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EAST battery, 12v75ahNP75-12 battery, lead acid communication, DC screen, UPS machine room industry

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2.2Don't make the battery discharge voltage lower than the prescribed value, over discharge will greatly shorten the battery life, serious when will cause the battery can not be used again.

2.3Don't store after discharge. Please charge immediately. The storage time should not exceed the maximum4It is difficult to recharge the battery after a long time, otherwise the battery can not be used.

2.4The maximum permissible discharge current should be controlled in the following range:

discharge current I≤1C10AThe discharge voltage of the battery monomer during intermittent discharge is equal to that of the battery1.90V);

discharge current I=3C10ADischarge time T≤3min

discharge current I=6C10ADischarge time T≤10s

  Long term high current (>1C10The discharge will have an adverse effect on the battery life.

2.5In order to ensure the battery life, each discharge depth can not be too large, the discharge capacity is best not to exceed80%. Especially in areas where electricity is frequently used, the battery after discharge should have surplus capacity to prevent damage to the battery due to long-term deep discharge.



3.1 Floating charge (floating charge)

3.1.1Suitable for long-term float use occasions, floating applications refers to the battery is always connected with the power supply,And in the charging state,When the external power is stopped or the input is abnormal,Power supply from battery to load.

3.1.2The charging parameters are as follows:

Charging voltage:2.232.27V/Monomer(25), proposal2.25V/Monomer;

           Maximum charging current:0.20C10

           Temperature compensation coefficient:-3mV/·Monomer(with25Temperature is the base point)

    3.1.3Battery battery float voltage value at the initial stage of use will have a certain deviation, after half a year will be the same.

3.1.4The float voltage is too high (charging) will seriously shorten the life; low (undercharging) will satisfy the load or the battery storage float voltage is not the same, so that the battery capacity decline, shorten the service life.


3.2Equalizing charging (charging)

3.2.1It is suitable for battery pack1The floating voltage or the above single battery below2.18V/Single or continuous float;36Battery charging or months; detection occasions float use battery capacity after the current (reference value to float charging is generally set to0.005C100.01C10In parallel, multiplied by the number of batteries.

3.2.2The charging parameters are as follows:

           Charging voltage:2.302.35V/Monomer(25)Suggestion2.35V/Monomer;

          Maximum charging current:0.20C10

Charging time:1224Hour;

           Temperature compensation coefficient:-3mV/·Monomer(with25Temperature is the base point)


3.3Cycle charging

3.3.1Suitable for recycling recycling occasions, usually refers to the battery connected to the power supply, when sufficient electricity after leaving the power supply from the battery to supply power to load.

3.3.2The charging parameters are as follows:

           Charging voltage:2.402.50V/Monomer(25)Suggestion2.45V/Monomer)

           Maximum charging current:0.20C10

         Temperature compensation coefficient:-4mV/·Monomer(with25Temperature is the base point)