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6ES7452-1AH00-0AE0FM452 electronic cam controller genuine selling

The company sells products (all for the original authentic * warranty for one year) the company can sign a formal sales contract, and issued 17% of the value-added tax invoices, invoice. If you need invoice, tax is another point.

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This shop sells products are original authentic, please rest assured to buy! A large quantity of excellent price, welcome to buy!If the shop did not find the product you need, you can contact our online customer service.

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1, PLC products are sealed packaging, packaging see product pictures, white label LOGO has SIEMENS brand and product orders, buyers get the goods, please check the model is correct, then the packages (return will not two sale, does not support packaging apart).

2, product quality problems, do not return.

3, products and packaging are the only series, with the serial number, one year warranty.

The company sells all genuine original, one year warranty, you can sign a formal sales contract, VAT invoices can be opened, the tax point also, welcome to inquire,

The company sells products are genuine original (* one year warranty) the company can sign a formal sales contract, and issued 17% of the value-added tax invoices, invoice. If you need invoice, tax is another point.

The shop sold are SIEMENS original products, please rest assured to buy! A large quantity of excellent price, welcome to buy! If the shop did not find what you need SIEMENS products, you can contact me.

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SIEMENS industrial automation professional sales all kinds of accessories;

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SIEMENS Industrial Ethernet communication card, communication cable, communication connector, bus connector, switch, computer automation software system model is complete, fast! Offer to buy our products without value, we want to product warranty for one year commitment,Let you buy peace of mind comfortable, with the rest assured!

Product overview:



  • For different types of different application areas (e.g., underground cables, towed cable, dangerous area (Zone1 and Zone2))
  • Double layer shielding, good anti-jamming performance
  • Flame retardant cable bus connection (not containing halogen).
  • Because the cable with length markers expressed in meters, so it is easy to determine the length
  • UL certification
  • Because of the special bus cable, has wide application range.
  • Due to the use of double shielded cables and integrated grounding technology, network has the anti interference function.
  • Using FastConnect (fast connection) cable connector, simple and fast, saving time.
  • Silicone free products, it is especially suitable for automobile industry (such as glazed line).

In order to build a PROFIBUSDP network, to provide different types of cables, can meet the different application requirements. In general, the cable should use list. Detailed information about the network configuration of the network, see the PROFIBUS manual.

UL certification

For the network cable list UL (safety standards) is necessary for the United States and Canada market. According to the position of cable laying in the building to determine the appropriate certification requirements. This applies to all these cables, cable laying from one machine to a remote control cabinet, the cable bracket and the protection of buildings. Cable through the UL certification in its name attached to the letter "GP" (general).

Ex certification

Cable for intrinsically safe PROFIBUSDP application in its name attached to the letter "IS" (safety)


Shielded twisted pair cable, circular section

All the features of PROFIBUS bus cable:

  • Because the double shielding effect, the cable is especially suitable for the industrial environment is susceptible to electromagnetic interference in.
  • The ground terminal bus and bus terminal on the cable sheath, can realize the system within the scope of the grounding scheme.
  • With the markers expressed in meters

Cable type

Quick connect new bus cable (FC) for radial symmetric design, can use the stripping tool. It can quickly and conveniently install bus connector.

  • PROFIBUSFC standard cable GP:
    The standard bus cable specially designed for quick installation
  • PROFIBUSFC standard cable ISGP:
    Standard bus cable with special design, for quick installation of intrinsically safe distributed I/O system
  • Quick connect high strength cable PROFIBUSFC:
    Specially designed for use in corrosive environment and harsh mechanical load conditions
  • PROFIBUSFC edible cable:
    PE use the cable jacket material, so it is suitable for food and tobacco industry.
  • PROFIBUSFC grounding cable:
    For laying underground. It is different from the PROFIBUS bus equipped with additional cable jacket
  • PROFIBUSFC soft cable
    (flexible stranded wire), halogen free bus cable, with polyurethane sheath, but accidental movement
  • PROFIBUSFC cable:
    Specific to the bus cable force motion control in the streamer, for example in the continuous movement of the machine parts (twisted wire)
    Double core shielding, flame retardant design, halogen free bus cable, there is a copolymer of FRNC shell (flame retardant corrosion)

Do not use the bus cable quick connection technology (depending on the type of structure)

  • PROFIBUS color cable:
    Soft bus cable (a beam line), line for festoons.
    For round cable, recommended for cable transport vehicle model
  • PROFIBUS twisted cable
    Highly flexible bus cable:
    For towing mobile machine parts (wire)
    (at least torsion is 5 million times, in the long 1m Cable + 180o)
  • PROFIBUS hybrid cable GP:
    For a hybrid cable firm, with two for data transmission of copper wire and two power supply for ET200pro copper wire
  • SIENOPYRFR cable for ship
    No halogen, flame retardant, anti foot pressure, through the optical fiber cable Veritas certification, can be installed on the deck of the ship and the cabin. Sold by the meter