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National package M42 double metal band saw blade band saw blade 3505*4115*4700 machine band saw blade

We sell all kinds of domestic and imported band saw blades, various types of ultra full, on-site welding, timely welding, length arbitrary selection, thereby avoiding the finished strip rust deformation.

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Ladies and gentlemen, because the saw blade has all kinds of tooth shape, all kinds of length, so in the purchase of the note to write clearly what you need tooth shape and length, if not understand, also can consult the customer service to help you solve, pro, please believe our professional, thank you!


[triple sawing] imported double metal band saw hang 3505*3/4*0.9

 Length: custom length

 Texture of material:M42Bimetal

 Width: 6813192734  41  54   67  80mm

 Pitch: 0.75/1.25 teeth 1.4/2 teeth2/3 teeth, 3/4 teeth, 4/6 teeth, 6 teeth, 5/8 teeth, 6/10 teeth, 8/12 teeth, 14 teeth

 Thickness: 0.650.

 Tooth type: TurtleTooth, tooth hook tensile

 Cutting capacity:High / medium / low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and copper, aluminum and other metal materials,It can be applied to all kinds of parts, such as profiles, pipes and solid materials, etc., so as to avoid frequent replacement of saw blades.

Instructions Youneedtoknow...Special notice for installation and use of band saw blade (important)

 1.Before installation, the direction of saw tooth is inspected in detail so that the cutting direction is consistent with the rotation of band sawing machine.

2.Check the tooth shape and number / inch of the saw band, whether it matches the material and size of the cutting material.

3.Adjusting the tension of the saw band should be moderate, too tight, easy to break, too loose, easy to break teeth and cutting oblique.

4.The cutting fluid is adjusted according to the cutting material, the carbon steel is quasi thin, and the stainless steel is quasi dense. And regular replacement.

5.All new saw blades must be run in before cutting. Refueling, will raise the blade to a certain height, avoid severing saw

Running in of new saw blade

The new saw blade must be run in before the official use. The service life of a saw blade without running in or without running in is 1/3 or less of a running saw blade.

1.The feed rate during running in is 20-30% of normal feed.
2.The running in period is about 5-10% of the expected life.
3.The running speed should be 20-30% during normal cutting.
4.Sawing belt starts from running in period and gradually transits to normal cutting. Don't increase the feed rate and the belt speed each time.

Matters needing attention:

1. please pay attention to the band saw tooth type when you purchase the saw blade

2.The left brand band saw blades are available in stock. If other brands are not listed, please ask if they are available. This brand also offers other brands of saw blades

3.According to the customer's production needs, we can make any length band saw blades


Postage note:

The store is located in Shanghai, because the sale of goods are metal products, heavy weight, more than the required number of kilograms, depending on the actual postage


Explanation of return:

Because the band saw blade is easy to be worn out, the band saw blade can be replaced without trial machine. The machine has been tested, and the original quality of the saw blade has been lost because of the wear and tear, and the original quality will not be replaced

Parents, such as the problem of sawing machine does not understand, or sawing machine is broken, do not know how to repair, you can contact the owner of the store, we will provide you with free service.