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Xuan food grade citric acid monohydrate citric acid detergent for food additives 25kg original shipping

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Citric acid is the first organic acid in organic acids, because of its physical and chemical properties,derivativeThePerformance is the most important organic acid widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

1. used in food industry

Because citric acid has a mild and refreshing acidity, it is widely used in various beverages,SodaWineSweets and pastries,BiscuitsCanned food, fruit juice, dairy products and other food manufacturing. Citric acid has a market share of more than 70% in all organic acids market, and there is no acid agent that can replace citric acid. A crystalline water, citric acid, is used mainly as a moleculeCool drinkJuice,JamFruit dropAcidity of cans and so onFlavoring agentIt can also be used as cooking oilAntioxidant. At the same time, improve the sensory properties of food, enhance appetite and promote the digestion and absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Anhydrous citric acid is used in large quantitiessolid drinks. Citric acidsaltCalcium citrate and so onFerric citrateIt's something that needs to be added in some foodscalcium ionIron ion fortifier. Citric acid esters, such as citric acid three ethyl ester, can be used as non-toxic plasticizers, plastic film for food packaging, beverage and food industry sour agent,Preservative

2. used in chemical and textile industry

Citric acid can be used as a reagent for chemical analysis in chemical technology. It can be used as an experimental reagent, a chromatographic analysis reagent and a biochemical reagentcomplexing agentA masking agent; used to make upbuffer solution. Using citric acid or citric acid salts as a builder, which can improve the performance of washing products, can rapid precipitation of metal ions, to prevent contaminants adhere to the fabric, keep washing necessaryalkalinityTo make dirt and ash disperse and suspend; to improvesurface active agentIt is a good chelating agent. It can be used as a reagent to test the acid resistance of building ceramic tiles.

GarmentformaldehydePollution is a very sensitive issue, citric acid and citric acid can be modified into a formaldehydeless Creaseproofing finishing agent for cotton fabricCrease resistant finishing. Not only wrinkle proof effect is good, but also the cost is low.

3. for environmental protection

Citric acid -Sodium citrateBuffer used in flue gasDesulphurization. China is rich in coal resources, which constitutes the main part of energy. However, there is a lack of effective flue gas desulfurization technology, which leads to serious SO2 pollution in the atmosphere. At present, China's SO2 emissions are nearly 40 million tons, it is urgent to study effective desulfurization process. Citric acid sodium citrate buffer solution because of its low vapor pressure, non-toxic, chemically stable, SO2 absorption rate is very high, desulfurization absorbent development value.

4. for livestock production

PigletsfeedAdding citric acid can early weaning, improve feed utilization rate 5% ~ 10%, increase sow litter size. Adding 1% ~ 2% citric acid in the diet of growing finishing pigs can increase daily gain, reduce feed to meat ratio, and increase the ratio of feed to meatProtein digestibilityReduce the back fat thickness, improve meat quality and carcass characteristics. Rare earth citrate is a new type of high efficiencyfeed additiveThat is suitable for pig, chicken, fish, shrimp, cattle, sheep, rabbit, silkworm and other animal, promote animal growth, improve product quality, improve disease resistance and improve the survival rate.Feed conversion rateShorten the feeding cycle and so on.

5. for cosmetics

Citric acid belongs toAcidOne of the main roles is to speed upHornyUpdate, often used in emulsion, cream, shampoo,Skin whiteningSupplies, anti-aging products,WhelkSupplies and so on. The renewal of cutin contributes to the peeling of melanin in the skin and the reduction of the pores,BlackDissolution, etc.. for exampleBiothermSpring soothing cleansing mousse, make the skin soft, comfortable, fresh and pure color.