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EAST EAST NP200-12 EAST battery 12V200AHUPS power storage battery

EAST (EAST) maintenance free lead-acid battery is mainly used in the field of UPS power supply, emergency lights, electric tools, electric bicycles and financial and communication system etc.. The battery used in backup power supply has been widely recognized because of its good consistency, high specific energy, long life, safe and reliable, no leakage, etc.!

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1 、 maintenance freeLead acidBattery:
Unique gas recombination (GASRECOMBINATION) technology is adopted. Regular fluid maintenance is not necessary. Reduce users' worries
2, safetyCan excel: 
The automatic open and close safety net (VRLA) is adopted to prevent the external gas from being sucked into the inner of the batteryBatteryMeanwhile, the internal pressure abnormality caused by the gas generated by charging is prevented, and the battery is destroyed. The battery has not closed under normal circumstances float discharged electrolyte and acid mist, harmless to the human body.
3, long service life:
In the 20 ~ C environment, FM series battery float life up to 3-5 years,BatteryFloating life up to 5-8 years, GFM series battery float life up to 10-15 years.
4, installationSimple and easy to do: 
The new top and side connection mode, convenient for users to connect the battery in various ways, greatly reduce the workload and the risk of installation
5, self discharge rateandLow:
The quality of lead calcium multicomponent alloy is reducedBatteryThe self discharge rate of the Kstar battery can be used within 6 months without adding electricity at 20 degrees C ambient temperature. Improve the efficiency of battery usage
6, adapt to environmental capacitywide: 
Use in the 20th C50 DEG DEG C under ambient temperature, suitable for desert and plateau climate. Special power supply used in riot control area
7, placed arbitrarily strong: special diaphragm (AGM) firmly adsorption electrolyte, so that it does not flow. The battery can not leak without standing or lying, which ensures the normal use.
8, green pollution-free:BatteryThe room does not need acid and corrosion protection measures, and can be equipped with electronic equipment room.
9, the new FML series battery has a longer service life
Using multiple special tin anode alloy, than the traditional lead calcium alloy corrosion resistance is stronger, better cycle life.
Optimization of radial grid design, with output power stronger.
Unique lead paste formula and manufacturing process, fully conducive to the formation of 4BS, to ensure the rational use of the battery has a longer service life of 5-8 years floating additives.

    10 .   .Economic durable energy saving Huimin green environmental protectionApplication range:Power supply, power plants, telecommunications, signal control and remote control, emergency energy supply, data systems,UPSSolar energy special,Alarm and secrecy system, emergency lighting and circulation occasions

Main uses:

Communication power supply
The role of substation and other DC power supply
Emergency DC power supply for emergency lighting (disaster prevention standby power supply)
Power supply for fire fighting equipment
Generator starting power supply
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and various special batteries
Power supply for various uninterruptible power supply devices

Product advantage:

After deep discharge, the charging capacity is strong, and the capacity energy can be recharged 100% even after the discharge is not supplied in time.
It's the ideal battery for recycling - the most suitable for everyday use.
Long time discharge has superior performance.
More suitable for use in high temperature environment.
Environment suitable for unstable power supply of power trunk line.
No flow of colloidal electrolyte, the electrolyte in the battery does not produce stratification phenomenon.
No need to balance charge.
Self discharge small
The control was very accurate, effectively protect the positive plate and battery life has greatly improved.
The thick plate is used to reduce the corrosion of the grid and greatly improve the cycle life.
Low internal resistance, strong charging acceptance.
Compared with the lead-acid battery, the water loss in the battery is very small under normal charging conditions.
The polymer separator made by Germany advanced technology improves the performance and life of the battery.
The application of clapboard with super high mechanical strength can avoid the possibility of short circuit.
In the absence of sufficient electricity, the battery can be discharged, and the battery will not be any damage.


Battery connection

The battery with different capacity, different performance and different manufacturers can not be connected together.

The same storage capacity of batteries or batteries can be used in tandem.

The same storage battery or battery can be used in parallel.

Battery connection and extraction, please use suitable wire.

Be sure to cut off the power supply when connecting and dismantling, otherwise it will be electrocuted or even explode.

The positive and negative poles must not be connected to the reverse or short circuit, otherwise the battery will be seriously damaged and even explode.

Connect the components should be locked, to prevent sparks; if the contact surface is oxidized, can be washed with soda water.

Battery - new installation should be carried out 72 hours to float charging battery internal power balance before use, can be tested or used.


Factors affecting the performance of EAST batteries:
The battery is a single battery, each battery voltage of about 12 volts, primary batteries linked together to form a high voltage battery, a 12 volt battery consists of 6 primary batteries, 24 volt battery consists of 12 primary batteries etc.. When the UPS battery is charged, each series of primary batteries is charged. The performance of the primary battery is slightly different, which results in the charging voltage of some primary batteries being higher than that of the primary batteries, and some of these batteries will be aged in advance. The performance of the whole battery will decrease as long as the performance of a primary battery in series is decreased. The test shows that the battery life is related to the number of primary batteries in series, and the higher the battery voltage is, the faster the aging is. UPS capacity, the design should be as much as possible so that the battery voltage is low, so the UPS battery life is longer, the battery voltage is constant, should choose the number of primary battery less high voltage in series battery battery, do not choose the number of primary battery multi low voltage series. Some manufacturers UPS battery voltage is high, this is because the capacity is fixed, the higher the voltage is, the less the current semiconductor, you can choose smaller power wires and thin, thereby reducing the cost of UPS. The battery voltage of 1KVA with capacity about UPS is generally 24 ~ 96V.
EAST battery communication DC power supply is basic telecom equipment, providing power supply guarantee for communication main equipment. It is an important part of the communication DC power supply system, which is equivalent to the standby power supply, and is the last line of defense of the DC power supply system. In the early development of telecom services, operators pay less attention to batteries, and the battery can supply power when AC power outages. In recent years, the field of Telecom Competition, intensified, service life, operators of leoch battery maintenance, TCO is very concerned about the increasingly high demand. With the development of network communication technology and progress, in order to save construction cost, shorten the construction period, the combination of urban and rural areas, small towns and rural areas, operators are often not building a room or mobile shelter, but the outdoor cabinet of communications equipment and placement scheme of DC power supply system. In recent years, the proportion of outdoor base stations has increased year by year in the new base stations of the global mainstream operators. For countries and regions with low latitude and desertification (such as South Asia, Africa, etc.), high temperature has a great impact on outdoor base stations. Outdoor base stations are generally located in remote areas, and power security is poor, especially in developing countries. Outdoor base station often faces the bad working environment of high temperature and frequent blackout of power grid. Communication DC power supply system for outdoor applications is becoming mainstream, leoch battery often in high temperature, frequent power outages harsh application environment of grid.