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Package Gaudi antistatic thermostatic thermostat soldering platform, 936A936 welding machine, soldering iron, mobile phone maintenance tools

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Physical map

Photo 100% real shot, if there is chromatic aberration, all normal

"" "" "" "" "- Gaudi 936A [a common ceramic core, iron, long life! ]

Digital display -- Gaudi 938A [digital display screen, more temperature control, heating faster! ]

Advanced performance, Gaudi 936 [import core, silica gel line, high performance! ]


-- -- three performance contrast (transformer) ---

Product introduction

Product brand: Gaudi GORDAK

Model performance:

1. Gaudi -936A uses imported technology to produce high performance price ratio heating wire, which has the advantages of low power, long life, etc., and 936 is imported high quality core, more heat foot, good insulation, longer life and so on;
2, the temperature can be arbitrarily adjustable, and can be fixed to set the constant temperature value. If the temperature deviation occurs, it can be corrected;
3, precision high temperature soldering iron handle, comfortable and comfortable handle, suitable for long-term work handheld; 936 handle is made of high quality materials, handle line is temperature resistant and folding silicone line;
4, antistatic constant temperature iron, can repair welding all kinds of components.
5, split type design, placed more secure, more convenient.

After sales guarantee service:

1, support 7 days unconditional guarantee, such as during the quality problems, back and forth freight, our shop bear, non quality problems return, buyers bear the freight;

2、The main quality of the welding machine is guaranteed for one year (the parts of the handle can not be repaired, so there is no warranty);

3, 7 days after the warranty, if you need warranty, the shop is willing to serve you, our shop is responsible for maintenance costs, but buyers and the freight back and forth freight to buyers!

Use and maintenance of soldering iron head

The proper use of the iron head and the regular attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the iron head not only greatly increase the life of the iron head, but also give full play to the excellent heat transfer performance of the iron head.

1.Before welding work

Must clean the sponge wet water, and then squeeze the excess water. Only in this way can the cleaning effect of the iron head be achieved. If you use a non wetting clean sponge, the soldering head will be damaged, resulting in tin can not be reached. (Figure 1)

(Figure 1)

2.When welding work

The following welding sequence enables the soldering head to protect the solder and reduce the oxidation rate. (Figure 2)

(Figure 2)

3.After welding work

Adjust the temperature to about 250 degrees C, and then clean the iron head, plus a new layer of tin for protection. (if you use a non soldering temperature control, the power cut off, let the tip temperature slightly reduced after tin. )

4.Matters needing attention

A. use low temperature welding as much as possible

High temperature will accelerate the oxidation of the iron head and reduce the life of the iron head. If the head temperature exceeds 470 degrees C, its oxidation rate is two times of 380 degrees C.

B. don't put too much pressure on it

In welding, please don't press too much, otherwise the iron head will be damaged and deformed. As long as the iron head can contact the solder joints, the heat can be transferred. In addition, choosing the right iron head can also help heat transfer.

C. always keeps the tin on the tip of the soldering iron

This will reduce the oxidation of the iron head and make the iron head more durable. After using, the soldering temperature should be slightly reduced before soldering, so that the tin coating has better oxidation resistance effect.

D. keeps the iron head clean and cleans the oxide immediately

If there is black oxide on the head of the iron, the soldering head may not be tin, and must be cleaned immediately. When cleaning, first adjust the temperature of the iron head
250 degrees C, then clean the sponge iron head, and then tin. Repeat the action until the oxide is cleaned up.

E. selects the flux with low activity

High activity or corrosive flux will accelerate the corrosion of iron head when heated, so low corrosive flux should be chosen.

Note: do not use sandpaper or hard cleanThe iron head

F. put on the iron frame of iron

Without the use of iron, the iron should be carefully placed in the appropriate welding metal frame, so as to avoid collision damage caused by iron head.


G. choose the right iron head

It is very important to choose the right size and shape of the iron head. Choosing the right iron head can make the work more efficient and increase the durability of the iron head. Select the error will affect the soldering iron head can not play the efficiency, the welding quality will be reduced. (Figure 3)

The size of the iron head is directly related to the heat capacity. The bigger the iron head is, the larger the heat capacity is, and the smaller the iron head is, the smaller the heat capacity is. For continuous soldering, the greater the soldering iron head, the less the temperature drop. In addition, because the large iron head heat capacity is high, welding can use a relatively low temperature, the iron head is not easy to oxidize, increase its life.

The short and thick iron head has a longer heat transfer, and the young iron head is faster and more durable. A flat, blunt iron head delivers more heat than a sharp iron head. In general, the size of the iron head does not affect the proximity components as the standard. The selection of geometrical dimensions that can contact with the solder joints can improve the welding efficiency.

(Figure 3)

Be careful:

When you need to change the iron head, select the special iron head and confirm the type of the iron head. If the use of non iron head designed with iron head or the use of models do not match, will affect the performance of the original iron and damage the heating core and the circuit board etc..