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Hawke enersys battery 12V180AH Hawke battery AX12-180UPS/EPS power supply dedicated battery

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
price: USD$ 2030.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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B failure to change the machine without consent;

C natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning and human irresistible natural factors


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2, bulky goods and special customized products will not accept cash on delivery, please close the Alipay payment or bank transfer, the implementation of payment and delivery.

3, because this product is more special, more than 12V38AH will be sent logistics (need to take delivery or logistics delivery), delivery of logistics companies will reach the buyer at the fastest speed as the city.                                  Hawke, UKBatteryCopper pole


Threaded embedded copper pole can withstand high current passing, more convenient and reliable installation.

2Pole seal

British Hawke battery uses Hawke patented long life pressure ring sealing technology, the use of mechanical pressure to achieve the purpose of sealing, completely solve the problem of pole leakage.

3Shell cover seal

Same flame retardantABSThe battery shell and the battery cover of the material are connected by a clamping groove, and the shell and the cover are completely melted together by the hot-melt sealing technology, and the interface can bear the weight of the whole battery, and the leakage is completely eliminated.

4Flame retardantABSShell

Hawke, UKBatteryFlame retardant gradeUL94-V0Rank increasing typeABSShell, combined with corrugated reinforcement design, high strength, good heat dissipation.

5Safety valve

Hawke battery patented safety valve with fire retardant parts, the outside flame will not detonateBatteryInternal gas; open closed sensitive, good consistency.


6Positive and negative plates

Lead usecalciumThe content of calcium in tin multicomponent alloy is strictly controlled0.08%,It can effectively reduce the self discharge, and not reduce the hydrogen precipitation potential, ensure the gas recombination rate; the content of tin is strictly controlled0.8%It can effectively reduce the corrosion of the positive plate and has good deep cycle performance;

7Glass fiber

Hawke battery, UKThe microporous glass fiber made from borate has low resistance and excellent resistance to sulfuric acid and high temperature92%Above, the electrolyte is absorbed sufficiently, which makes the battery in poor liquid state.

 Technical features of maintenance free AX lead acid battery

This series of batteries is made by Hawke patented technology: special grid / plate alloy formula, fully automated fine processing technology, so that the battery has excellent charge and discharge performance.

Fully sealed structure, without adding acid and water maintenance. No leakage of acid, no mist discharge, no corrosion to the equipment, and no pollution to the environment.

Deep cycle discharge performance is good, deep discharge cycle frequency is more than 3 times of ordinary lead-acid power battery.

After deep discharge, the recovery performance is superior, and it can accept high current (0.3C10) charging and shorten the charging time.

Adapt to the wide range of environmental temperature, and can be used normally in extreme high temperature or low temperature environment.

• this series of Hawke batteries is fully tested by international standards, including electrical testing and mechanical strength testing. The mechanical strength test conforms to "FordTM mobile mechanical vibration test standard" and "IEC61373 impact and vibration testing standards".

"IEC61373 shock and vibration test standards"

Functional random vibration test IEC61373, eighth minutes, 10 minutes, three dimensional vibration, frequency 5-150Hz, 0.046-0.1g gravity acceleration

Long time random vibration test IEC61373, Ninth Section 5 hour three dimensional direction vibration, frequency 5-150Hz, 0.36-0.8g gravity acceleration

Impact test IEC61373, tenth section, 30 ms, three dimensional impact, impact strength 3.06-5.1g, gravity acceleration

Please pay attention to the following points when using power battery:

When mobile use, should be put around the battery shock pad to protect the battery

A deep discharge (0.1C10 ampere, discharge more than 8 hours) should be carried out every half a year for long term shallow discharge

When deep discharge (more than 60%) is used, the battery electrode should be charged immediately so as to avoid the sulfation of the battery electrode plate

Every charge should be filled and used again