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The original Daikin/ Daikin Air Conditioning FDXS25GAV2C card an inverter central air conditioning duct machine remote control limit of Ningbo

(the store is too busy, pro buy directly before 5 pm will be shipped) new, original function, function is good! The direct use of the original remote controller is damaged or lost, don't worry, no need to set, pack your satisfaction, good durability, good workmanship and long service life firing distance. Rest assured purchase!

discount 70% in 2018-10-22 to 2018-10-24
price: USD$ 7.68
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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Dear! The store is too busy to buy directly, and it will be shipped before 5 p.m.. New, original function. The direct use of the original remote controller is damaged or lost, don't worry, no need to set, pack your satisfaction, good durability, good workmanship and long service life firing distance. Rest assured to buy!

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Ha-ha! Sorry, ha, remote control is no profit, originally worthless things, please do not counter-offer, ha! Courier fees are collected by courier companies, not that we have the final say, it can not be cheap! Thanks for your understanding!



First of all, you can choose us in so many sellers, we are very honored and happy, please believe that the seller is a very show common people, there is no communication can not solve the problem. In order to make our business more pleasant and smooth, please take a few minutes of precious time to understand the seller's intimate tips for everyone.


1, we usually shipped in the first time, but if the individual problem because the courier delay in arrival time, please (evaluation) must go, because we don't really have the ability to control the one hundred percent express delivery time, so please understand, we will give you a discount and discount in your next thank you for shopping!


2, automatically photographed the baby buyers, we will be photographed in accordance with the baby's title and instructions to send goods. Store all the original products are marked "original title" "original"; not marked, accessories for remote control, that is not original, but the quality is good.


3, a customer service: Dear buyers shop, take the goods faster, some high priced products requires the seller to pad the larger funds, so please get the goods after the trial to confirm to us as soon as possible, thank you! (72 hours after receipt of goods within the loan, goods without quality problems, or other problems due to the buyer not to contact us, the store does not provide customer service service and return requirements, please understand! Thank you very much


4, small shops, thin, pay attention to each credit, so please buy, do not forget to give an evaluation, thank you! If you have any questions please contact us, we try to solve the problem for you, please believe that the seller is a very honest person, as long as everyone in the spirit of communication from the heart, not what the problem is not solved!


What is the "original" remote?

The original production, electrical manufacturers generally do not sell foreign, more used for after-sales service in our factory, so the price is very high. Features: good material, fine production, excellent quality, high price, generally with the original brand logo. Most of the original remote controllers are shut down or seldom produced because of the fast update of electrical appliances. I have nearly 100 kinds of original remote control, the number is limited, sold out, and the price is only half of the manufacturers, welcome to buy

What is the "accessories" remote?

Remote control and remote control function of the original appearance, the same or similar, it is versatile and cheap, quality in general, on the market for this remote control, because of price reasons, the majority of consumers!

What is the "universal" remote?

Universal remote control refers to the remote storage on thousands of household appliances used in a remote control on the remote control, home appliances based on universal remote control remote control can set various with infrared remote control function. Universal remote control, fashionable, full-featured, simple operation, excellent quality, is your remote control replacement of the best alternative. I sold the universal remote control as many as hundreds of varieties, suitable for air conditioning, TV, DVD, audio, satellite receivers and other household appliances, commonly used in the original remote control functions, add more such as: one type of intelligent learning, luminous type, antibacterial and anti radiation type, mini type colorful, etc. categories, rich colors, fashionable appearance, more humanized design, let your remote become fashion jewelry of your home and toy.

How the proper use and maintenance of the remote control?

1, please do not use or place remote control in humid and high temperature environment, it is easy to make the remote control internal components aging damage, or accelerate the remote control shell deformation
2, remote shell dirty, please do not use alcohol, gasoline and other organic cleaning agents to clean, because these detergents are the shell of the remote control is corrosive
3, if your remote fault occurs, please do not open any repairs, suggest you will be remote to appliance maintenance department for professional repair personnel detection and repair
4, avoid the remote control by strong vibration or drop from high place, remote control not used for a long time, please remove the battery

If the remote control can not be your remote control your home appliances are checked as follows:

1, your home appliances must have receiving function or receiving device can use the remote control
2, the remote control should be facing the need for remote control of household appliances, and remote control and home appliances can not have obstacles
3, check whether the remote control battery and battery installation polarity is correct
4, do not mix the old and new batteries or different types of batteries
5, if the battery leakage occurs, the battery must be removed, and the battery compartment clean, replaced with two new, the same type of battery

The remote control distance do shorter than before?

1, the cause of the remote control remote control shorten the reason is usually the battery voltage is insufficient, I suggest you put on a pair of new batteries.

In addition, 2 internal components of aging may also cause the above phenomena, such as change new battery after the remote distance not back to normal, you will be sent to the remote control advice appliance maintenance department professional repair personnel to repair or replace a detection, a new remote controller.