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JT1GCVDKYRJT1GCVDK1YR Daikin Air Conditioner VRV3 generation RHXYQ14PY1 inverter compressor

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 2240.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product description

Manufacturers of accessories are generally mass production, so a small part of the production date is not recent. Air conditioner accessories don't have shelf life like food, beverages and other drinking things, because they don't have a shelf life, and this doesn't affect quality!Electrical accessories, unlike computers, digital accessories like perfect packaging, certificate, instructions, manufacturers labeling, etc., the general accessories are simply packaged, so some accessories Commodity surface will inevitably have scratches. Electronic and electrical products only pay attention to their practicability.

It doesn't look like the outward appearance of a lot of other things. If you can't understand them, please pat them carefully! Thank you

Simple distinction between a new machine and a refurbished machine

Purchase need to know

1. if you buy 2 machines, please use the meter to measure the winding resistance, if it is a new machine must be consistent

2., if you buy a machine, please try to smell the smell of the machine is not very strong or open flame test of the exhaust port is not color (lighter fire should be yellow, color change that has been used, once filled with fluorine, even if the machine is not cleaned with gasoline cleaning)

We have signed the consumer protection service agreement, and the sellers who join this service should promise: the goods and the goods which have not been received by the buyersTo be responsible for the discrepancies, the quality of goods and other issues, to protect the interests of buyers, please rest assured to buy!Our store has been added for seven days: to join this serviceSellers need to promise: if the buyer is not satisfied with the goods within 7 days after receipt of the goods, support the exchange request without affecting the two sales.

In order to save our communication time please provide the compressor model or present compressor pictures without the compressor model or pictures we are unable to accurately judge the type of the compressor you need, the compressor is not universal, buy the wrong type of the compressor caused by the cost of return we will not take, please provide accurate models for ordering

< warranty >

Refurbished compressor time: half a year warranty

New compressor time: no warranty

Why the new compressor is not warranty?

1, the original machine production costs can not be compared with the second-hand goods, refurbished, offline machine

2, in the operation of refrigeration maintenance are basically electrician, mechanic, etc., often have some personnel experience, technology is not pass, and there are not a few real get certified posts, even if the certificate also has some maintenance experience. Refrigeration system basic analysis of the following 4 items are indispensable: A high and low pressure (compression ratio) B cold coal charging C, running current D, compressor superheat / above 4 items, there are 1 deviations excessive, will cause compressor loss! If you use the original new machine, the operation can do the above points, use it to think it will also be bad for a few years!

3, according to the compressor warranty terms, the original compressor is basically open cylinder inspection warranty. Only a few brands exist unconditional warranty on the market! This Warranty Law, basically is to buy some gifts manufacturers novice buyers to pay tuition. (such as with a big match with small, but also to retreat, heat dissipation is not good, but also retreat, compressor refrigeration is not good, but also retreat, compressor protection! The water system will damage the compressor back, bought the wrong wrong to back to back, missing phase, blocked to retreat, no knowledge of installation and operation orders making repairs etc)! This kind of warranty method is convenient for many buyers (not to operate), but it also brings harm to many buyers, it is likely to buy a new product, but buy a bad quality rework machine! (factory repair), resulting in brand discounts, quality decline!


4, the above shows that many buyers also clear, the new machine joint venture brand compressor sales in the market are not warranty. If the warranty price must be sold more than 1 times higher. Because the manufacturer has strong technology, advanced equipment, with years of production experience, strict quality inspection and the amount of production capacity. There is no deviation in the quality of production

Matters needing attention

Before loading, please also carefully check, in the case of ensuring the integrity of the parts intact, and after a separate test machine, or with a multimeter, the amount is good, confirm that is good, and then installed. Technical requirements, please contact with the owner for the first time.

After-sale service

Please buyers carefully read baby description, do not buy wrong. If there are unclear places, you can send pictures to me, I can analyze and judge with you, but the final decision is in the buyer. If you buy something wrong, you can exchange it, or you can refund it. But only returned goods, other costs will be responsible for the buyer. The specific time is to return the goods within 24 hours after receiving the goods. After sales problems must first contact the owner, without prior contact, the goods will be returned directly. We don't deal with this shop. We refuse to pay everything.

Product Description: all kinds of brand new and original imported compressor compressor, all without warranty. Please close inspection receipt. (such as compressor pipe fittings compressed, please direct damage) refused. After receipt if the pipe flattened. Damaged parts etc.. This shop is not responsible. In addition a pro wooden wooden box need extra delivery. Oh.

Refund instructions: various brands of original compressors. If shipped, no quality problems are not refundable. (due to the return of goods, due to express reasons) responsibility can not be clear

Warranty Description: various brands of original compressor are not warranty. Pro can no-load test machine. Any events occurring after the welding shop is not responsible for.

Special reminder

Please specify the details of the delivery address so that the delivery can be delivered accurately. In addition, the contact telephone provided by you is also very important. Please keep it valid and unblocked! At present, the work of domestic express varies greatly, so we can not effectively guarantee the delivery time of express! We can only guarantee on-time delivery within the stipulated time, can not guarantee the arrival time of the specific, if the arrival time requirements are relatively high, please contact with us before purchase confirmation! Express delivery can be limited. Please be sure when the receiving freight personnel to open it and then check the correct sign and, if it is not appropriate (refers to the number of goods in good condition and correct) please refused. The logistics company service personnel quality is different, also is uneven, please do communication work, once signed on behalf of already approved, again the problem for logistics company claims, they won't recognize, do not bear the responsibility of Shanghai coobo. Remember! Remember! You are welcome to visit the large aircraft, this shop has joined the consumer protection, please rest assured purchase, quality assurance! In order to be responsible for both you and us, please contact us before confirming the model! Because the accessories model is more, prevent buy wrong, delay your precious time: if there is any unclear place, you can also send the accessories picture to us. We can study, discuss, and identify. Thank you