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Emerson UPS power UHA3R0200L/20KVA/18KW delay external 384V voltage spot

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Emerson UPS power model UHA1R0050-UHA3R0200L detailed parameters

Product overview 
Adapt 5-20KVA UPS Is double conversion on-line intelligent sine wave development Emerson Network Power Co. Ltd the uninterruptible power supply systems, precision instrument for users
AC power supply device is reliable, high-quality, modular design, can according to the demand for the tower assembly or rack, compatible with single and three single application
AC uninterruptible power supply to the small computer center, network, communication system, automatic control system and the precision instruments and other applications.
Applicable objects 
The server, storage, network equipment, ATM, VoIP, communication equipment, automation equipment, precision instruments, medical diagnostic equipment...... The input voltage of the high precision equipment.

Applicable occasions
Small and medium sized data / communication room, network, operating room, laboratory, instrument room, control room, office environment, billing center, precision control, process control center etc..

Product features
  • Ultra high power density, the 2-3U
  • Super wide input voltage / frequency range, to adapt to the harsh environment of power grid
  • The output power factor up to 0.9, with a load of 20-30%
  • Efficiency is as high as 92-94%
  • Single-phase three-phase compatible, suitable for a variety of applications
  • Compatible frame / tower installation
  • Support parallel extension runs (maximum 4 Taiwan)
  • The frame provides rich options, convenient distribution / frame.
  • The implementation of integrated control function
  • Smooth access Emerson Rui monitoring system
The excellent characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection
  • High input power factor up to 0.99, to achieve high power utilization
  • The efficiency as high as 92%, significant energy saving benefits
  • Meet the EU RoHS directive
system parameter
Adapt series parameter table 5KVA  10KVA  16KVA  20KVA
  The standard model Long delay models The standard model Long delay models Long delay models Long delay models
Model UHA1R-0050  UHA1R-0050L  UHA1R-0100  UHA1R-0100L  UHA3R-0160L  UHA3R-0200L
input parameter
Rectifier type IGBT rectifier
Rated voltage 220/380Vac single-phase three wire / three-phase four wire 220/380Vac single-phase three wire / three-phase four wire 380Vac three-phase four wire
Input voltage range Single phase 120Vac ~ 276Vac Single phase 120Vac ~ 288Vac Three phase 228Vac ~ 478Vac
Input frequency range 45Hz~55Hz
The input power factor >=0.99/ single-phase three-phase >=0.95 Full of >0.99
Battery type Maintenance free lead-acid battery
Charging capacity Standard machine to charge to 90%<3h Standard machine to charge to 90%<6h The maximum charging power 4.5KW
Standard battery backup time >5 minutes
Battery module type U16-07C1
Battery module specifications 430W * 660D * 88H (frame height 2U), 50Kg
Output parameters
Rated power 5KVA/4.5KW or 6KVA/4.5KW (on set) 10KVA/9KW  16KVA/14.4KW  20KVA/18KW
Rated voltage Single phase 220Vac Three phase 380Vac, phase 220Vac
Voltage stability 3% 1%
Frequency stability 0.25%
output voltage <3% linear load <2% (linear load)
thd <5% nonlinear load <5% (nonlinear load)
The maximum peak load factor 3:01
Step load capacity 100%
Output mode terminal
Overload capacity (% rated load) 125% rated load 1min 105% ~ 125%5mins, 125% ~ 150%1min, more than 150%500ms 105% ~ 125%5mins, 125% ~ 150%1min, more than 150%200ms
The system parameters and standards
Transform type Double conversion on-line
Can be achieved and machine Support 3+1 and machine
Installation mode Rack / tower compatible
Overall efficiency >92%  >92.5%  Up to 94%
Switching time 0 ms
Noise <50dB  <55dB  ≤58dB
language In English
If there is a LCD display Is (optional) Is (standard)
Safety IEC/EN62040-1-1
electromagnetic compatibility IEC/EN 62040-2,IEC/EN61000-3-11,IEC/EN61000-3-12,YD/T1095-2008
Surge protection IEC/EN 62040-2
Type of protection IP20
The volume of W * D * H (mm) 430 * 660 * 882U, with battery 4U 430×660×88 435 * 660 * 882U, with battery 6U 435×660×88  435×750×130 3U
Host weight 23Kg  25Kg  24.8Kg  25.5Kg  35Kg
Guarantee 3 years 1 years
Communication and management
Interface type USB/ smart card slot (relay / dry contact expansion card /SIC card /Modbus card /RS485 card)
Management software SiteMonitor
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature 0~+40℃
relative humidity From 5 to 95%, no condensation
Maximum altitude <1500m (more than 1500m, according to the GB/T3859.2 derating) < 2000m (more than 2000m, according to the GB/T3859.2 derating)

Matters needing attention:

1) the use of UPS environment should pay attention to good ventilation, good heat dissipation, and keep the environment clean.
2) without inductive load, such as currency-counting machine, fluorescent lamp, air conditioning, so as to avoid damage.
3) the UPS output load control in about 60% is the best, highest reliability.
4) the UPS load is too light (such as 1000VA UPS with 100VA load) depth of discharge will damage the battery, will reduce battery life, should be avoided.
5) appropriate discharge, contribute to the activation of the battery, such as long-term stop electricity, every three months should be UPS with artificial broken electricity load discharge time, so you can extend the service life of the battery.
6) for the majority of small UPS work, open UPS, boot to avoid load startup, the work should be closed for UPS; the network room UPS, because most of the network is 24 hours of work, so UPS must also be all-weather operation.
7) UPS after discharge should be promptly charged, avoid the battery due to excessive self discharge and damage.


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