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2017 new Shimano Shimano EXPRIDE shot halleluyah pole single section rods straight shank rod spot

discount 70% in 2018-08-19 to 2018-08-21
price: USD$ 1085.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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This shop Shimano Shimano road and pole big promotion, cargo shipping SF (single pole section shipping SF land), with authentic licensed security standard, provide customer service service, paid with festival.In order to give back to the new and old customers, the price is only sold for 7 days. True product guarantee, false one penalty three!
New pattern:


    A highly cost-effective fishing rod with SHIMANO prestige and technology.


    All the specifications of the highly popular EXPRIDE products are redesigned and reborn. High elastic carbon fiber carbon cloth is used to strengthen the rod through SPIRALX, and the maximum 10% light weight and high balance can be achieved while retaining the strength of the fishing rod. And maintain power while significantly enhance the sensitivity, sensitivity and elasticity of the fishing rod, fishing new seat CI4+ material is improved and more lightweight appearance. Rubber coating surface texture with professional design to deal with all kinds of fishing methods, less than 7 feet can catch specifications slender rod shaking operation Raiders complex, pay attention to the strength design of 7 feet above the specifications in large lakes in the target species do.

    2017 new real pictures:
    Here are 2017 new 172MH a half rods to shoot pictures:
    Japanese official website detailed information:
    The following is the old real picture:

    Shopping prompts:The buyer can buy freight risk at the time of the order, because of the non - quality problem,The single pole replacement is required for the buyer to bear the delivery freight of our store. Please consider the order and thank you for the cooperation.

    SHIMANO series Shimano halleluyah pole display:



    Style: type TypeR - grips athletic shape grip CI4
    - straight shank style: the perfect form of reel seat CI4
    In the framework of SiC stainless steel guide ring
    - 165L-BFS, 165L-BFS/2 specifications with a small aperture guide ring
    In the K guide ring
    - TAFTEC a solid rod tail (262UL-S specifications)
    - TAFTEC solid rod tail (263L-S specifications)
    - segmented grip
    - rear grip decorative Totem
    This way - a pole (171H, 172MH, 173XH)
    - metal decorative ring
    - special soft wooden handle
    Of - pole bags
    In the following section 2 and type specifications (166M-2, 1610M-2, 171H-2, 266L-2, 268ML-2)

    EXPRIDE / type straight handle grips


    Full length (m)Node number (root)CMWeight (g)First diameter / element diameter (mm)Suitable for road subweight (g)Suitable for fishing line (LB)Hand handle length (mm)Carbon content (%)Price (yen)Commodity number
    163ML-BFS1.911-1051.6/11.55~158~1622110023,10034252 2
    165L-BFS1.961-1101.4/11.54~126~1220810023,10034253 9
    1.962101.11051.4/12.04~126~1220899.523,70034753 4
    1.981-1101.6/12.05~158~1623610023,70034755 8
    1.982101.91121.6/12.05~158~1623698.424,20034754 1
    166M1.981-1151.7/11.57~2110~2023610023,70034254 6
    166M-21.982101.91121.7/11.57~2110~2023699.424,20034255 3
    2.031-1121.8/13.05~218~1623993.625,80034756 5
    168MH2.031-1171.9/13.010~3010~2524610024,20034256 0
    168MH-22.032104.41151.8/12.010~3010~2524698.724,70034674 2
    2.081-1202.0/15.07~2810~2025493.426,30034757 2
    1610M2.081-1201.7/13.07~2110~2025110024,20034257 7
    1610M-22.082107.01171.7/12.07~2110~2025199.424,70034258 4
    171H ※12.162184.41402.1/13.012~3612~3026899.226,30034675 9
    171H-22.162111.31322.0/13.012~3612~3026899.525,80034259 1
    2.182186.71302.0/15.010~3010~2526799.726,30034758 9
    2.212189.61372.0/15.014~5616~3526799.627,30034759 6
    262UL-S1.881-900.9/10.52~63~520310023,70034260 7
    263L-S1.911-921.0/10.53~104~820310024,20034261 4
    263L-S/21.91298.2951.0/10.53~104~820399.224,70034676 6
    264UL+1.931-971.5/10.52~103~820388.423,70034262 1
    264ML1.931-971.6/10.54~125~1020310024,20034263 8
    Additional264ML-21.93299.9971.6/10.54~125~1020399.324,70034760 2
    1.981-971.4/10.53~104~820810023,70034761 9
    266L-21.982101.9971.4/10.53~104~820899.324,20034264 5
    268ML-22.032104.41021.6/10.54~125~1021399.424,70034265 2
    The following is a casting rod making plans:



    The following is a real shot of a straight stem.