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Anti cracking mesh cloth of glass fiber mesh stretched cloth wall mesh 120 grams 1m*40m

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Decoration necessary products to prevent cracking at the seams

Specifications: 1m wide 30m long 1m width 40 meters long, 1m width 45 meters long Unified within 45 meters
The actual length of our store is 1 meters wide and 30 meters long. One meter width about 40 meters in length. One meter wide. One meter width about 50 meters in length. All of them are available,If parents want other specifications and meters, they can be customized at will

Weight: 3KG use location: indoor (exterior) decoration wall crack prevention

Service life: 50 years

Features: the product has the characteristics of alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, heat preservation, crack prevention, moisture resistance, good tensile resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. It is widely used in wall strengthening, exterior wall insulation and roofing waterproofing, and can also be used in cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, mosaic and other wall materials, and is an ideal engineering material in the construction industry.

This product adopts the high quality glass fiber fabric coated with acrylic copolymer after cut, because the glass fiber chemical performance is stable and not easy to oxidation, so offiberglass self-adhesive caulking not only has the above characteristics, also has the advantages of other similar products There is nothing comparable to this characteristics as follows:
Excellent alkali resistance:
High strength, tensile strength and deformation resistance;
Simple and convenient, easy to construction operation.
It is mainly used for anti cracking of interior wall decoration. The alkali resistant grid cloth is based on medium alkali or alkali free glass fiber woven fabric, and is processed by alkali resistant coating. The product has high strength and good alkali resistance, and plays an important structural role in the thermal insulation system, mainly to prevent cracks. Due to its excellent acid, alkali and other chemical substances pedants performance and weft tensile strength is high, can make the wall stress of dispersed insulation system, can avoid the extrusion deformation, external force caused by the collision of the insulation structure, the insulation layer has high impact resistance strength, and easy to construction and quality control, to "soft steel" role in the insulation system.


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