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JAV-I jacket insulation fire arrestor breathing valve, jacket insulation breathing valve, jacket breather valve DN50

Jacketed insulated fire breathing valve is used in coking plant, city gas plant, refinery and chemical plant of various types of light oil tank. After the use of breather valve, oil tank can significantly reduce the oil evaporation loss, and can automatically adjust the pressure in the tank and improve the ventilation of the oil tank. Telephone number: 13585768981

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Jacketed insulated fire breathing valveOil tanks for coking plants, urban gas plants, refineries and chemical plants,

It can obviously reduce the oil evaporation loss in the oil tank, and can automatically adjust the pressure in the oil tank and improve the ventilation of the oil tank. The product is fixed in the tank

The ventilation device on the top can ensure the normal state of the pressure in the tank, prevent the overpressure or ultra vacuum in the tank, and make the storage tank suffer damage, and also can reduce the damage

Effect of liquid volatilization loss in tank. When storing chemicals, some chemical media need to keep the tank and the breather valve warm because of the temperature.

In particular, the breathing valve, because of direct communication with the atmosphere, cooling fast, such as improper warming measures, will appear in the mouth of the breath valve crystallization or polymerization, and will guide

The tank was deflated or broken (many accidents have occurred in China), especially the storage of p-xylene, propylene acetate, polyvinyl chloride and other media. Apply to

Storage of various petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, special liquids or gases.

Jacketed insulated fire breathing valveOperating pressure and parameters:

A:-295Pa(-30mmH2O) ~ +355Pa(+36mmH2O)

B:-295Pa(-30mmH2O) ~ +980Pa(+100mmH2O)

C:-295Pa(-30mmH2O) ~ +1750Pa(+180mmH2O)

D: customer special requirements: -295Pa (-30mmH2O) ~+98000Pa (+10000mmH2O) between.

Explosion proof grade: BS5501:IIA, IIB, IIC.

Shell material: carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel

Valve plate, valve seat material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc..

Sealing material: PTFE and so on.

Jacketed insulated fire breathing valveStandard: flange standard: HG20592-97PN1.0, when customers need GB, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSI, JIS

When the standard or change the pressure grade, please indicate in the order contract. Manufacturing and testing standards: according to the oil tank breather valve SY7511-96, oil

Fire resistance performance and test method GB5908-86 of tank fire arrester are carried out

Manufacturing and acceptance, or customer specified standards.

Jacketed insulated fire breathing valvePerformance and characteristics: valve body can withstand 0.2Mpa hydraulic pressure, no seepage and deformation phenomenon. Low temperature performance of breather valve

When the air relative humidity is greater than 70%, the minimum temperature is -30 degrees centigrade, after 24 hours of freezing, the opening pressure of the valve plate meets the requirements of the working pressure,

(allowing pressure difference positive and negative 20Pa). When the valve plate of the breather valve moves, the sensitivity is high, and after the action is finished, the sealing is ensured. There are enough feet in the breather valve

Enough space to ensure the ventilation capacity of the tank. Breathing valve did not reach previous working pressure: nominal diameter less than or equal to 150mm, the amount of leakage is less than 0.04m3/h;

The nominal diameter is larger than 220mm, the amount of leakage is less than or equal to 0.4m3/h; when the breathing valve to the working pressure: valve plate immediately open, to ensure the normal tank

Ventilation requirements.

Note: due to the different specifications of the product, the weight is not the same, the product cost please contact with offline customer service.