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Bairuiou 12V24AH battery energy storage room communication DC screen UPS BT12-24 railway oil shipping

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Company development and production of small and medium sized valve control sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries and large capacity, high performance, long-life colloidal maintenance free battery has the advantages of safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, high capacity, small volume, light weight, long life, not only is widely used in railway, petroleum, banking, shipping, navigation, radio and television, telecommunication system, highway system and wind power and solar energy storage system,UPSPower systems, electronic instruments and meters, medical equipment, emergency alarm devices and power distribution systems, key projects in nuclear power plants and other fields.

As one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, the company is in the world10More than one country and region has a production plant. The production base in the Asia Pacific region has40000Square meters of production Industrial Park, the annual production capacity of40ten thousandKWHProducts sell well all over the world. At the same time, the company produces and uses itFreud"Energy Star"The full range of sealed lead acid and colloid free maintenance battery products have been adopted in the United StatesULEUCETLCAuthentication andISO9000and14001Certification, China's Ministry of information industry and the Ministry of radio and television and many other network rights certification. In order to improve the supply capacity of battery products in the Asia Pacific region, the company has set up in China2Domestic production plants, with the development of China's domestic market, China has become a production plant Freud valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery production base in the Asia Pacific region is the most important.

No maintenance, no fluid infusion;● UPSUninterruptible power supply;
Small internal resistance, good discharge performance of large current;Standby power supply for fire fighting;
Adapt to wide temperature range;Safety protection alarm system;
Self discharge small;Emergency lighting system;
Long service life;Electric power, post and telecommunication system;
Charged factory, easy to use;Electronic instrument and meter;
Safety explosion protection;Electric tool,Electric toys;
Unique formula, deep discharge, good recovery performance;Portable electronic equipment;
No free electrolyte, but still can be used side down;Camera Equipment;
Product throughCE,ROHSAuthentication,All batteriesSolar and wind power generation system;
In line with national standards.Patrol bicycles, red and green warning lamps, etc..



1Adopting tight assembly technology, it has excellent high rate discharge performance.

2With special design, the amount of electric liquid will hardly decrease during the use of the battery, and no water is needed during the service life.

3Unique corrosion resistant grid alloy, long service life.

4All of them are made of high-purity raw materials, and the self discharge electrode is small.

5Then, using combined technology of gas, battery with high sealing reaction efficiency, no acid precipitation, safety and environmental protection, no pollution.

6With special design and high reliable sealing technology, ensure the battery seal, safe and reliable use.


The battery tank cover and pole double seal design, to prevent acid leakage, reliable safety valve to prevent the outside of the air and dust into the battery interior.

Maintenance free

H2OThe regeneration capacity is strong, the sealing reaction efficiency is high, the adsorption type glass fiber cotton technology enables the gas to conform to the efficiency as high as99%The electrolyte has no maintenance function, so the battery does not need water supply or acid maintenance in the whole use process.

Safe and reliable

There is no electrolyte leakage under normal use,There is no expansion and breakage of the battery case. The battery voltage must be consistent with the DC input voltage of the inverter. For example,12V Inverter must be selected12VBattery。 The internal battery is provided with the special safety valve and anti riot device can effectively isolate the external spark, will not cause the explosion inside the battery, the battery used in the whole process more safe and reliable.

Long-Life Technology

By computer precision design of multiple corrosion resistant calcium tin alloy grid,ABSCorrosion resistant material shell, high strength tight assembly process, improve the battery assembly compactness, to prevent the live material fall off,To improve the service life of the battery, the battery will not increase acid design, to ensure that due to electrolyte depletion and shorten the service life of the battery.

High performance

(1) Weight, small size, high energy, small internal resistance, high output power.

(2) High charge and discharge performance. With high purity raw materials and special manufacturing process, self discharge control is carried out every month2%Below, room temperature(25℃)Storage for more than half a year can still be used normally.

(3) Good recovery performance, short circuit placement in deep discharge or charger failure30It can still charge and recover its capacity.

(4) No equalization charging. Because of internal resistance, capacity and floating charge voltage consistency, high frequency machine must be carried out from three aspects: performance, price and customer service. Make sure the battery is in floating state without a balanced charge.

Common technical parametersProduct features:

1. This product uses a unique colloid electrolyte, gel state, no acid stratification, low self discharge rate, low temperature resistance and high performance deep discharge, the battery can work under severe environment;

2. The grid structure and rare earth alloy special, active material utilization rate is high, good charge acceptance, positive plate with good corrosion resistance, high hydrogen potential negative plate.

3. Paste formula to ensure a unique deep discharge charge cycle resilience, good durability, high capacity, long life;

4.The pole terminal is made of tinned copper core, which is propitious to the discharge of high current and the reliability of wire connection.

Use and maintenance of products
1, the use of battery environment requirements
1Altitude:≤4000mm(Exceed4000mmIt should be stated when ordering
2Ambient temperature:-40℃+50℃(Optimum service temperature+15℃+30℃)
3The battery should be far away from the fire source and organic solvent to avoid Yotani Nao, and the same temperature of the same group of batteries
4Relative humidity:≤90%


2Charging requirements
1Float voltage):25℃2.25V/Monomer (temperature regulation factor)-3mv/℃Monomer)
2Charging voltage):25℃2.4V/Monomer (temperature regulation factor)-5mv/℃Monomer)
3Maximum charging current:0.2C10A
3Battery storage  If the battery is not used, it will gradually lose its capacity due to self discharge, so please press constant voltage2.5V/Maximum current of monomer0.2C10AThe charge is charged and charged once every six months
4Battery maintenance  Routine maintenance and regular inspection