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Emerson UPS power UH31-0100L10KVA/8KW three single frequency UPS uninterruptible power supply

Emerson original factory warranty for 3 years, national guarantee genuine guarantee

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product details
ITrustUH31 it 20KVA 10
ITrustUH31 series UPS three single type (three-phase input, single output) high frequency online intelligent AC uninterruptible power supply system, a total of three specifications, rated output capacity were 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA
  • DSP fully digital control technology improves the flexibility and stability of the control, and ensures the consistency and reliability of the product
  • Pure reproduction function, providing complete and thorough power protection for user equipment
  • Intelligent battery management to extend the service life of UPS batteries nearly 50%
  • Perfect network monitoring solution, the best means of UPS operation
application area
  • ISP applications, small and medium-sized network management system / computer room, business server group, industrial process control application, small and medium-sized office automation, precision instruments and equipment, medical equipment, etc.
Performance characteristics
  • Three single, 380V/220V
  • Pure online, dual conversion - provide the best power supply quality
  • All digital control technology based on DSP brings more usability
  • Standard input lightning protection plate - Super Regional Adaptability
  • Network monitoring supporting multiple interfaces and multiple platforms - convenient IT client management
  • Ultra strong phase free operation ability to ensure stable power supply in extreme cases
  • A rectifier / inverter circuit based on the latest IGBT - bringing perfect input / output electrical performance
  • Input power factor correction (PFC) - saving energy and reducing system cost
  • Ultra wide input voltage immunity range adapted to harsh grid environment
  • Smart battery management - battery protection, battery life extension
  • Interface between Chinese and English - convenient for users
System characteristics
  • Full digital control, comprehensive improvement of reliability,Average failure free time of MTBF (calculated by US military standard): 10-20KVA30 10000 hours
  • Intelligent network management,Lnternet/lntranet remote network monitoring and 65000 multi regional UPS centralized management can be realized
  • The strongest grid adaptation capability in the industry,Phase voltage 120~276VAC, 50Hz + 10%, 320VAC1 hours without damage, meet the bad power grid environment, more than 160VAC full load operation, decreasing the bearing capacity of 160~120VAC 120VAC with a linear.
  • Multi class protection to ensure the safe operation of network system,C class lightning protection (option) 20ms lightning current, D class lightning protection (internal value) 8/20ms6KV/3KA mixed wave
  • Compliance with international safety standards and EMC standards,The power factor is more than 0.95, and the electromagnetic compatibility is over EN50091
  • It has the unique product 10~20KVA phase work ability,The phase voltage is larger than 176VAC in type UPS can be called the single phase short and 50% load, 25% load can assume a lack of phase UPS
  • Smart battery management to dramatically extend battery life,Can the battery discharge termination voltage protection automatic adjustment, automatic balance float management, battery capacity and fault detection, automatic current sharing in parallel the charger can be selected according to the requirement of expansion, ensure the long time delay UPS system needs charging


technical parameter


< 55Db (1 meters)
< 60Db (2 meters)
Rated voltage
Line voltage 380Vac
Voltage range
1, phase voltage in the range of 176~276V, full load work;
2, as long as there is a phase voltage in the range of 120~176V, according to the minimum input voltage in three-phase linear decline, phase voltage 120V, can be 50% full load work;
Phase missing operation
1, lack of phase: another two-phase voltage in the range of 176~276V, 50% full load work; the other two phase as long as there is a phase voltage in 120~176V, linear decline, 120V, can be 25% full load work;
2, lack of two-phase situation: the remaining one phase voltage in 176~276V, 25% full load work; 120~176V linear decline, 120V, 12.5% full load work
Input mode
Three phase four wire system
power factor
More than 0.95 (rated voltage)
power factor
Standard 0.7 (up to 0.8)
Voltage distortion
The linear load is less than 0.3%; the non-linear load is less than 5%
Overload capacity of inverter (power supply or battery)
105% when the load is less than 125%, turn to the bypass after 10 minutes;
125% when the load is less than 150%, turn to the bypass after 1 minutes;
When the load is more than 150%, the number of bypass is immediately transferred after 200Ms;
Peak factor
Bypass operating voltage
Working efficiency of the whole machine
Up to 92% (inverter efficiency is greater than 96%)
Power down time
null transformation
Panel display mode
LED+LCD (optional in English and Chinese)
Safety specification requirements
Maximum acceptable input voltage
Line voltage 554Vac, 1 hours (static)
Electromagnetic compatibility requirements
Conduction: EN55022ClassA
Radiation: EN55022ClassA
Immunity satisfied
EN61000-4-2,3,4,6,8,11Level Ⅲ,EN61000-5Level Ⅳ
MTBF (system)
300 thousand hours
MTTR (board level maintenance)
1 hours
insulation resistance
Insulation strength
(output to ground, input to ground) 2820Vdc, leakage current less than 3.5mA
surge protection
Redundancy technology
Series hot backup
Product size and quality


Width * height * depth (mm)
Weight (kg)

Benefits of using UPS power:
1, emergency use: to prevent sudden power failure and affect the normal work, causing damage to the computer hardware. Ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after the blackout so that the user can save it urgently, so that you can not work or lose data due to power failure.
2, is to eliminate the power supply on your city, instantaneous high voltage, instantaneous low voltage, wire noise and frequency offset and other "power pollution and damage", improve the quality of power supply, for the computer system to provide high quality power supply.

What we bring to our customers is UPS's "uninterrupted" service guarantee! Absolutely worthy of your trust!
The family protection of our city:
As a Santak product user, you enjoy the following services:
The company promised: since the date of purchase, to provide you with three years warranty service
Three years national joint warranty (battery for one year)
Warranty certificate: according to machine production serial number warranty (prompt: please don't tear production serial number at will)
If you have trouble during the use of the machine, you can contact us directly, arrange your warranty.