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FC-302P Danfoss Danfoss inverter maintenance FC series VLT5000 inverter maintenance Beijing

FC-302P Danfoss Danfoss inverter maintenance FC series VLT5000 inverter maintenance Beijing

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 70.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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FC-302P Danfoss Danfoss inverter maintenance FC series VLT5000 inverter maintenance Beijing

Specific maintenance costs please Wangwang customer service or direct call!

 Maintenance range:

The knowledge of electronic circuits, mechanical principle, automatic control knowledge and computer knowledge as our knowledge base maintenance engineers required for automation, application of all walks of life are the same, so the scope of our maintenance of the circuit board is not limited by industry from the industrial product category restrictions are not subject to the restrictions of brand.
General products in all trades
Inverter maintenance: MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi), Yaskawa (Yaskawa), SIEMENS (Siemens), Schneider (Schneider), Delta (Delta), Sanken (Sanken), Taian (T-verter), Fuji (Fuji), Matsushita (Panasonic), AB, ABB, KEB, CT, Emerson, Danfoss (Danfoss) and other countries adjust the frequency converter and software.
PLC maintenance: OMRON (OMRON), MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, Matsushita, AB, Taian, Fuji series PLC programming, error correction, replication and hardware maintenance.
Each brand AC servo control driver, encoder, DC speed governor maintenance
All kinds of industrial switching power supply and power control board, laser power supply, large UPS maintenance
All kinds of industrial computer motherboard and control board, display, touch screen and other human-computer interface maintenance
Plotter, engraving machine, inkjet printer, inkjet printer maintenance
Electronic manufacturing industry
The circuit board, CPU board, signal board, amplifier, I/O board, laser inductor, touch screen and all kinds of special monitors on the board (PCB) enterprise's all equipments (such as drilling machine, gong machine, exposure machine, etc.). All electronic circuit control board and servo controller on SMT and SMD equipment.

Paper making and packaging industry
All kinds of automatic paper machine control board, automatic corrugated cardboard box (box) production line, automatic paper feeding glue machine, computer three side sealing bag machine, high-speed automatic paste box machine.

Machining industry
Various brands of machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, CNC drilling machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC laser cutting machine, automatic welding machine, CNC CNC, EDM machine, wire cutting machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector X, AC / DC drive.
FANUC System (FANUC), SIEMENS (Siemens), MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi), Amada (AMADA) system, Da Yu (DAWOOD) system.
Servo controller, encoder, air compressor control board, remote control device for imported crane.
Textile dyeing and finishing industry
Saurer (Sura), KarlMayer (Carle Meyer), Sultex (Su Ershou), Truetzschler (Te Luth Le), Sima, Island fine, Hirono, Stoll and other European, Japanese imports of textile equipment, wool knitting equipment, knitting equipment, circuit boards, computer boards, drives and so on.
Dyeing and finishing machinery control panel imported from Germany, Italy and Switzerland
Tajima, Behringer, Hao, around the beauty, rainbow and other various computer embroidery machine circuit board.

Publishing and printing industry
Screen, the sword of God, Longba, De Bao, Fuji and other brands of Tianma Laser Phototypesetting, proofing, automatic plate punching machine, drying machine; Heidelberg, Roland, KOMORI, Ming Liang, Tian bin, Akiyama, Qiao Ben, MITSUBISHI and other brands of printing machine, printing machine, printing machine, rotary machine; Kuwait Ma Tianni, Starr, Yoshino and other brands of horse riding, folding machine, binding machine, cutting machine, sewing machine, bronzing equipment control plate; laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine.
Chemical industry
Power driver, temperature controller, recorder, canned machine, flowmeter, differential pressure transmitter, large boiler control system circuit board. All kinds of large drive, DC driver, AC servo driver, process control imported complete sets of equipment circuit board.

Food industry
Metering control board sterilization homogenizer, machine, labeling machine, machine, machine, canning canning machine; flow control device, electronic display board, sugar display instrument, sealing machine and packaging machine; large oven, coffee machine, power driver.
Tire industry
Steel belt production line, double extruder, inner liner production line, steel rolling machine, steel cord cutting machine, mixer, heavy steel forming machine, a dual-mode vulcanizing machine, automatic injection molding machine, rubber extruder, granulator, coating equipment etc..
Plastics industry
Kawaguchi, Toshiba, NISSEI, Nippon Steel, Sumitomo, Baoyuan, elite, Zhenxiong, Chun, Hang Seng, Hua, Haitian, Li Jing, Ren Xing brands such as injection molding machine.
Automatic plastic forming machine, ultrasonic welding machine, high frequency (high frequency) plastic welding machine, manipulator control board.
Automobile, infrastructure and warehousing industry
Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Volvo and other car control circuit board, Komatsu, Hitachi, Nissan and other brands of excavator, forklift control board.

Power generation industry
Cummings, SIEMENS, Rolls-Royce, Volvo and other brands of generator control board, grid control board.
Entertainment industry
Program-controlled switches, large dry cleaning (washing) machine, ice machine, treadmill, hookah cover, water heater, far rowing training, global large screen monitor, the dimmer, central air-conditioning, fire control board, control board, water power drive, bowling equipment, sauna equipment.
Light industry
(food) control board, can machine flow control instrument, large oven, sealing machine, control system circuit board automatic food production line (clothing), MITSUBISHI machine, computer embroidery machine control panel etc.. (Woodworking) automatic single chip (multi piece) longitudinal saw machine, all kinds of numerical control woodworking machinery circuit board, etc.. (chemical) differential pressure transmitter, large boiler and so on.

Elevator industry
MITSUBISHI, Hitachi, Toshiba, Tongli, wyson S series, SIEMENS, Otis (OTIS), SANYO and other brands of elevator door machine board, control board, display board, floor screen, elevator drive etc..

Medical pharmaceutical industry
Monitor, control box, CT ultrasound, electrocardiogram (EEG) tester; blood dialysis machine, optometry machine, gearbox, differential pressure flowmeter, dental treatment instrument, X machine, Slide Show instrument; medical diagnostic X ray machine, computer controlled cooling apparatus, monitor, display, slicing machine, temperature control instrument; large washing machine, dry cleaning decocting machine, automatic gastric lavage machine, dental efficient processing machines; eliasa, counter, blood analyzer, dynamic detection of glycosylated hemoglobin analyzer, magnetic separation enzyme immunoassay quantitative analysis, field thermotherapy machine; computer bone trauma therapeutic instrument, blood coagulation analyzer, the sharp Madain holmium laser, X-ray angiography, X medical X ray camera machine, crusher, osmotic pressure meter, infrared thermal imager, flow control instrument; X-ray machine, EEG, dehydrator, EEG, amplification system, automatic blood cell analyzer Taiwan, computer operation; integration of APC, respirometer, ultrasound, line EMG, electromyography evoked potential instrument, simulation localization machine in Japan; pulmonary function test apparatus, scanner, thermal spray moxibustion instrument; computer uterine distention machine, automatic pneumoperitoneum machine; medical freezer, refrigerator etc.. Production equipment, production line and testing instrument circuit board in pharmaceutical industry.


Service process and payment method

1. contact information:

Customers can call by phone: 010-82271450 contact, customers in the phone or Email, please your machine or circuit board fault phenomenon as detailed as possible description.

2. repair:
Customers can personally carry the repair parts or circuit boards to our company, can also express or mail, and at the same time call us as possible as possible, and shipping documents to us, so that we can check in time. Please wrap the goods properly with sponge, foam or bubble paper before shipment, so as not to be damaged during the delivery. If the distance is not far, we can also come to collect. We are in receipt of faulty components or circuit board customers, will be the first time to inform the customer, and will be in 24 hours to the customer the following reply: whether the fault component or circuit board can repair, repair time, repair costs, we will fax the information to the customer, the customer signed or stamped confirmation fax again back to my company.

After the 3. company confirms the repair, it simulates the load test of the equipment and sends it back to the customer after the completion of the test.

4. for each component or circuit board repair, we will provide maintenance reports to customers, and provide 3 months warranty time, within 3 months of repair parts or circuit board the same part of the same fault occurs, we will repair free of charge to the customer.

Maintenance time and charging standard:
First, the standard maintenance testing time is 5 working days, expedited 1~3 working days.
Two, basic charge standard: according to the circuit board area charge, 3--6 yuan per square centimeter. Or charge 20% to 30% of the value of the broken parts.
Additional charge: according to the different circumstances of the circuit board (multilayer board, high density board, coating board, mixed package board, battery, etc.), additional charge and urgent charge should be added.

If the long-term cooperation customer can sign the long-term cooperation contract, the price is better



Matters needing attention:
Freight not marked freight, freight must pay, specific to the actual cost as the standard
1. store all the goods please contact the seller after the first shot, the price according to the market will have a certain fluctuation, because the product and store selling at the same time, does not ensure that every piece of goods shelves are in stock, as far as possible to achieve the order of the day of delivery, buy before the parents contact the owner if the spot, if out of stock I will promptly inform your choice of a refund or goods, you have to avoid delays in the emergency. Do not send goods to avoid shooting, please consult before shooting, without direct contact, I am not responsible for the shop.
2. most of the baby store real map upload, photos for your convenience contrast, please ask the owner directly
3. because the price of the product changes frequently, the price on the Internet is only the reference price. If the price is accurate and the stock is not available, please contact the shopkeeper as soon as possible! It's not real price! Please contact the owner of the actual price! The product parameter data is bigger, cannot upload, please understand, if want the product parameter, please contact the shopkeeper! Because of a wide range of products, the shopkeeper can not upload baby, more product models, please contact the treasurer directly
This shop sells 4. parts of electronic board, for 7 days, three month warranty package returned, 7 days after the warranty is not given to return, only to give warranty, seven days no reason to return, must be sent back within seven days, the buyer is responsible for the postage, the warranty period is above the standard posted by commodity sign date to protect, even if it is only one day, I also have the right to store not warranty. The goods returned are not guaranteed by our store. They are not guaranteed, not changed or returned
5. man-made damage, plastic, shell, screen shaft, stent, special goods, vulnerable goods, etc., is no warranty. After the receipt of non guaranteed goods, no refund, replacement or warranty will be given. The company store all goods are measured before issuing, during warranty period, once the motherboard burning phenomenon, I shop no warranty
6., the store by default courier, freight will be paid. If you need urgent or other courier at the time of purchase, please remark that if there is no explanation. Therefore, the losses caused by the buyer, we try to ship within 24 hours. If you can't deliver within 24 hours, we'll call you or call us. Or want to contact the owner of the next consultation period due to the express delivery of goods slow, time delay and responsibility, this shop is not responsible for
7. items receipt note: please send the recipient in the courier company (including door-to-door sent), must pay attention to inspection in person. The number of items in the package and the accessories are the same as those stated in the order. Are there any shortages?. Is there any obvious damage to the surface of the goods due to fall, impact, extrusion and pressure?. If there is such a phenomenon, please do not sign and immediately call the seller. Once the receipt is given, the buyer acknowledges that all the items in the package and the quantity and fineness of the goods are no problem at the time of ordering. If it is entrusted to others, please inform in advance the details needed to pay attention to before signing. Once the receipt of the response to the above problems, I am not responsible for the shop.
8., the store all with your address on Taobao to fill in a single shipment, if there is any change, please give me Wangwang, mobile phone information and purchase note note