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(DIY) transparent organic glass acrylic plastic hinge hinge plate hinge hinge

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Product Name: high transparent import acrylic double deck display box

Product material: high transparent imported acrylic

Product size: 200*200*300mm (outside size is long, wide and high), the thickness of the sheet is 3mm

The advantage of the product is that the clapboard separates the inner space from the bottom 150mm. With anti-theft lock with two keys, can be used as valuables display box. Fully transparent acrylic hinge and acrylic box fully integrated. High grade, generous and beautiful, hinge box door can be fully opened 270 degrees.

Custom standard: suitable for all kinds of crafts, model, doll display, arbitrary size and thickness of custom (newspaper size size or size in the region particularly remember), retail and wholesale, large favorably, enquiry service.





Purchase notes

Royal supreme organic glass factory invested heavily in the introduction of a number of domestic and foreign advanced equipment including single head laser engraving machine, double head laser engraving machine, lathe, milling machine, polishing machine, bending machine, rim machine and so on, as well as technical team, mechanical and electrical machinery, mold specializes in glass processing of years of undergraduate, master's degree the professional engaged in organic glass plates, organic glass rods, processing organic glass tube, can process the complex experimental apparatus, display box, candy box, supermarket shelves, storage box, aquarium, creative photo frame, medal and so on. CAD, CDR, AI and other vector diagrams should be provided in drawing processing, and Pro-E, SolidWords and so on are not supported. Do not map friends can provide sketch pictures, scanned and sent to us, or that the size and processing requirements, customer service will offer you the first time. The specific price needs to be made according to the specific processing technology, depending on the degree of difficulty and process. All panels are laser cutting, not artificial cutting, processing accuracy 0.1mm. Please carefully consider the production cycle, express delay problem does not serve as a reason for return, please understand.





Material thickness:

1MM, 1.5MM, 2MM, 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 15MM, 18MM, 20MM, color transparent, black, white, white, brown, orange, blue, red and other colors) need can contact customer service.

Material introduction

Warm tips

If you don't know the organic glass (acrylic) friend, you can see the following introduction about this material, understand the material characteristics, and then buy. Custom made products can't be sold two times, so they don't accept it7Unconditional return, the processing price can not be unified, please first and customer service inquiry, and then photographed the payment of goods.

About organic glass (acrylic)

Organic glass and acrylic are two names of the same materialPMMAOrganic glass is named from nature, and acrylic is EnglishACRYLICDLiteral translation. At present, the organic board is not equal to organic glass plate, organic board has low transparency and impurities, so the price is slightly lower. The factory does not do organic board, only focus on plexiglass (acrylic) plate, bar, pipe processing, organic glass with high transparency, light transmittance92%~95%It has the reputation of plastic crystal. With excellent weatherability especially in outdoor applications, among other plastic crown, and with good surface hardness and luster, processing and plasticity, can be made into various shapes of products. There are a wide variety of boards, rich in color (including translucent swatches), and thick materials can still maintain high transparency.

Properties of PMMA 

High transparency.Organic glass is the most excellent polymer transparent material at present92Percent, higher than the transparency of glass. The lamp is called the artificial sun solar quartz is done, this is because the quartz can be completely through ultraviolet. Ordinary glass only passes through0.6UV, but organic glass can penetrate73%。 

High mechanical strength.The relative molecular weight of PMMA is about 0200000, is a long chain polymer compounds, and the formation of molecular chain is very soft, therefore, organic glass with relatively high intensity, tensile and impact ability higher than ordinary glass7-18Times. There is a kind of organic glass which has been treated by heating and stretching, in which the molecular chains are arranged in order, which makes the toughness of the material remarkably improved. Nail into this plexiglass, even if the nail penetrates, the organic glass does not produce cracks. The plexiglass quilt will not break into pieces when it breaks down. Therefore, stretch treated PMMA can be used as bulletproof glass and also used as a bulletproof glassCanopy cover on an airplane. 

Light weight.The density of PMMA is1.18kg/dmThe material of the same size has only half the weight of ordinary glass, and aluminum (light metals)43%。 

Easy to process.Organic glass can be used not only for cutting lathe, drilling machine for drilling, but also with acetone, chloroform and other bonded into devices of various shapes, can also be used for blow molding, injection, extrusion, plastic molding processing into the aircraft cabin cover, small teeth and dental care products of every hue.




About Delivery

About logisticsOrganic glass (acrylic) is fragile, please check and sign again. Most of our goods are wooden packaging, the default is not to bes BES Express, where other courier, the courier charge according to the actual. SF express need to calculate the freight according to the external packing volume of the goods*wide*High, so the courier fee is more expensive, if there is doubt, you can consult SF customer service, if send SF express fees are paid. Express fee can also choose to send logistics (logistics need to own the local logistics delivery), because of the logistics to send car delivery to the logistics center, so logistics to pay to collect delivery to the logistics center fare.

 About after sale Custom made products are not accepted7The unconditional return of the goods, the receipt of any problems can be addressed after our sale, please respect our labor achievements, do not easily give the difference assessment. We'll take care of your response. After sale call15915814542

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