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Rubber products processing customized rubber gasket seal plug plug custom boot.

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Type 1.O sealing ring:

With black rubber, reclaimed rubber, natural rubber, EPDM rubber three, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, rubber, butyl rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, chloroprene rubber, silica gel, silica gel and other materials imported products, widely used in all kinds of machinery, resistant to various kinds of oil base oil and a variety of chemical media use different adhesive can meet the temperature region -60 -+300 DEG C, the pressure range of use: <10MPa (hydraulic), <1MPa (pneumatic) <16MPa (static seal) of the NBR rubber and gasoline resistance with (90, 93, 97) expansion rate of 0.

Type 2.Y sealing ring:

With fluorine rubber, NBR rubber, rubber and other materials of products, widely used in mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other industries. A kind of oil resistant base oil, excellent wear resistance, which can satisfy the different gel temperature region -60 -+300 OC.
3. series of silicone rubber:
Equipped with advanced testing equipment, clean and dust-free workshop. The products are widely used in electronics, medical equipment, food and other industries. Glue a variety of domestic and imported silica gel, using temperature can meet the -60 ~ - +300 ~ C, the product can meet the oil resistance, steam, medical and edible transparent, high strength, flame retardant, conductive silicone rubber etc..
4. fluorine rubber products:
Fluorine rubber, the company produces a series of products, widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, military, electronics and other industries, the working temperature of -40 DEG +300 DEG, resistant to high temperature, fuel oil, freon, hot water and steam resistance, excellent chemical resistance, welcome customers to buy custom.
5. kinds of special-shaped parts:
Made of nitrile rubber, natural rubber, EPDM rubber three, fluorine rubber, reclaimed rubber, rubber, rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, imported food grade silicone, ordinary silica gel, widely used in automobiles, machinery and other industries, with glue can meet different temperature the regional -50 -+250 DEG C. The product performance is good abrasion resistance, flex,Can according to the design requirements of the production.


Rubber products (rubberproduct) refers to the natural and synthetic rubber as raw material in the production of various rubber products, including the use of recycled rubber production of rubber products.


The basic characteristics of rubber products:


1. rubber molding, after pressing, the elastic body is within the cohesion can not be eliminated, the molding die, often have a very unstable contraction (rubber shrinkage due to rubber vary), required after a period of time, and can be stable. So, when a rubber product design at the beginning, regardless of the formula or die, require careful calculation, if not, it is easy to produce the product size is not stable, resulting in low quality products.


The 2. is a rubber elastic body of thermosetting plastic is hot, hot to cold setting. The main types of sulfide rubber because of different temperature range, the molding and curing, has a considerable gap, even because of climate change, the influence of indoor temperature and humidity. So the rubber manufactured goods production conditions, to make appropriate adjustments, if not, the difference is likely to produce product quality.


Product classification

1. general rubber: refers to glue for all or part of the use of such as instead of natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, mainly used in the manufacture of tyres and rubber products industry. General rubber demand, is the main varieties of synthetic rubber.

2. styrene butadiene rubber: butadiene styrene rubber by copolymerization of butadiene and styrene, is the largest general synthetic rubber production, with emulsion polymerized SBR, solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber and thermoplastic rubber (SBS).

3. butadiene rubber: butadiene is prepared by the solution polymerization of butadiene rubber with excellent cold resistance, abrasion resistance and flexibility, but also has good anti-aging properties. Polybutadiene rubber is mostly used in the production of tires, a small part for manufacturing cold products, cushioning materials and belt and rubber shoes. Butadiene rubber drawback is the tear resistance of the cross, wet skid resistance is not good.

4. isoprene rubber: isoprene rubber is polyisoprene rubber, by solution polymerization method. Isoprene rubber and natural rubber, has good elasticity and abrasion resistance, excellent heat resistance and good chemical stability. Isoprene rubber (not before processing) strength was significantly lower than that of natural rubber, but the quality uniformity, processing performance is better than natural rubber. Isoprene rubber can be used instead of natural rubber tire manufacturing and off-road tires can also be used in the production of various rubber products.

5:: ethylene propylene rubber ethylene propylene rubber with ethylene and propylene as the main raw material, aging resistance, electrical insulation and ozone resistance outstanding. A large number of oil and ethylene propylene rubber filled with carbon black products, low price, rubber chemical stability, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and elasticity, close to styrene butadiene rubber. The use of ethylene propylene rubber is very wide, can be used as tire sidewall, rubber strip and tube and automobile parts, also can be used for wire, cable sheathing and high voltage and ultra high voltage insulation material. Can overshoes, sanitary products and other light colored products.

6.: it is a chloroprene rubber chloroprene as the main raw material, made by homopolymerization or copolymerization of small amounts of other. Such as high tensile strength, heat resistance, light resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance properties are superior to natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber. With a burning resistance and excellent flame resistance and strong resistance to extension, its high chemical stability, good water resistance. Chloroprene rubber is electrical insulation, cold resistant performance is poor, rubber is not stable in storage. Chloroprene rubber is widely used, such as to make transportation belt and driving belt, wire and cable wrapping materials, manufacturing equipment lining hose, washer and chemical corrosion resistance.

Brief introduction of silicone products

1.100% silicone raw materials, our factory will be the brand of silicone raw materials, has passed LFGB and FDA certification of the United States, the production process without pollution, are environmentally friendly products.
2. products have excellent technology, advanced technology and excellent research team to do security.
3. the product has good toughness, not easy to change the shape, strong hardness, can be customized according to customer needs.
The 4. products are easy to store, not easy to paste. The product has good heat resistance, up to 300 degrees, the minimum can be reached -40 degrees

5. can be designed according to customer requirements of any shape, color and size of the product.