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BAYKEE Burke 6FM2412V24AHUPS uninterruptible power supply emergency lighting system battery

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    Burke UPSThe battery slot cover and pole double seal design has many features: to prevent acid leakage, good sealing performance; water regeneration ability, high sealed reaction efficiency, maintenance free; automatic closing safety valve reliable device, explosion-proof equipment that Burke used in the whole process is more safe and reliable; computer precision design the corrosion of lead calcium lead alloy grids, ABS corrosion resistant materials, greatly prolong the service life of the battery.

Burke UPS battery has intelligent management function:

1, intelligent battery management, improve battery life 50%

2. Intelligent management based on battery charging and discharging characteristic curve

3. Automatic conversion of uniform floating impulse
4, automatic detection of batteries
5, can set the battery regularly automatic maintenance
6. Accurate backup time prediction
7. Prediction of battery residual capacity
8 、 battery temperature compensation
9. Set current according to battery capacity and charge by 0.1C.

Service life of battery
1, the main factors affecting the service life of the battery:
Repetitive deep discharge (especially deep discharge after shallow charge)
Ambient temperature is too high
Overcharge (especially trickle charging)
Excessive charging current
When charged batteries are used for a long time (especially in high temperature)
2, cycle life:
Battery recycle discharging and charging for a cycle, the battery cycle life (cycles) and the depth of discharge of the battery, there is a close relationship between the surrounding environment and the battery charging method

Capacity retention
1, self discharge:
1) after charging the battery after long term storage, its capacity will be gradually reduced, and a discharge state, this phenomenon is called self discharge, and this phenomenon is inevitable. Even if the battery has not been used, it will cause self discharge due to chemical and electrochemical reactions inside the batteryLead acidThe discharge of self discharge is described as follows:
Chemical factors: whether the positive plate (PbO2) or (Pb) of the cathode active material, are subject to decomposition or gradually with sulfuric acid (electrolyte), and converted into stable lead sulfate, this process is self discharge.
Electrochemical factors: due to the existence of impure substances, the battery will cause partial discharge or internal combustion due to the formation of partial circuit or redox reaction with the two poles.
Because of the low impurity content, the self discharge of the battery electrolyte is very small, which is due to the super retention characteristics of the battery.

Battery storage
Should be stored in low temperature, dry, clean environment, avoid heat sources, direct sunlight. The battery is fully charged. And charge once a month for 3~6 months at normal temperature.
The battery should be charged immediately after discharge, and the battery can not be put into use for a long time;
The battery that doesn't need to be used for a period of time should be recharged again until the capacity is restored to its original level;
When capacity is only less than 40% of the rated capacity (open circuit voltage is below 25 6.3V/12.63V), equalization charging is applied to restore capacity;
Low temperature battery can be stored for longer periods of time, such as a battery storage at 15 deg.c, no wet and no light irradiation in place, to supplement the power necessary before, can be maintained for more than 12 months.

Seven. Installation instructions
Before use, please check the appearance (whether there is acid leakage or rupture).
The installation must be carried out by professional knowledge.
In the course of the battery connection, please wear protective gloves, the use of torque and so on hand metal tools, please metal tools insulation packaging, to prevent electric shock; absolutely avoid the positive and negative terminals of the metal tools also come into contact with the battery, the battery short circuit.
The battery should be evenly stressed when installing and transporting batteries, and the force should be the shell part of the battery, so as to avoid damaging the pole.
The battery in parallel use, please press the battery identification standard "+" and "-" polarity sequence, the distance is not less than 15mm cells, and the connection part, to prevent sparks and bad contact.
Please do not change the shape and position of the terminal when installing plug-in terminals. Please contact with our company for special requirements.
And before the external device is connected, so that the device is in the off state, and check again the connection polarity is correct, and then (Group) of the cathode anode connection equipment (Group), negative extreme negative connecting devices, and tighten the connecting line.

Eight, daily inspection and use
1. periodic (at least once every three months), the following abnormal occurrence will lead to battery damage and need to be replaced.
A. any voltage anomaly
B. no physical effects (such as impact or deformation of the shell)
C. any electrolyte leak
D. any abnormal fever
2. when used for emergency capacity supply of fire alarm equipment, it should be checked according to fire emergency energy supply standard.
Matters needing attention
It is forbidden to disassemble and disassemble the battery at will, so as to avoid danger. If the battery shell is broken, contact with sulfuric acid, please rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, please seek medical advice.
When using multiple batteries, pay attention to the connection between batteries is correct, pay attention to short-circuit.
If the batteries need to be connected in parallel, they should not be more than three groups (only) in parallel. If it is over, please contact with our company.
Strong vibration or mechanical damage should be avoided during use.
Please refer to the book or instructions for battery charging and discharging.
The battery can not be used in closed or high temperature environment (recommended cycle temperature is 5~35 degrees).
Do not use chemical cleaning agent for cleaning the battery battery, please use the wet cloth to dry, do not use a dry cloth or brush etc..
Please don't let the rain sink, or put the battery in the water.
Use a battery container with upper and lower vents to dissipate heat.
Please do not mix the capacity in the same box, different from the old and new, manufacturers of different batteries.
Do not put the battery near the fire source or burn it in the fire.
Waste batteries should be placed on the designated or recycled by manufacturers, do not abandon.

Nine. Application range

alarm system
Emergency lighting system
Posts and Telecommunications
electric power system
Switch control and accident treatment of power plant
Uninterrupted banking system
Telephone and telecommunication equipment
Electric tool
Fire protection and safety defence system
Medical equipment
Solar energy system
Marine equipment
control equipment
Engine start
Environment friendly electric vehicle
Electronic instrument and other standby power supply

Fm series valve regulated maintenance free lead acid
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MODEL(V)(AH)Length (L)Width (W)Height (H)Total height (TH)(KG)typeposition