. But the time can not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise, because the hot end temperature is too high, it is easy to cause device burn out.

2, in general conditions, lead wire is usually expressed as positive electrode with red, which is usually expressed in black as negative electrode, which is the wiring method when the thermoelectric cooler works. When the heat is needed, the polarity of the current can be changed. The switching power supply must be used in the refrigeration operation, and the ripple factor of the power supply should be less than 10%.

3, the thermocouple thermocouple and logarithmic limit voltage identification method, thermocouple logarithm refers to the number of P, N nodes. For example: cooler model for TEC1-12706, 127 for cooler thermocouple logarithm, 06 allowable current value (unit: A), the threshold voltage is logarithmic thermocouple cooler * 0.12, for example: TECI 12703 limit voltage V = 127 x 0.12 = 15.2 (V).

4, all kinds of cooler in use or in the test, the cooling and heating temperature of hot and cold exchange should be returned to the room temperature (usually more than 15 minutes). Otherwise it may cause damage to the refrigerator.

5, in order to extend the life of thermoelectric cooler, the refrigeration components should be sealed around. We have two kinds of methods, one is the use of 704 silicone seal; the other is a mining epoxy resin seal, seal is designed to make the refrigerator completely isolated thermocouple with the outside air. It has the function of damp proof and damp proof, and can prolong the life of the cooler.

6, at the time of installation, the first two will wipe the refrigeration assembly clean, and in cooler for hot and cold surface evenly coated with a thin layer of thermal grease. The surface contact with the cooler is aluminum radiator or cold storage plate should be smooth, and wipe clean, also on the surface evenly coated with thermal grease; cooler during installation must be good contact with the cold storage cold plate, hot surface should also fully contact surface and the aluminum radiator, (as with screw fastening screws, several force should be uniform, not excessive or uneven force). In order to achieve the best cooling effect, the insulation material is applied between the cooling plate and the aluminum radiator, and the thickness is generally 25-30mm.

7, the user in the absence of special equipment, determine whether the qualified or not, mainly to test its resistance. The resistance of the cooler can be measured by using a data bridge or a resistance meter with compensation. Using the multimeter to test the static resistance of refrigeration components is not accurate, only for reference.

8, in the process of handling and installation of the refrigerator, the operator should be gently, no refrigeration piece fall from a height, even at the height of the 10-20cm will cause the internal resistance of cooler produced significant changes, resulting in damage to the refrigerator.

Thermoelectric cooler and compressor because it has different advantages of small refrigeration applications so that the products are widely used in various civil and political, scientific research.
The semiconductor thermoelectric cooler products began in 90s the beginning of the civil market, such as hot and cold water dispenser, cosmetic storage box, portable refrigerator (car refrigerator), hot and cold massager, has caused the majority of consumers. With the development of semiconductor refrigeration technology is improving, people will use the thermoelectric cooler to more and more fields, the following is a list of the thermoelectric cooler to the field as well as related products or projects.

Optical field
Temperature control of laser devices
Temperature control of high sensitivity CCD
SHG laser, DWDM, photoelectric tube, high output LD

A miniature cooling plate is adopted
Such as 7, 17, 31, 49, 71 pairs of series

Projector, copier127 pairs of refrigeration chips
Civil field
Car refrigerator, dehumidifier, small machine127 pairs of 40*40mm series
Automobile cold cup, hot and cold massager, cold cap, automobile seat71, 127 pairs of 30*30mm series
Cosmetics storage box, refrigerator, wine cabinet71, 127 pairs of 30*30mm series
Medical field
DNA amplification instrument and biological reagent detection device
Low temperature medicament storage box and constant temperature bed
Ice caps and all kinds of high precision medical instruments

127 pairs of refrigeration chips
Computer field
Semiconductor refrigerator case127 pairs of 40*40mm series
Mainboard Beiqiao refrigeration chip71, 127 pairs of 30*30mm series
CPU test platformHigh power series above 200W
Semiconductor field
Cold air device
Circulator and cooling plate
Constant temperature platform for semiconductor testing

127 pairs of refrigeration chips
Metering field
Chromatographic machine
127 pairs of refrigeration chips