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SF star front line electronic accelerator accelerator power conversion special throttle controller for automobile

1, start speed 2, the same strong feeling against the thrill of fuel consumption increase mileage 3, effectively reduce the engine carbon enhanced engine life

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(1) accelerating throttle opening to enhance static response
The "electronic solar term door controller accelerated movement mainly by increasing the sensitivity of the solar term door, when the car driving computer found the driver accelerated intention, will open the door through the circuit signal to drive the solar term fast, making a large number of air into the cylinder combustion, strong cylinder pressure, which makes the throttle response sensitivity to improve.
(2) increasing the speed of the throttle signal to improve the dynamic response
When will accelerate the accelerator pedal is pushed down, the electronic controller according to the change of solar term door on the range and time calculation of accelerator signal rate changes faster, that accelerated more strongly, the electronic door controller will change the solar term rate increase, and ultimately maximize the vehicle acceleration dynamic response.
(3) provide false driving style for ECU to adjust engine parameters
The engine ECU has the adaptive ability driving style, if the driver often fast throttle (commonly known as ECU, will gradually pull speed) that the driver's style tends to be "severe", so that the engine will slowly adjust the solar term door, fuel injection system, in order to obtain the best parameter adjustment of the style of the engine. The long-term use of electronic solar term door controller, even in accordance with the previous "moderate" driving style of driving, the engine will still be in "intense" driving, which is equivalent to the adjustment of the ECU parameter in the course of time, the engine will automatically modify its parameters to adapt to the style.
Q: will the installation of POTENTBOOSTER accelerator / electronic throttle controller have bad consequences for the car?
Answer: POTENTBOOSTER did not change the oil circuit and circuit of the vehicle, so it will not affect the vehicle. On the contrary, due to the increased sensitivity of the throttle, it will also effectively avoid the engine carbon deposition, stable speed, so that the engine response is sensitive, long-term and new.
Q: will the installation of POTENTBOOSTER electronic accelerator / electronic throttle controller affect the driving computer?
Answer: No, because it does not change any circuit, oil circuit.
Q: why do you distinguish between manual and automatic modes?
Answer: automatic mode in order to avoid frequent automatic vehicle kick-down, so that the driver can make downshift control according to the control rules with POTENTBOOSTER before; and the manual model can obtain the maximum speed effect in manual mode.
Q: is the acceleration effect of the POTENTBOOSTER electronic accelerator / electronic throttle controller obvious?
Answer: very obvious. According to our statistics, 80% of users using the movement mode has been very satisfied with the effect of POTENTBOOSTER.
Q: what's the difference between the POTENTBOOSTER mode and the racing mode?
Answer: POTENTBOOSTER car mode speed rapidly, will bring a strong push back, suitable for racing; movement pattern to throttle sensitive operation, suitable for everyday driving.
Q: how long is the life of POTENTBOOSTER electronic accelerator / electronic throttle controller?
Answer: product design life more than 20 years, far exceeding the service life of the vehicle.
Q: can automatic models be set in automatic mode only?
Answer: no.. An automatic car set to manual mode, speed effect is stronger, but the shift also stronger sense of frustration. Therefore, automatic vehicle is set to automatic mode, can modify the shifting sense of frustration, and more comfortable and efficient.
Q: my car is also an electronic throttle. So if I have brushed ECU (upgrade). Is it necessary to install an electronic accelerator / electronic throttle controller? Will it work?
Answer: have the effect, because the electronic accelerator / electronic solar term door controller itself does not involve any circuit, circuit is not visible to the original car, so not to change the computer did not influence the same effect.


First, the working principle of electronic throttle:
Electronic throttle is a system response by electronic signal, it has changed the previous vehicle throttle cable, a position sensor in the accelerator pedal, the throttle according to the size of the computer to judge the signals transmitted from the sensors, and then control the size of the solar term door opening.
Two, the disadvantages of electronic throttle:
In recent years, due to the requirements of environmental protection and safety, 90% of the new cars adopt the throttle which is controlled by the computer, which is of great significance. But it also has a natural defect, believe that some fans are experienced, electronic door pull slower than solar term solar term taste, especially in the beginning, vehicle acceleration, or when driving in the emergency throttle overtaking, the hysteresis response of the engine often make people feel helpless.
Three, to solve the electronic throttle hysteresis method:
The main problem is the relationship between the electronic system, if light from other mechanical aspects to improve its response, but failed to solve the fundamental problem, finally may have little effect. Effective way is the direct conversion of automotive electronic system, but according to previous findings, a modified computer can indeed reduce solar term door lag problem, but this way is expensive, targeted is not strong, there are some products should be adjusted, as in a test of the owner of the patient.
Four, the role of electronic accelerator:
This section made by star front line PotentBooster electronic accelerator, the original car electronic throttle signal to strengthen treatment, let the signal to reach the car ahead of ECU, this solar term door will quickly open the corresponding, let the car can be achieved at any time instant cable throttle acceleration response of the pleasure, the engine is increased by 50%.
[Note: PotentBooster electronic accelerator, and in automobile power conversion with 9 years of experience. Electronic accelerator used in each models have been sophisticated debugging, the installation of the vehicle to get better results]