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The old touch screen for M5PLUS screen cover Jin Jin GN8001L flat touch screen panel

[purchase instructions] touch and change the various equipment and consumables needed for separators, laminating machines and OCA glue, so it is only suitable for maintenance shops with professional equipment and technicians. Individual customers please do not shoot, this shop mainly for pressure screen customers and mobile phone repair shop wholesale, thank you for understanding and cooperation!

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 3.15
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:3
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Hello, non professional screen buyers before buying the screen, please understand the following instructions:
Because now mobile phone are the pursuit of the thinner the better, so the use of optical glue inside and outside the screen two whole bonded together, the middle is no gap, such as mobile phone broken screen (some mobile phone screen is the single cover, some mobile phone screen is a touch screen) or screen to separate the change one should have a screen separation the machine apart, (there are a lot of customers will say I've changed, it is easy to disassemble, with ordinary tools can be a) this problem is the key, inside and outside the screen before is directly with double-sided adhesive on the front shell, so good down. The structure is completely different, so for one screen to determine the separation equipment to fit the equipment, need to ask large maintenance to see if it is determined to change to the way a good maintenance costs, because there will be no separation of risk, 100% successful examples, such as the separation of bad fruit the maintenance need to pay you a new screen, so the maintenance costs will be higher. Make sure that the cost is within the acceptable range.
Some buyers will say that, the maintenance of the place is too far away from my place, I buy the screen to say, this situation, then I want to explain that after the purchase can not explain the situation, the freight back and forth is the need to bear the buyer! Freight back and forth is more expensive than the screen, so please think twice before you leap!!!

This shop does not provide any gifts, buyers need to send things, please do not buy, thank you!

Store cooperation Express has tact and Shen Tong, SF need to contact change freight, other express do not send Oh ~!

Receiving instructions

In order to prevent the goods from being lost or damaged in the express delivery, the buyer can not be clearly defined. The buyer must carefully read the following items and confirm them:

First: when you receive the goods, do not rush to sign in the invoice; whatever the cargo, please work when people face unpacking inspection, check the quantity of the goods there is no lack of appearance or no damage, if any one of them please rejected on the spot, and use the telephone to inform us. In the confirmation and delivery personnel, we will make appropriate treatment, and bear all the loss of freight. 

Second: if you sign in the receipt (please be sure I sign, if the special circumstances to others sign, the effect is equivalent to your own acceptance), that is, you express the content, quantity and integrity of the goods. So buyers are welcomeParticular attentionAfter you sign, the courier has been out of the case, the store for you reflect the content of the goods inconsistent, lack of quantity or appearance damage and other situations are not responsible!

                        Inspection instructions

Due to the special nature of online shopping, please test the product within two days after receipt of the product. Pay attention to the test time, do not erase the oil chapter of the screen. (because we take the manufacturers, manufacturers do not give us warranty.) So please buyers pay special attention to, must test good, no problem, and then installation, protection, tear off the installation, it means that you have tacitly accepted the product, all the performance is normal. We refuse to deal with all the quality problems after installation.

Return Policy

In a word, send you what kind of, returned to what kind of, any damage to appearanceProducts are not exchangeable.

Solemnly declare:
All products are sold at low prices, non screen problem returns, freight back and forth to the buyer, if there are quality problems,Who will send postage in the process of returning goods?.
We do not accept any form of payment, please know before purchase. If you are worried, please check shipping insurance on the order submitted
Please buyers attention: transaction risk, risk is mutual. Please abide by the agreement to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.