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The original crack 936969968 iron knife head pointed elbow horseshoe iron head KIDC Ju

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Maintenance of iron head:
1. before welding work
You must clean the sponge wet water, and then squeeze the excess moisture, so that the iron head can get the best cleaning effect. If the non wetting sponge is used, the soldering head will be damaged and the tin will not be plated.
2. welding work
The following welding sequence enables the soldering head to protect the solder and reduce the oxidation rate.
3. after welding work
Let's turn the temperature to about 250 degrees, then clean the iron head and add a new layer of tin to protect it. (if the non temperature control welding table is used, the film is cut off and the temperature of the soldering head is lowered slightly before tin is applied.)
4. matters needing attention
A. use low temperature welding as much as possible
High temperature will accelerate the oxidation of the iron head and reduce the life of the iron head. If the head temperature is above 470, the oxidation rate is two times that of 380.
B. don't put too much pressure on it
In welding, no pressure is too large, otherwise it will damage the iron head deformation, as long as the iron head can fully contact solder joints, heat can also choose the appropriate transfer, iron head can also help in heat transfer.
C. always keeps the tin on the tip of the soldering iron
This will reduce the oxidation of the iron head and make the iron head more durable. After using, the soldering temperature should be slightly reduced before soldering, so that the tin coating has better oxidation resistance effect.
D. keep the iron clean and clean the oxide in time
If there is a black oxide iron head, iron head may not be on the tin, this must be cleaned immediately, the tip temperature of about 250 DEG C to clean up, clean with a clean sponge iron head, and then the tin, repeated action, directly to clean up oxide.
E. selects the flux with low activity
High activity or corrosive flux will accelerate the corrosion of iron head when heated, so low corrosive flux should be chosen.
Note: never use iron paper or hard material to clean the iron head.
F. to put iron received in the welding of formwork should be carefully placed in the soldering iron welding metal frame appropriate, so as to avoid collision damage caused by iron head.