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Emerson UHA1R-0060L6KVA/5400WUPS power supply, external battery rack type tower compatible

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Emerson UH1R-0060L equipped with Emerson exclusive to Rui TM monitoring system in power supply, so that power can also be intelligent, EmersonUHA1R-0060LUPS power is worth having, recommended to the enterprise users to buy.

Emerson UHA1R-0060L
Rated capacity 4800W
Rated power 6KVA
Backup time Full backup time 4 minutes (4800W)
Battery type No batteries required 1 U16-07C1 machine system (4U)
Voltage and current The battery voltage is 192V, output terminal
Other properties 2U, 640mm

Emerson UH1R-00606KVAups power supply with UHA1R0060L parameters with Emerson parameter price

The capacity of 6KVA
Model UHA1R-0060L

input parameter
Rectifier type IGBT rectifier
Rated voltage 220/380Vac single-phase three wire / three-phase four wire
The input voltage range of 120Vac~276Vac
Input frequency range 45Hz~55Hz
The input power factor of three-phase single-phase >=0.99 >=0.95

Output parameters
Rated output power 6000VA/5.4KW
The rated output voltage of single-phase 220Vac
The output frequency of 50/60Hz+/-0.1Hz
The working mode of double conversion on-line
Sine wave output waveform
The conversion time of 0ms
Overload capacity 125%, rated load 1Min load 60s

The battery and the running time
Battery maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery
Standard machine backup time >=4 minutes (loaded)
The battery pack type U16-07C1 (select up to 7 435W*640D*85H, 50Kg)
A typical battery charging time 8 hours
The battery voltage 192V

The system parameters and standards
Installation rack / tower compatible
The efficiency of Upto92%
Electromagnetic compatibility ICE/EN/AS62040-2IEC/EN61000-3-11IEC/EN61000-3-12YD/T1095-2008
Surge protection ICE/EN62040-2, meet ICE/EN61000-4-5
Type of protection IP20


It is compatible with single-phase and three-phase power input modes, input with automatic recognition function

Has the machine and can realize multi functions, * * *31Machine and redundant power supply

Using high frequency chain double converter topology, high input power factor, input voltage range and output from the power grid disturbance, can adapt to the harsh environment of power grid

High power density

ApplicationDSPFull digital control technology, the system has high stability, self protection and fault diagnosis function

Has the function of intelligent battery management is extremely strong, prolong the service life of the battery module

The display panelLCD/LEDShow users a more intuitive understandingUPSThe working condition and operation parameters

2UThe thickness can be assembled into a tower or rack, meet different user installation requirements

UPSHaveECOThe power supply mode, if the user select the mode of power supply, can save energy level

With the monitoring software of Emerson network energy limited, can realize perfect network power management function

With the fan fault detection and automatic recognition function

OptionalSNMPCan provide the network communication function

Can be connected with a plurality of battery group, time to extend the battery power supply mode

Communication and management
Port USB/ smart card slot (relay card /SIC card /SNMP card /RS485 card SiteMonitor management software)
The control panel multifunctional liquid crystal display management console.
There are 4 second alarm sound alarm when power cut: low battery special alarm once per second

Physical index
W 435.00 mm
D 625.00 mm
H 85.00 mm
The weight of 17.8KG
Color black

Environmental Science
The working environment of 0-40 ~ C
Relative humidity 5-95% no condensation
The operating height of 0-1500 meters
Storage temperature -5-45 ~ C
The relative humidity of storage 0-95%
Storage height of 0-15000 meters
From the surface of 1m acoustic noise equipment <50.00dB

Standard warranty repair or replacement within 3 years

UPS as a sudden power outage computer "lifeguard", has been used by more and more users, but as a relatively sophisticated equipment, how to properly use and maintain?

UPS as a sudden power outage computer "lifeguard", has been used by more and more users, but as a relatively sophisticated equipment, how to properly use and maintain?

1. switch sequence

In order to avoid the impact of load current generated in the starting moment of the damage to the UPS power supply, in use should be the first to the UPS power supply, which is in the bypass state, one by one and then open the load, thus avoiding the impact load current of UPS, so that UPS can effectively prolong the service life of. The shutdown sequence can be viewed as the inverse process of the first boot sequence, shutting down load, and then close UPS.

Prior to the start of the 2.

Before starting, first need to confirm the polarity of the input electrical wiring is correct, in order to ensure personal safety. Note that the total load power cannot be greater than the rated power of UPS. UPS should be avoided in the overload condition, to ensure that UPS can work normally.

3. after the shutdown

In the power interruption after UPS, powered by a battery pack and automatic shutdown, stop using UPS battery powered boot, in order to avoid the damage due to excessive discharge. When the power is abnormal and converted to UPS battery power supply, should be promptly closed load and shutdown, power to normalize and start to use.

4. the use of the environment

Similar to computer work environment, UPS requirements of the environmental temperature also is not very high, usually at 0 DEG ~40 DEG can work normally. But the dust problem also plagued UPS UPS, the use of environmental requirements of clean, less dust, dry dust and humid environment will cause UPS is not working properly. UPS battery requirements on the temperature is higher, the use of standard temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, usually do not exceed 15 of the range of ~30 DEG C. The temperature is too low will not only reduce the capacity of battery, will further affect the service life of UPS. In addition, UPS antimagnetic ability is not very good. It should not be the strong magnetic objects on UPS, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine is not working properly or UPS.

5. battery maintenance

UPS battery group will have the phenomenon of self discharge, if not put into use for a long time will lead to damage to the battery, so the need for regular charging and discharging. If you are using the electrolyte absorption system of battery maintenance free, will not produce any gas in normal use, but if the user caused by improper use of the battery overcharge will produce gas, and increase the pressure within the stack, which will make the battery drum up, deformation, leakage or even rupture, user if it is found that this phenomenon should replace the battery immediately.

6. pay attention to safety

Due to the high battery voltage of UPS, there is a certain risk of electric shock to the human body, so the safety of electrical connection and output line should be guaranteed. The tools should be insulated, especially the output contact should be set to prevent electric shock.

7. charging voltage

In the UPS charging process, if the charging voltage is too high, it will lead to excessive charge of the battery pack, otherwise, the battery pack will be insufficient. When the charging voltage is not normal, the battery configuration data may cause errors. Therefore, in the installation of batteries, we must pay attention to the correctness of the battery specifications and quantity, different specifications, different brands of batteries should try to avoid mixing, external charger should not use low-priced inferior products.

8. charging current

Similar to the voltage requirement of UPS, excessive current should be avoided when charging and discharging the UPS battery pack. Although sometimes UPS battery large current to a certain extent, but in the actual operation should avoid as far as possible, otherwise it will make the battery plate deformation, resulting in serious increase of the internal resistance of the battery, the battery capacity will lead to serious decline, greatly shorten the battery life.

9. discharge depth

The discharge depth of UPS has great influence on the service life of the battery. The discharge of the battery is deep and the number of its cycle is less. Therefore, the deep discharge of the battery should be avoided. Although some brands of UPS have discharge protection function, but if UPS is in light load discharge or no load discharge, it will also make the battery deep discharge, thereby affecting the battery life.

10. load size

Ordinary users will think that the greater the load capacity of UPS, the better the computer protection effect, so the purchase of high price, high load capacity products. And the actual load of the user is only 30% or less of the UPS rated, in fact, this will also affect the service life of UPS, after all, its internal battery pack can not work normally in a lot of normal. Of course, not to say that 100% of the rated load is good, if so, UPS any small problems will cause great damage, the actual operation shows that the choice of 50%~80% load is good.