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Water purifier filter set of MRO101A-5102-5204-51583A-50G1683A-50G beauty

Suitable for mro101-5, mro101a-5 water, MRO101A-5 water, MRU1583A-50G, double, MRO102-5.MRO204-5 MRC1583A-50G/MRC1683A-50G/MRC1683B-50G etc.

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Package includes: 2 Ppmian +1 granular activated carbon +M6RO reverse osmosis membrane +1 activated carbon.


The application of machines:Mro101-5, mro101a-5 water, MRO101A-5 water, MRU1583A-50G, double, MRO102-5.MRO204-5 MRC1583A-50G/MRC1683A-50G/MRC1683B-50G etc.


Note: MRO101-5 single and double water water machine after several revision, if the home is this machine user, please contact customer service consulting specific element combination. In fact, the main difference is the core of RO film. RO film 50 gallons to outside a shell, and the M6RO film is one of the shells do not need.

Filter replacement cycle:

The first level: PP cotton filter, 6 months replacement for the removal of: rust, mud and sand, impurities, colloidal suspensions, etc..
Level second: granular activated carbon, 12 months to replace, for the removal of chlorine odor, methane, pesticides etc..

Third:PP cotton filter, replacement of 12 months, to prevent the former 2 untreated clean, further removal.
Fourth: RO film, 24 months.The precision of 0.0001 micron filter. The removal of solid substances in water colloid, organic matter and heavy metals, bacteria and water residue, on Escherichia coli. The desalting rate above 95%.

Level fifth: activated carbon, proposed replacement period is 12 months,Further adsorption of Harmonia odor, improve the taste.


Common problem:

Q: is authentic?

Answer: we only sell authentic, support inspection!

Q: Why did the new filter so light? Use the filter so heavy?

Answer: because the new filter is dry, no water, so light. With the sweat and diapers like before, so heavy.

Q: Why did the water filter will have black out?


Answer: the new activated carbon filter inside there are more or less carbon powder, so water usually some black, not all are black, more or less, or not, are normal. Wash on the line.


Special tips:

1, filter replacement cycle is not the period of quality guarantee, is to meet the ideal filter water national standard for drinking water, and every day as the base of the filtration of raw water 10L water replacement cycle.


2, the filter replacement cycle is expected, due to the use of regional, water quality, usage and seasonal (summer and winter), the actual replacement cycle is different. After the timely replacement of the filter element, can drink clean water.