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High temperature yellow glass plate 0.3-2mm 3240 epoxy insulation board cutting plate epoxy resin board

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FR-4 product introduction

The FR4 is then read verbally, but writing model is FR-4

FR-4 epoxy glass cloth laminate, according to the use of different industries, commonly known as: FR-4EpoxyCloth, epoxy plate, epoxy resin plate, brominated epoxy resin plate, FR-4 plate, glass fiber, glass fiber board, FR-4 reinforcement plate, FPC reinforcement plate, flexible circuit board reinforcing plate, FR-4 epoxy resin board FR-4, flame retardant board, laminated board, epoxy board, FR-4 plate, FR-4 plate glass, glass board, epoxy glass cloth laminate, printed circuit board drilling plate. The main characteristics and application: stable performance, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerances, suitable for electronic products such as FPC requirements, reinforcement plate, PCB drilling plate, glass fiber meson, carbon film potentiometer printing glass fiber board, precision planetary gear (wafer), precision test plate electrical equipment (Electrical), baffle plate, strip, transformer insulation board, motor parts, gear grinding, electronic switch board etc..

FR4 epoxy glass cloth laminate surface color: Yellow FR-4, white FR-4, black FR-4, blue FR-4.

FR-4 is the substrate used by PCB, is a type of sheet. The sheet according to different materials, mainly classified as the following four:

1) FR-4: glass cloth substrate

2) FR-1, FR-2: paper substrate

3) CEM series: composite substrate

(4) material substrate ceramics, metal matrix etc.) plate laminated products FR-4 electronic cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin and other materials by high temperature and high pressure formed by hot pressing.

Characteristics: high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance and has good machining.

Purpose: in motor and electrical equipment for structural components, including the switch of each style of the `FPC reinforced carbon film for printed circuit board electrical ` ` ` die pad fixture with computer drilling (PCB test) and can be used in damp environment and in transformer oil.

The performance characteristics of FR-4

The vertical layer to the flexural strength of A: normal: E-1 / 150150 + 5 C = 340Mpa

Impact strength parallel to layer (beam method): = 230KJ / M

After soaking resistance (D-24 / 23): = 5.0 * 108.

The vertical layer to the electrical strength (90 + 2 C in transformer oil, the thickness is not less than 14.2MV / M 1mm)

Parallel to the layer. The breakdown voltage (90 + 2 C in transformer oil): = 40KV

The relative dielectric constant (50Hz = 5.5).

The relative dielectric constant (1MHz = 5.5).

The dielectric loss factor (50Hz = 0.04).

The dielectric loss factor (1MHz = 0.04).

Absorbent (D-24 / 23, thickness 1.6mm): less than 19mg

Density: 1.70-1.90g / cm3

Flammability: FV0

Color: color

Executive standard: GB / T1203.1-1998

FR-4 process performance:

(1) FR-4 process plate melting point (203 C)

(2) high resistance to oxidation

(3) low loss coefficient (Df0.0025)

(4) stable dielectric constant and low (Dk2.35)

(5) thermoplastic materials

Material introduction

Epoxy resin is a polymer compound molecule containing two or more than two epoxy groups, in addition to individual, their relative molecular mass high. The molecular structure of epoxy resin in the molecular chain with lively epoxy group as its characteristic, the epoxy groups can be located in the end of the chain, or intermediate molecules into ring like structures. Because the molecular structure of epoxy containing active curing agent, so that their various types of crosslinking reaction and the formation of insoluble and infusible polymers with three direction mesh structure.

Application characteristics

1, diversity. Resin, curing agent, modifier system can adapt to the requirements of application form, which can range from low viscosity to high melting point of solid.

2, convenient curing. Selection of different curing agent, epoxy resin can be cured at 0 ~ 180 degrees Celsius temperature range.

3, strong adhesion force. The inherent epoxy resin molecular chain in hydroxyl and ether bond, which has high adhesion force of material. Shrinkage of epoxy resin curing the low internal stress is small, this also on adhesion strength.

4, low shrinkage. The epoxy resin and the curing agent reacts by direct addition reaction or resin molecules of the epoxy group ring opening polymerization, no water or other volatile by-products release. The phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester resin, compared to show a very low shrinkage sex during the curing process (less than 2).

Epoxy board, 3240 epoxy board

Product Description: the product of epoxy board: glass fiber cloth with epoxy resin glue and heating and pressurizing production, for the 3240 model, the mechanical properties in high temperature and high humidity in stable electrical performance. Suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic components with high structure, high mechanical and dielectric performance is good heat resistance and moisture resistance. Heat resistant grade F (155 degrees).

Board thickness: 0.1 ~ 100mm*1020*1220*/1040*1240/1000*2000

Good general specifications: 8-200*1000/2000

Color: yellow green black water

Origin: South Korea and the United States Japan Germany Beijing quality