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Emerson UPS power UH11-0100L10KVA/8KW long lasting machine guarantee three years genuine promotion

Emerson original factory warranty for 3 years, national guarantee genuine guarantee

discount 70% in 2018-10-22 to 2018-10-24
price: USD$ 10360.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Manager statement: the store is the entity management, in Beijing Silicon Valley computer city with shops, salesSantak UPS power,APCUPS power supply, EmersonUPS power supply,Delta UPS power supply,And other brands of UPS power and all brands of batteries!Please contact the manager before shooting.

Emerson UPS power UH11-0100L10KVA long lasting machine, national UNPROFOR three annual leave a penalty of ten

Product features
1 、 DSP all digital control technology
iTrustTMUPS uses the DSP control chip directly produce high frequency PWM wave on UPS inverter control, simplifies the control circuit of UPS, enhance the flexibility and stability control. Due to the adoption of all digital control technology, the inherent hardware parameter drift of analog control is avoided, and the consistency and reliability of the product are ensured. At present, avansys company (Hua Yuan electric) has applied for and has seven DSP control technology patent.
2, the professional design for the environment of China Power Grid
(1) wide input voltage / frequency range of 120 ~ 276VAC, can greatly reduce the battery conversion frequency, prolong the service life of the battery.
(2) the input frequency range is 50Hz + 10%, and all kinds of fuel generators can work stably.
(3) green power supply
As part of the input rectifier series UPS, using advanced PFC technology to make the input voltage power factor is higher than 0.99, the increase of the use of electric energy rate, to avoid the harmonic interference on the power grid and reduce the input cost distribution. The electromagnetic compatibility of the whole machine has passed the test of the Ministry of information industry, and the technical indexes meet the European standard EN50091-2 (CLASSB)
3, intelligent battery management
(1) automatic regulation of battery discharge termination protection voltage
According to the technical standards provided by the manufacturers of battery manufacturers, the setting of the battery discharge termination voltage protection point is different according to the discharge current. Avansys poweriTrustTMUPS series of products through the detection of the battery discharge rate of the discharge current can automatically determine the battery, and then automatically adjust the battery discharge termination voltage, prolongs the service life of the battery.
(2) all float automatic conversion

iTrustTMThe UPS series uses advanced intelli gent conversion technology, according to the battery charging current of the battery capacity detection and judgment are automatically float conversion, greatly reduce the charging time, the activation cell, thereby prolonging the service life of the battery.
(3) automatic temperature compensation
iTrustTMUPS can automatically adjust the float voltage according to the temperature change of the environment, to ensure the maximum effective capacity of battery, prolonging the service life of the battery.
(4) parallel charger with automatic current sharing
iTrustTMUPS series of specially designed parallel automatic current charger, adopting the parallel technology of communication and power flow are mature, the unbalanced degree of <3%, can satisfy the desire of the user as soon as possible to restore the energy storage battery.

4, pure online function
iTrustTMThe UPS series uses online double conversion architecture, has the advantages of no power fluctuation interference, and when power failure or recovery when no UPS output switching time, which can solve a series of problems frequency fluctuation, voltage fluctuation, power interference, lightning and so on, the user can provide a comprehensive and thorough protection equipment.
5 、 powerful battery protection function
When the user accidentally connects the battery, or the battery connection is bad, the user will alarm, and refuse the operation of the battery. The real-time monitoring of the battery charge and discharge, over current and current limiting protection, to prevent permanent damage caused by user battery battery over discharge, short life, prevent overcharge caused by battery. The early warning function of the battery under voltage notify the user in time to deal with it, so as not to cause great loss. DSP can detect fault battery in time by setting up regular battery self checking function to avoid the harm caused by system fault.
6 、 intelligent fan speed regulation
For the suppression of noise coefficient of the installation site, the microprocessor can size according to the internal temperature and output power, automatically adjust the fan speed, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the noise and prolong the service life of the fan, and save energy
7 、 flexible and convenient battery connection design
Series 6KVA, 10KVAUPS designed a bypass switch drawer type battery box and maintenance, can facilitate the maintenance and replacement of batteries in the user equipment energized condition, the replacement time less than 1 minutes.
8、Intelligent modular charger
The set of input over-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, over temperature protection, reverse battery protection, high-performance charger output short circuit protection and automatic current sharing function in a body, modular design, different users of different battery configuration, can be freely combined, free parallel, increase the charging current, meet the users the rapid supply of demand for energy.
The charger adopts PFC technology, so that the input power factor of the charger is greater than 0.99, the ripple minimum (20mA) battery constant current charging of segments, which greatly protects the user's battery, prolonging the service life of the battery.
9 、 high power IGBT device
iTrustTMInsulated gate bipolar transistor UPS with low voltage and high current (IGBT) power device driver, convenient control, high efficiency, stable performance, the current impact resistant ability, suitable for computers and other large surge load. The module is the fourth generation of the international excellent performance, stable and reliable IGBT module, greatly ensuring the reliability and stability of the system operation.
10, comprehensive protection function
ITrustTM series of UPS input over-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, rectifier output over-voltage protection, output short circuit protection, output over-current protection, over temperature protection and other protection in one, which ensures the reliability of the system.

11, a unique backup and backup machine running alternately hot standby scheme (more than 6KVA)
Through the network or control panel, easy operation; equipment for the main equipment for the main alternate operation, avoid uneven aging; avoid premature aging of battery backup machine failure, the system more stable and reliable

iTrustTMSeries of UPS technical indicators
UH11 series (1-10KVA) UPS6K, 10K
Rated capacity 6KVA 10KVA
Model UH11-0060 UH11-0100
UH11-0060L UH11-0100L
Input index Rated voltage 220Vac
Voltage range 160 ~ 276VSAC with 120VAC, can be set to work; work 176 ~ 276VAC with 120VAC, can be set to work; work
frequency 45HZ ~ 55HZ
Input mode Single-phase
power factor >0.99
Output index Voltage 220VAC + -2%V
frequency When the city power is within 50Hz + 10%, the frequency of the city electricity is tracked;
When the electricity exceeds the limit or the battery works, it is 50Hz + 0.2%
power factor 0.7
Voltage distortion <4% nonlinear load <5% with linear load
Overload capacity 5min at 105~125%, 125~150% at 10sec, and greater than 150% when 200mS
Peak factor 03:01
Overall efficiency >90%
Battery index type Sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery
Built in battery pitch 20 40
Rated voltage 240VDC 240VDC
Spare time (full load) >10min >8min
Charging time 8 hours
Charging current The 4A charger with independent current sharing can be expanded in parallel according to the need
Safety specification CCEE(EN60950)
EMC meets EN59001-2
surge protection Class IV of IEC60664-1
Immunity satisfied IEC 1000-4- Level III
1.MTBF (system) 200 thousand hours
noise <45dB <48dB
Mechanical index Appearance size 210×635×670 280×875×770
Weight Kg 94/50(L) 178/80(L)
(standard / long delay)
Redundancy technology Series hot backup

System parameters and standards

The inverter type adopts the newest IBGT device

Switching time (outage) 0 ms

Panel display LDE

U 2U

Safety regulation EN62040-1-1, CEMarked

Protection grade IP21

Communication and management

Interface type serial port / contact /SNMP card

Web/SNMPCard option

Environmental parameters

The operating temperature is 0-40 degree C (UPS) 25 degree C, positive and negative 5 degree C (battery)

Relative humidity 0-95% (without condensation)

The maximum altitude is 1500m (asperIEC62040-3)

Benefits of using UPS power:
1, emergency use: to prevent sudden power failure and affect the normal work, causing damage to the computer hardware. Ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after the blackout so that the user can save it urgently, so that you can not work or lose data due to power failure.
2, is to eliminate your power surge, transient high voltage, instantaneous low voltage, wire noise and frequency offset "power pollution and damage, improve power quality, provide high quality power supply for computer system.

What we bring to our customers is UPS's "uninterrupted" service guarantee! Absolutely worthy of your trust!
The family protection of our city:
As a Santak product user, you enjoy the following services:
The company promised: since the date of purchase, to provide you with three years warranty service
Three years national joint warranty (battery for one year)
Warranty certificate: according to machine production serial number warranty (prompt: please don't tear production serial number at will)
If you have trouble during the use of the machine, you can contact us directly, arrange your warranty.