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BQ73 (74) F Italian super thin insulation ball valve, cast steel stainless steel jacket insulation ball valve

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Brief introduction of clip type insulation ball valve:

Referring to the characteristics of Italy products, compared with ordinary ball valves, this product has the advantages of short structural length, light weight, convenient installation and material saving. The insulation ball valve has good heat preservation effect. In addition, the valve seat adopts an elastic sealing structure, which is reliable and easy to open and close. It is equipped with fireproof structure. It can operate reliably and has good sealing property in case of fire. Antistatic structure can be installed according to user's requirement. A 90 degree switch with hole locating piece is set up, and the lock can be locked according to the requirement to prevent misoperation.

Two. The working principle of clip type insulation ball valve:

A metal jacket is welded between the two ends of the clamping heat preservation ball valve, and the connecting port of the jacket is arranged on the side and the bottom of the heat preservation ball valve, which is used for the inlet and outlet of the steam or the heat conducting oil, so as to achieve the heat preservation effect of the ball valve and ensure the normal circulation of the viscous medium. Because a jacket is added to the outside of the ball valve body. Mainly used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries in the system pipeline, the main role is to transport in the normal temperature state will be solidified, easy crystallization of the medium.

Three, the characteristics of clip type insulation ball valve products:

1, the clip heat preservation ball valve adopts the integral jacket structure design, more uniform insulation, cold preservation.

2, the clip insulation ball valve is smaller than the general ball valve, lighter weight, and no leakage, good sealing performance.

3, jacket carbon steel pipe welding, more stable than the casting.

4, the diameter and diameter of the valve to one, medium flow in a straight line, small resistance, can effectively reduce the heat loss of medium in the pipeline.

Four. Standard Specification for clip type thermal insulation ball valve:

1, design and manufacturing standards: GB/T12237, ASMEB16.34

2, structural length standards: GB/T12221-2005, ASMEB16.10

3, connection flange standards: JB/T79, GB/T9113, ASMEB16.5

4, pressure and temperature level: GB/T12224-2005

5, test standards: GB/T13927-2008, JB/T9092, API598

Five, clip type insulation ball valve model, parts, materials and main parameters:



Nominal pressure or pressure level Product model
PN1.0MPa BQ71F-10C BQ71F-10P BQ71F-10P8 BQ71F-10P3 BQ71F-10R BQ71F-10R8 BQ71F-10R3
PN1.6MPa BQ71F-16C BQ71F-16P BQ71F-16P8 BQ71F-16P3 BQ71F-16R BQ71F-16R8 BQ71F-16R3
PN2.5MPa BQ71F-25 BQ71F-25P BQ71F-25P8 BQ71F-25P3 BQ71F-25R BQ71F-16R8 BQ71F-25R3
CLASS150 BQ71F-150(LB)C BQ71F-150(LB)P BQ71F-150(LB)P8 BQ71F-150(LB)P3 BQ71F-150(LB)R BQ71F-150(LB)R8 BQ71F-150(LB)R3
10K BQ71F-10(K)C BQ71F-10(K)P BQ71F-10(K)P8 BQ71F-10(K)P3 BQ71F-10(K)R BQ71F-10(K)R8 BQ71F-10(K)R3
Material of main parts valve body WCB ZGlCr18Ni9Ti CF8(304) CF8(304L) ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti CF8M(316) CF8M(316L)
Ball and stem 2Crl3 lCr18Ni9Ti 0Cr18Ni9(304) 0Cr18Ni9(304L) 1Cr18Ni2Mo2(316) 0Cr17Ni2Mo2(316) 0Cr17Ni2Mo2(316L)
Seal ring Polytetrafluoroethylene
Packing and washer V PTFE flexible graphite ring PTFE sheet flexible graphite composite pad
Applicable working condition Applicable medium Heavy oil, rubber, etc. Nitric acid corrosive medium Strong oxidizing medium Corrosive media such as acetic acid Corrosive medium such as urea
Applicable temperature -28-300℃
Piping flange JB79-59、GB9113、SH3406 ANSI B16.5 JIS B2212



Six. The main shape and connection size of clip type insulation ball valve:

Nominal diameter (DN) Product model  
L D W H 3-G
(mm) (in) 1.0MPa 1.6MPa 2.5MPa 150Lb 10k Manual Manual
15 1/2" 40 53 53 53 47 58 130 80 3/8
20 3/4" 45 63 63 63 57 63 170 80 3/8
25 1" 50 73 73 73 66 74 170 100 3/8
32 1 1/4" 60 84 84 84 75 84 200 110 1/2
40 1 1/2" 70 94 94 94 85 89 250 120 1/2
50 2" 80 109 109 109 103 104 250 130 1/2
65 2 1/2" 110 129 129 129 122 124 350 140 1/2
80 3" 120 144 144 144 135 134 350 150 1/2
100 4" 140 164 164 170 173 159 420 180 1/2