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Toyama battery NP12-1712V17AHUPSEPS uninterruptible power supply emergency lighting system dedicated

discount 70% in 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-20
price: USD$ 126.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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TOMAYAToyamaUPSThe battery has long life, high capacity and excellent recovery after over discharge;

TOMAYAToyama UPS battery has good air tightness, high safety and fast charging;
TOMAYAThe structure of Toyama UPS battery leak proof liquid has the characteristics of no maintenance;
TOMAYAToyama UPS battery has the characteristics of anti overcharge, anti discharge, vibration resistance, impact resistance, TOMAYA Toyama UPS battery can be placed at any place, easy to protect and use;
TOMAYAThe improvement of energy density of Toyama UPS battery makes the battery smaller and lighter;
TOMAYAToyama UPS battery can meet the needs of customers, and is widely used in various fields

1It has good safety performance: no leakage of electrolyte, no expansion and rupture of batteries under normal use of TOMAYA Toyama battery.
2Good discharge performance: TOMAYA Toyama battery discharge voltage is stable, the discharge platform is gentle.
3Good vibration resistance: TOMAYA battery in Toyama is completely charged, the battery is completely fixed, with 4mm amplitude, 16.7HZ frequency vibration for 1 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.
4Good resistance to impact: TOMAYA 20CM battery fully charged state of the battery from the height of natural drop to 1CM thick hard board, 3 times no leakage, no expansion and rupture of the battery, open circuit voltage is normal, Toyama.
5Good resistance to over discharge: TOMAYA Toyama battery 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of the battery for constant resistance discharge for 3 weeks (resistance only equivalent to the battery discharge requirements of the resistance), recovery capacity of more than 75% of the 1CA
. 6And good resistance to charge: TOMAYA Toyama battery 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state battery 0.1CA charge 48 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal, capacity maintenance rate in the top 95%
7High resistance to large current: TOMAYA 2CA battery in full charge state of the battery discharge of 5 minutes or 10CA discharge 5 minutes in Toyama. No conductive part fuse, no appearance deformation.

 TOMAYAMatters needing attention in use of UPS batteries in Toyama

 (1) the temperature range of the storage battery is as follows: the battery can be damaged and deformed when used outside this temperature range; the standard temperature of the battery is 25 ~40 (-15) when the machine is used: -15, ~50, 0 ~40
(2) please do not use batteries in the vicinity of the heating room, such as transformers, such as near the heating part, it will be the cause of the leakage, heat, explosion, etc. of the battery.
(3) please don't wet or soak the battery in water and sea water. If wet or immersed in water, the battery will be corroded, and it will become the cause of electric shock and fire.
(4) please do not use or keep the battery in the hot weather in the car, direct sunlight, the front of the fire, the fire, such as in these places to use or save, sometimes become the battery leakage, fire, explosion reasons.
(5) please do not use batteries in dusty areas, where dust is likely to be the cause of short circuit. If the dust is used in many places, please check regularly.

(6) when using multiple batteries, first of all, correctly connect each other, then connect the battery and charger or load.




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