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A new semiconductor refrigeration piece TEC1-1271240*40 support multistage refrigeration / water cooling plate mechanism

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A single weight 25 grams

The working state of refrigeration piece is a refrigeration heating work side, must give good radiation heating surface,

No heat is prohibited in the case of electricity for more than 2 seconds, causing overheating buyers conceit!

Install the radiator must be coated with thermal grease.

There are literally no cold, literally hot face.

Must be installed in the radiator radiating surface, or water cooling device,

Otherwise it will burn 。

The semiconductor refrigerator cooling bring a new concept to us, to further control the temperature of CPU. With the arrival of summer, the temperature of the environment rises, overclocking enthusiasts want to further improve the cooling conditions are CPU, a semiconductor refrigerator in the case of electricity, both ends of the plate will have a certain temperature, it is using its condensation surface provides a low temperature environment for CPU.
The use of semiconductor refrigerator, can be used to create a portable refrigeration / heat preservation box, hot and cold water machine etc.. Also used for heat dissipation of electronic devices. The refrigerator is the most main semiconductor materials for bismuth telluride, adding impurities through special treatment and N type or P type semiconductor thermoelectric element. In the common market TEC1-12605 as an example, its rated voltage 12V, rated current is 5A, the temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius, size of 4X4X0.4Cm, weighs about 25 grams. It is a characteristic of refrigeration and heating.
The DC power supply is switched on, the electronic negative (-) of the first through the P type semiconductor, which absorbs heat to N type semiconductor, and the heat release, every NP module, there is heat from the side is sent to the other side, caused by temperature difference, thus forming a cold end. The installation and use of reference
The installation and use of refrigeration piece is very simple. Before installation, to a thermal conductivity of silicon grease, then find a dry battery, the refrigerator can feel two leads, is obviously cold and the other end of the heating, the polarity of the lead and determine to remember the cold and hot end good refrigerator.
Formal installation in the refrigerator, both ends are evenly coated with thermal conductivity of silicon grease, insert the refrigeration piece between the CPU and the radiator, please note that the hot and cold side direction test good, cold paste CPU, heating surface and strength (power higher heat sink contact). Then the idea of fixed three. Note the fan clip can not be too short, otherwise it will be very difficult to fix.
After fixing, can give a refrigeration piece and connected to the power supply of the fan (be sure to note the polarity), if the chassis power supply power is less than 230W, I advise you not to power, otherwise it may be due to insufficient power supply, causing the computer does not work properly. The voltage of about 12V is recommended, the voltage of the refrigerating capacity and refrigeration hot and cold surface tablets are more appropriate. Matters needing attention
1, pay attention to the hot end of the heat.
Semiconductor refrigeration temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise there may be damaged. If the rated working voltage (12V), general fan can not provide refrigeration piece to provide sufficient heat dissipation capability, easy to cause the refrigerator overheating damage. At the same time do not in case of a radiator for refrigerator powered on for a long time, otherwise it will cause overheating and burning cooler. 2, the condensation problem.
When the semiconductor refrigeration piece ceramic surface temperature dropped to a certain extent, it is likely to cause condensation phenomenon, whether it will be "condensation" and the temperature and humidity (i.e. meteorology in the so-called "dew point" concept). In the case of condensation in the computer case is absolutely not allowed to happen. The method is to make insurance comparison of semiconductor refrigerator cold work should be at 20 degrees Celsius; can be adjusted by regulating the voltage of refrigeration piece or heat sink fan speed. Protective measures is to install a condensation prevention, thermal insulation, isolation ring, so that they can be separated with air to avoid condensation of power 3, computer power.
The power consumption of refrigeration piece may be as high as 70W, such a large load of computer power undoubtedly may make bad quality problems. So please confirm when using the game player power is enough, if it will affect the current can not reach the cooler cooling effect, so the key power is the cooling effect.
4, pay attention to case cooling.
Obviously, reduce the temperature of the CPU tablets in refrigeration and heating the hot end is quite large, may cause the temperature inside the chassis, affect other parts of the work. So we must pay attention to the case of heat, it may be in a proper position in the chassis and a cooling fan. Reference: the relevant information is as follows, please buyers carefully read the relevant information
Thermoelectric cooler (TE) is also called the thermoelectric cooler, a heat pump, it has the advantages of no mechanical moving parts, the application is limited in some space, high reliability, no refrigerant pollution situation. The semiconductor cooler has the following advantages and characteristics in application: 1, do not need any refrigerant, long service life, easy installation. 2, the semiconductor cooler has two functions of cooling and heating.
3, TE is a current transducer device, control input current, which can achieve high precision temperature control.