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High precision automobile tire pressure monitor external general testing instrument pneumatic tire pressure table mechanical digital display can be deflated

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The metal external tire pressure gauge for tire pressure detection. It is the child of the thermometer, the elderly
The blood pressure meter, standing in the car, the owners are safe driving,Security products indispensable
Because the correct pressure detection can increase the driving safety, reduce tire wear and reduce fuel consumption.
ItA machine in hand, worry free security! A pack of money,For car safetyDo you think it is worth.







[product name] full metal compact tire pressure tire pressure tire pressure table table
[brand] card carboplatin
[size] 5 cm diameter 10 cm in length
Weight] about 0.2KG
This product, are exported to the Middle East, full metal building, in the hot desert environment, transcendent performance, is the general pressure gauge can not be compared!

Tire maintenance is one of the main daily work of each qualified car. The key lies in the maintenance of the tire tire pressure is normal, the general car factory will be the standard tire pressure label in the vicinity of the inside of the door or the tank cover, but many of our owners are ignored, just to observe the pressure is normal by visual method and the traditional visual tire pneumatic tire pressure, usually has deviated from the standard pressure 30%-40% air pressure, visual method is very unreliable
In the high speed vehicle, tire failure is all drivers worried and very difficult to prevent, is also an important reason for the sudden traffic accidents. The investigation of the American Society of automotive engineers, the United States each year and 260 thousand traffic accidents are due to low tire pressure or leakage caused, in addition, each of the 75% tire failure is the tire leakage or inflation caused by insufficient. And how to prevent the burst tire failure has become an important issue, safe driving research shows that maintain the standard tire pressure, is to ensure the driving safety, and prevent blowouts key

Product introduction:
1, used for automobile tire pressure detection. The correct pressure detection can increase the driving safety, reduce tire wear
2, the tire cooling amount detection and detection with the tire valve hold the tire valve, until the pointer to the high value and read pressure
3, according to the pilot experience, combined with the traffic and load weight relative to the correct pressure to judge

Very simple Oh, the table at the cranked tire press reading
1. tire pressure gauge valve interface on tire gas nozzle, until the pointer to the high value and read the pressure, use will put a little out of gas.
2. after the examination, according to the reset button, and give back the cover tire valve cap

Nine harm tire pressure abnormal
1 car fuel consumption increase
2 tire damage, loss of life
3 high speed easy to burst, causing serious traffic accidentThe car when the pressure is too high
The 4 brake performance weakened
5 tire fast grinding
6 reduce the tire grip
7 increase the wear of suspension systemTire completely leak
8 continue to drive completely damaged will cause the tireTire pressure imbalance
9 driving and braking easy deviation

With the use of methods:
The tire pressure gauge is the inner pressure readings, the unit is kg/cm2, with a fairly ordinary atmospheric pressure, such as your car, air pressure is generally at 2.6 ATM, is 2 and 3 between the inner ring and the outer ring is another unit, generally do not have it. When using the valve mouth mouth at the tire pressure, then read out to a relatively simple way, you feel pressure in the normal pressure, the tire pressure gauge to check your tires, if it is 2.9 (equivalent to the inner ring of the 2.9kg/cm2), with the standard of normal pressure you tire, after use when you base on it. But the general car tires have normal air pressure is the number of labels. They are generally in an atmosphere as a unit.

1, vehicles should be parked on the ground, be sure to measure the tire pressure in the car cold;
2, check the tire pressure gauge readings in the "0" position, if it is not cleared, according to the tire pressure table side button;
The valve cover 3, remove the tire, the tire pressure gauge pressure nozzle alignment on the tire valve pressure into the vertical force. A pressing need to quickly speed, to not cause tire air leakage;
4, beat live tire pressure gauge at the same time, to observe the pointer is stable. In reading the pointer stability quickly appropriated the tire pressure gauge; (general can immediately obtain stable tire pressure readings)
5, according to the door side of the tire pressure requirements, combined with the experience of the driver, to determine whether the tire is to meet the requirements; if the tire pressure is too high, the tire pressure gauge can be used for gas; if the tire pressure is too low, should immediately to a safe air pressure, and re check the accurate measurement of tire pressure;
6, the fat tire pressure gauge reset, the valve cap back;
7, at least a month to check tire pressure. Without skilled tire pressure measurement before operation, can test several times to determine the correct reading